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  • alkebulan

    Freaking awesome!

  • stacksp

    Win !!!!

  • anon

    Will the redevelop the building? Keep the drive-thru? I think it’s great news if they do what they’re doing on Conn Ave; new building with no drivethru that fits the changing neighborhood a bit.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Last I heard that’s not a certainty. One committee denied their proposal for a drive-thru, but they don’t have the final word.
      Why aren’t there any more Bojangles’ locations in DC beyond Union Station? I think they’re so much better than Chick-Fil-A anyway.

      • +all my points

      • Effie

        Why do people continue to support Chik fil A??? Is it because they do not truly know what a hateful Christian organization they are?
        In other news, yes I found one of those plastic ties INSIDE of my Checkers burger. Luckily I always make it a habit to open up my bun before eating burgers at fast food joints – specifically for this reason of what I found inside.

        • CRT

          Because it’s a damn fine chicken sandwich.

  • DC Worker

    What happened to Sequar’s project? Is it going to be on the first floor of the proposed new condo building?

  • Ughh. Wasted opportunity.

  • HIll Easter

    I live in the area and this could be the best news I’ve heard in a long time! No luxury condos w/o parking? No boutique bars/restaurants? An affordable quick food option? Not checkers? Hooray!

  • DC Worker

    Sorry, my bad. That’s 1401 Florida Ave.

  • Horrible news. Here I thought we’d finally get less garbage thrown in the street. We can’t have nice things on that block when patrons continue to throw their garbage in the street instead of in a garbage can.

    • northeazy

      Ahem. Different clientele. I suspect to see far less Maryland license plates at 3 am. Also, Chic-Fil-A is closed on Sunday (presumably late night Saturday too?) so perhaps less post-bar litterbugs.

      Also, I find it funny that now both the streetcar and newest fast food place on H don’t run on Sundays.

      • Philippe Lecheval

        Ahh yes, Chick-Fil-A appeals strictly to the upper class, non-littering gentrifier.

  • Thunder

    Hope you pick up all the litter that hate chicken generates. I’ve had my tour of duty with Checkers.

  • tom

    justinbc – Sarcasm? Trolling? You can’t be serious.

    • 100% serious. That lot is huge, putting another fast food place in to replace the old fast food place does nothing to improve quality of life for the people living by there. I wouldn’t eat at either, so it doesn’t much matter to me in terms of selection, but a more dense building could have provided some relief and aesthetic improvement for a strip that needs it.

  • anon

    Blech. I hope we’re past the point in this city when we build new drive-thrus. They’re space-inefficient and super-wasteful environmentally because the cars generally idle. In my experience, they’re not really even that quick anyway, so why bother.
    But I guess Chik-fil-a might ruin that on two fronts.

  • anon

    Ugh, your attitude about parking and new housing and people who share it are ruining great opportunities to build a sustainable and affordable city.

  • JB

    Wow, it took a whole ten comments before we got an obligatory “hate chicken” reference. How original!

    • Accountering

      Meh, I don’t see a problem with people commenting on the opening of a new restaurant, that they are going to choose not to support said restaurant because of their backward policies.

  • Girl on a Hill

    THIS IS AWESOME. Will both Popeyes’s and Chick-fil-A survive on the H st corridor? (secretly hoping Popeye’s closes)…

    • They’re far enough apart that it likely won’t matter. That Popeye’s is always camped out by seemingly homeless guys harassing women.

      • Girl on a Hill

        sigh. A girl can dream. That Popeye’s is such a harassment trap.

  • Anon x2

    I’m very surprised by this. I live two blocks from here and entirely expected this to be a condo building. Wasted opportunity for increased density in an exploding area.

  • NEDC

    As someone who lives in the neighborhood, I think this is great. There are a lot of places with really good food, but not as many options for food that is both cheap and good. Hopefully, they will change this from a drive-thru to a sit down restaurant so that it will be focused on the newly dense neighborhood.

  • John

    When I was in college, there was one down the street from campus that had a double drive-thru. You could still order at the window on foot, there just wasn’t an indoors dining space.

    Which is to say they it wouldn’t be unprecedented for them to keep this space as-is.

  • Pissed Neighbor

    If they change this to a sit down restaurant, which means they expand the size of the dining room, where do you think all of the Marylanders will park? The answer is on my street (G St NE). There is no other option. This will completely bottleneck an already complicated, dangerous group of intersections, wildly inconvenience anyone living in the neighborhood, and do nothing to further the development in this growing neighborhood that the city says they supposedly support. And lord help us if they put in a drive thru. The last thing I need is to weave through a maze of idling cars on G St NE just to get to and from work everyday. No thank you. See you all at the next ANC meeting!

    • Yup! I’m with you neighbor. This is horrible.

    • CRT

      Hahaha. We cannot have a business people will actually like in my neighborhood because people will come to it and the neighborhood ideal is desolation with no people at it, thus eliminating parking and traffic problems. Good Lord, you’ve literally admitted that you oppose both a drive thru and a sit down restaurant. NO DEVELOPMENT EVER!!!

