• Cleveland Park runner

    I go to American City quite a bit–their food is good and reasonably priced. And I always chuckle at their sign. Not because I find their comments particularly insightful, but because they are against “corporate speech” (a position they have advanced through their sign as well). Guess what this is.

  • I Dont Get It

    There have been several humorous memes re: SpeechGate. This is not one of them.

  • Jackson

    Their food is beyond bland. Their signs….meh.

  • confused

    Maybe I am dense, but the absence of punctuation makes the joke unclear to me.

    Melania, speech writer, at Trump University
    Melania, speech writer at Trump University
    Melania speech-writer at Trump University

    What are they trying to say? Or is this just two digs at Trump being forced together into an incoherent joke?

    • TX2DC

      I think you might be over-analyzing this a bit…


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