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Readers Witness “a guy jumping on another passenger out of nowhere and throwing punches, about 6pm”

by Prince Of Petworth July 26, 2016 at 3:40 pm 9 Comments

metro fight
Photo by PoPville flickr user Rob

“Dear PoPville,

Anyone have information about metro fight that started at Georgia Ave about 6p today? [Sunday]

Just saw an apparently disturbed man lunge at a passenger and start throwing punches after a Greenbelt-bound train pulled into the station. Ran to tell the station attendant, and didn’t see what happened, but the train kept going.

Scary thing to see.”

Another reader reports:

“Any information about a guy jumping on another passenger out of nowhere and throwing punches, about 6pm last night? [Sunday] Started as the car was about to leave the Georgia Ave. stop, I ran to alert the attendant and would imagine cops were called to Ft. Totten.”

  • anon

    You mean you didn’t jump on to the outside of a moving train and work your way in to stop this yourself? You’re obviously a coward.

  • Eric Luntz

    Any description of the attacker? I’ve seen a very aggressive man around the Petworth station twice in the last week. Black guy with white skin splotches all over his face.

    • anonymous

      The guy you describe is mentally unstable and frankly it is just a matter of time. He stops traffic yells and everyone he passes, etc…I mentioned it to a police officer but he said that he would need to do something in front of him.

      Is there a DC social service we can call?

      • Caroline

        You can try the number for Mobile Crisis Services:
        “Mobile crisis services is available from 9 am to 1 am every day and can be activated by calling (202) 673-9300.

        Mobile crisis services teams respond to adults throughout the District who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis whether in the homes or on the street and who are unable or unwilling to travel to receive mental health services. Clinicians also are available to provide counseling support after traumatic events whether personal or community wide.”

        • anonymous

          Thank you

      • anonparkviee

        I’ve also run into a man with the same description in a few different spots up and down Georgia Ave. If I’m on my bike he yells and gets real close if I’m waiting to cross traffic. I’ve seen him also stop traffic and just walk in the street during rush hour.

    • anon36

      This guy is going to hurt someone. I called the police on him on Sunday when he walked into my laundromat, slammed my washer door shut in front of me, and said I am a b*tch and he would f*ck me up. Cops showed up for 30 seconds, didn’t see him, and left. I caught the cops further down the street and told them. They got food and took a break.

  • anon

    This was a white guy, 50s, medium-length dark hair.

  • Effie

    access to healthcare services (including mental-health services) is very important


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