  • mmk

    Totally agree. Was so happy when I saw the Checkers had closed. Hoped for something that would actually beautify the corner, add density, walkability, etc. Another fast-food joint makes zero sense. (And even worse that it’s a bigoted fast-food joint.)

  • mmk

    meant to post that as a reply to justinbc.

  • anona

    I think you’re blowing this out of proportion.

  • anona

    Right up there with ISIS.

  • tom

    I don’t think the lot is big enough! I’m predicting people will park in the neighborhood to walk over. I also don’t know how they’re going to control the traffic problem I see this creating, especially right there where it’s already dicey. Turning around was already a major point of contention when they put in the gas station across the street. Personally I don’t see the big deal about Chik Fil A, but almost everyone I know is obsessed with it. I’m sure they would take your comparison of one fast food place replacing another, and say it’s more like a Whole Foods replacing a generic grocery store. And I do see it as a turning point for this neighborhood. I used to live a couple blocks away (the more dicey blocks) and if I was still a homeowner, this would be a very good sign to me. Especially in regards to what could be coming after the CVS lease runs out and what they decide to do over there. I guess we have two different viewpoints, but I’m interested to see what happens.

  • Wendy

    Just love your “code” for less MD license plates… AKA blacks from PG County. Nice!

    • stacksp

      These “MD License plates” are embedded into the fabric of DC and will remain so for years to come.

    • A Maryland driver crashed into an Amish horse-drawn buggy this week. For real. There are plenty of reasons people could not want them on the streets that have nothing to do with their race.

  • kejad

    Agreed. No Bo-berry biscuits in Chik-Fil-A.

  • Nearby Resident

    If its not part of a larger building, a complete wasted opportunity. That lot is huge…

  • In favor of CFA

    It might be a big lot, but the odd shape probably presents a lot of challenges

  • Another neighbor

    That’s an interesting jump you made there all by yourself… Perhaps time to stop accusing others of being racist and look inward!

  • Hstreeter

    As someone who lives in the neighborhood, I will be 100% eating there. Please tell us about how they should build a restaurant poor people can’t afford.

  • long timer

    “Also, I find it funny that now both the streetcar and newest fast food place on H don’t run on Sundays.”

    Why would that be funny? The biggest religion, by far, in DC is southern baptist and AME.

  • Sam

    I thought the city was promoting healthy food development and not more unhealthy fast food, litter, garbage, traffic and pollution. This residential victorian area needs to be protected.

    • CRT

      Let me guess – small plates would be great, because we must protect the historic character of the Checker’s drive thru. Have you started the paperwork yet to have the Checker’s designated a historic landmark?

  • Jill

    Agree with Justin. I think it will be good to have the Chick-Fil-A in the neighborhood, but it would have been better in one of the storefronts along H Street, or even in the Hechinger Mall. The Checkers lot should have been redeveloped for greater density. I’m shocked they didn’t choose to do that.

  • Jason R

    Amazing news!! Chick-Fil-A is easily the best fast food places in existence and I can’t wait to have it close to home.

  • Andre

    I would bet that at this point the largest religious affiliation in DC is “non-religious.”

  • MtP

    And Popeyes is much better than Bojangles!

  • tom

    LOVE that chicken from Popeyes

    • amelia

      I Agree

  • Facts

    No no no no, they aren’t saying they should build a restaurant poor people can’t afford, just a really dense condo project poor people can’t afford.

  • Neighbor

    NOOOOOO. So much traffic. And will not finance homophobes with my dining dollars.

  • Colin

    “Why do people continue to support Chik fil A???”
    Because it tastes awesome, and they are usually pretty friendly too. The fact that my occasional patronage also gives some people conniptions is just icing on the cake.

  • blah

    When they stop stereotyping themselves we’ll stop stereotyping them.

  • In favor of CFA


  • blah

    At least Chick Fil A doesn’t serve chicken bones for people to throw all over the street

  • Mo

    That kinda blows. Checkers is definitely superior fast food to Chick Fil-A.

    • CRT

      Wow, that might be the single least defensible comment I’ve ever seen on Pop.

  • Thunder

    Next ANC meeting is tonight at Sherwood Rec at 7. It’s not at Miner because the school is closed.

  • Jimmy

    Yes, 68 new condos with:

    “Unparalleled views of the Shell Station”
    “Close proximity to halfway house/juvenile detention facility”
    probably wouldn’t sell as quickly as they could had hypothetical developer purchased land elsewhere.
    I wish the new franchisee success and will patronize when I’m in the area.

  • hiphop anonymous

    OK – I suspect to see less non-DC taxpayers there at 3am.

  • Kathryn-DC

    Chick Fil A is also moving into Tenleytown, replacing the old Payless Shoes next to Panera

    • and coming to the Burger King in Van Ness (but the sign is already up in Tenleytown!)

