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Fire in the 1300 block of 12th St, NW (12th and N) DCFD on the Scene

by Prince Of Petworth July 26, 2016 at 3:58 pm 41 Comments


DC Fire & EMS reports:

“1300blk of 12th St NW – Units on scene.”

Chris updates us with a look at the intensity:

“There’s a huge fire at 13/N NW. Pics below from roof of Vermont/N”

DC Police Traffic ‏reports the following road closures:

12th St Btwn O & N St’s
13th St at M St
11th St at N St”


Thanks to Greg and Justin for sending. Updates when more is known.


Update: Kelsey narrows it down to 12th and Mass, NW:


David sends this one:


  • marie

    down the street from 14th and P

  • Toonces

    It looks like the Washington Plaza Hotel, or perhaps the building behind it.

    • Rich

      That’s more like 13th. The fire is further East and North

  • CP

    According to Twitter @DC Fire and EMS [email protected]: now
    Working fire: 1300blk of 12th St. NW – Units on scene. PIO en route. #dctraffic

  • 16th Streeter

    DC Fire & EMS says 1200 block of 12th St NW.

  • Herman Cain’s Pokemon Pain Train

    It’s apparently at 12th and N NW, according to this tweet:

  • Llsndvs


    DC Fire and EMS: Working fire 1300 block 12 St NW. Heavy fire on roof 3 story Apt building

    • Rich

      It’s a 2 alarm—which I think means two units have responded. there is a PEPCO substation almost across the street, as well as other buildings. The most recent tweet shows fire trucks all the way up to O St. https://twitter.com/dcfireems?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

      • Gtmcleod

        Two alarms typically means double the initial response which in DC is about 7 separate fire companies each with 4-5 firefighters. So at a minimum this is about a 14 company response plus special units such as command officers and logistics vehicles.

  • Anon

    The roof
    The roof
    The roof is on fire

    • Kevin

      I was hoping someone would do this :)

    • textdoc

      As Justin noted below… poor taste.

  • CatieCat

    From that top photo angle, the fire is def on 12th b/t N and O. person who took it is in that building on southeast corner of Vermont and N.

  • LCinDC

    I think it’s 1308 12th St.

    • MR

      No, this was at the Barrett Building next door, at 1310 12th Street NW. The entire roof was on fire.

    • dartmo85

      I just google earthed it – I think it’s 1310 because this is the building that abuts the white building, not the stand alone building that has nothing on either side of it (1308)

  • hothothot

    I can’t imagine battling a fire in all that gear in this heat. Hang tough, DCFD!

    • madmonk28

      No kidding; heavy coat and pants, nomex hood, gloves, resperator and gear. All in close too 100f weather fighting a fire with sweat from your face fogging your mask. They are bad ass public servants.

  • Ron10thStNW

    Thank you DCFD for your service!

  • No Bikes

    Watching from The Mondrian. The fire goes out and then keeps re-lighting. Terrible. I hope everyone is ok.

  • hungeegirl

    Ugh poor dog

  • ajr

    It’s definitely 1310 12th Street NW, my coworker lives there. He’s panicked for many reasons, but namely he can’t get in to rescue his cat.

    • textdoc

      :( Fingers crossed for your friend’s kitty.

      • CP


      • Elvis’s Mom

        Oh, I hope the kitty is OK.

    • C_petworth

      OMG I am so sorry to hear. hoping for the best for the kitty

  • Brightwoodian

    Average salary of a firefighter in the U.S. – $43,332.

    Salary of a U.S. Senator – $174,000.

    • alurin

      Number of U.S. Senators who vote on firefighter pay: 0

  • neighbor

    Will I be able to find fire pokemon there?

  • mdtodc

    Someone please tell me the dog is ok?!

  • David T.

    I live about a block north of here on 12th St. and walk by this building on my way to and from work every day, regularly encountering the folks (and dogs) who live in the building as they go about their days. Any word from anywhere on how we can help the dozen plus (as reported by DC FEMS on Twitter) neighbors who are displaced by the fire?

    • Elvis’s Mom

      Yes – Dan, any way of finding out if there’s a fund or if we neighbors can offer assistance in any way?

      • I’ve been looking but haven’t seen any yet.

        • Elvis’s Mom

          Thanks. I’ll reach out to the Blagden / Naylor group and see what they can find, too.

  • B’dale Res

    Those roof top decks are like haystacks. I would be way too nervous to have a grill up there, or even allow someone to smoke up there. Imagine a lit butt falling through a deck board. Some of the reports mention a propane tank exploding on top. Sorry for the people that have to deal with this, and especially for their pets!

  • People are really making jokes about someone whose house / business was on fire? GTFO.

  • I used to live there, actually owned the upper unit facing the alley towards the back where the deck is on fire. Decks were on 3 of the 4 upper units, and the decks were very large and made of wood. I know we were all constantly replacing boards and doing repairs because of the unrelenting weather on the roof. Sadly, I’m sure any fire spread very quickly.

    I reached out to the neighbor who owned unit facing the main street (the one with the huge fire on the deck) to see what assistance she or others needed. She was also the owner of the dog that has been referenced being hurt. Will pass along when/if I hear back from her.

  • lulugaboo

    Oh no, poor dog. Praying that it recovers. I hope there were no other pets affected in the fire.

  • cre

    Thanks for the update on the pup! Glad she’s recovering.

  • jrodgers

    News story on Lucy: http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Officer-Saves-Dog-from-Apartment-Fire-388458332.html

    Props to DC Fire & EMS (and a random skateboarder).

    • Shawn_USt

      So glad Lucy is safe – thank you MPD!!!


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