  • Pissed Neighbor

    Point of order: the halfway house you speak of is one of the best neighbors on the block. We never have problems with them. There is no need to infer that their presence in any way should be deterrent to potential new residents to the neighborhood.

  • Caleb

    Have you seen their prices lately? I think I spent over $10 once I added the awesome shake to my combo…I suppose it’s at par with my Sweetgreen lunch.

  • Kate Harting

    They are a corporation, not a Christian organization. Yes, their founder is a very outspoken Evangelical, but that does not mean your delicious sandwich is harassing the LGBT community.

    I love their food and feel zero remorse eating there, even though I am a member of said LGBT community. No one there, in any location of several states (including small town South) has ever bothered me. As fast food goes, it’s good and the staff are always super nice.

    Get mad at their founder, but leave ChikFilA alone.

    • CRT

      Well, Chick Fil A corporate (and the owners with money they take as salaries/profits from the corporation) do give lots of money to anti-gay causes. But I’m also sure most large corporations do not share my politics and give plenty of money to causes I find abhorrent.

  • Kate Harting

    I wish this were like other sites and I could star or like or heart your comment. Dislike the owner all you like, but Chik Fil A as a business employs nice people and serves tasty food.

  • Mo

    Meh, whatever. You have your crappy taste, I have mine. I’ll take Checkers seasoned fries over Chick Fil-A overpriced stuff any day.

  • Anonamom

    Ok, Justin, I’m going to have to stop you here. My parents live around the corner from where that accident happened and I grew up (and learned to drive) around Amish buggies. It is INCREDIBLY difficult to see them at night, since they are only required to have reflective lights on the rear of the buggy. No charges have been issued for the driver, and the likelihood is that the buggy driver failed to yield. Take the piss of Maryland drivers all you want, but please recognize that the situations you discuss are real incidents that affect real people.

  • Pissed Neighbor

    CRT, you obviously don’t live on this block and didn’t have to deal with the problems that Checkers created on a residential street. I shouldn’t even gratify you with a response since you are apparently a teenager that begins a response by laughing. In any event, it seems you have trouble reading, so let me stress one of my points again. I said that Chick-Fil-A does “nothing to further the development in this growing neighborhood.” This lot has a lot of potential (mixed use development, condos, etc). That is the type of development that builds good neighborhoods that people desire and want to live in. Instead it looks like my neighbors and I are sentenced to a lifetime of picking up chicken sandwich wrappers and sitting in drive thru traffic everyday just to get to our homes. Tell me how that improves ANY neighborhood. It doesn’t. I appreciate your love for chicken, but this isn’t the right location for it.

    • CRT

      First – please use the reply button, it’s much easier to find your responses. Second, I appreciate the complement that Im a teenager, but sadly I’m a 38 year old homeowner in the area (although admittedly I’m about 5 blocks away, so this is not my immediate corner). I’d prefer a condo building with a ground floor Chick Fil A, as I support more and better development in our neighborhood. BUT, Chick Fil A is damn major upgrade over Checkers, which I assumed we were stuck with forever. Plus, in my experience (growing up in the south), Chick Fil A usually maintains 11-9 hours, so it’s less likely that drunks will be throwing chicken on the street at 2 AM – but obviously I can’t promise this location will close at 9. Either way, I see it as an upgrade for our neighborhood, if not your corner.

  • Neighbor

    Amen. I live a solid 2-3 blocks from this place and I also pick up a decent amount of Checkers wrappers from my front lawn. It is incredibly irritating and I hated that place for it. I realize it’s not their fault that their clientele were not properly socialized, but the fact is their presence had a negative impact on my property.

    I also almost got hit by drivers turning into the Checkers parking lot several times. Apparently it’s hard to see a bike when you’re just dreaming of dat grease fix. G street is really narrow–it’s hard for two cars going in opposite directions to proceed at the same time, so if I lived on that street and had to wait in traffic to park (or, likely, find it hard to park due to the number of parked visitors), I’d be unhappy too. I’d rather have 10 condos with 10 added vehicles to the neighborhood than people with questionable driving and parking skills coming and going constantly all day.

  • anon

    YES! I can’t believe all of the comments are so positive. Such a gross organization.

  • On Capital Heels

    Maybe it’s because they’re not hateful Christians? They simply have sincerely held religious beliefs with which you disagree.

  • On Capital Heels

    +1 Kate

  • Caphilldcne

    I choose not to provide profits to people who think I’m a second class citizen and fund organizations that aggressively put out messages that I and my LGBT brothers and sisters are sinners who should go to hell (and in some cases are still fighting to roll back our rights). So won’t be eating there and we could certainly have better corporate neighbors than them. But enjoy your chicken.

  • Ward 6 Resident

    I wonder if this is an opportunity. Could we work to convince local officials and CFA personnel to sell this lot to a developer who would build residential condo units with 30% designated for middle/low income housing and the first level dedicated to CFA and a center for homeless LGBT youth?

    If we work together, we can create win-win solutions for all.

  • NEhomeboy

    Bigot chicken is for losers

  • Ej



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