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  • Bdale Res

    terrible terrible terrible. There really is nothing good coming out of using the letters , A, B, C, or D with “hole”.

    • I don’t know – the b-holes look pretty tasty. And I laughed. Of course I needed a laugh. But hey, to each their own.

      • Bdale Res

        I commend them for going with it…but I do wish I was a fly on the wall when the discussions happened. “what about….B….HOLE….”

        They do look good. One good looking b-hole.

    • Elvis’s Mom

      B-hole, the only thing greater than yourself…

  • womp

    despite the questionable name, these are SO GOOD. think an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese in bite size form! i repeat, SO GOOD.

  • The implication is that if you don’t buy of the latter then you are one of the former. Someone with a sense of humor will likely just laugh and either partake or (if they’re lucky) photo and Instagram it. But it’s definitely going to rub enough people the wrong way that I would question the net gain of such a strategy.

    • P. Lecheval

      F those people. These look delicious.

      • Forgive my lack of bread knowledge, but how is this technically any different from what would otherwise be called a “roll”? They look just like the dinner rolls you see at most restaurants.

        • asg

          Bagels, unlike most other types of bread, contain malt powder or malt syrup in the dough, as well as a lower hydration than most breads. After some heavy kneading (again, more than most breads), they are boiled before being baked. Given that bagel holes are nothing new, I’m assuming these use a bagel dough/process, and so are not at all like dinner rolls.
          Back in the day, bagel bakeries often hollowed out the dough to create bagels, and not wanting to waste anything, baked the holes that were hollowed out from the bagel and sold them (or even gave them away). It’s not as common these days. Regardless, bagel holes are delicious.

    • Katchee

      Well, In this day and age a product has to stand out. How many flavored waters do we have? How many types of cereals are on the shelf? Whoever thought the name Captain Crunch would be a hit or Tony the tiger. As a matter of fact, depending on your age, The pet rock sold millions and all it was is a painted rock. The name gets you interested but the taste is what makes you want more.

  • Hill Denizen

    Like the concept, hate the name. No food product should make me think of fecal matter.

    • Love able

      Maybe you should invest in a sense of humor

      • lizcolleena

        Not finding butt and jerk related things funny in context of eating or considering eating doesn’t mean we don’t have a sense of humor. It just means we outgrew the poop joke phase of our lives at probably around, say, 14 years of age.

        • Truxton Thomas

          I like to think butt and poop jokes are timeless treasures appropriate for all ages.

  • samanda_bynes

    oooh, buddy, i’m down. if y’all are afraid to put a little b-hole in your mouth, i feel bad for your partners!

    • stacksp


  • madmonk28

    I prefer to eat the c-word myself. Yup, I’m a big fan of croissants.

  • siz

    momofuku milk bar actually does this too but calls them bagel bombs, which is inarguably a better name. i’ve also had a version of this in SF but with everything bagel-topped CROISSANT. amazing.

    • More politically correct than bagel bumps, I suppose…

    • Anon

      Also, Bantam Bagels (as featured on Shark Tank and carried in some Starbucks locations) does stuffed bagel bites too, correct? I’ve had the Bagel Bombs at Milk Bar – they’re pretty meh (because they’re made in NYC, frozen, and shipped down here. Flavors are okay, but they taste stale). The name is way better than b-holes though.

  • B-Holes Bakery

    Love the discussion guys! This is definitely what we’re going for. To clarify, b-holes are filled bagel holes; we put fillings in the center then add a topping.

    • Truxton Thomas

      So I would eat the cream cheese out of your b-holes? Sounds amazing.

      • Halfsmoke

        Wouldnt that be “tossing the salad”?

    • Matt

      Do you guys plan to continue the stand at Eastern Market now that you are brick and mortar official?

      • B-Holes Bakery

        Hey Matt,
        It’s not a brick and mortar exactly– we’re just renting a patio. We might be back at Eastern market soon though. Check us out on Postmates if you can’t make it to any of our locations this weekend!

  • above7-11

    As a regular b-hole customer, I can definitely say if you don’t laugh then you are either an A-hole or a D-bag.
    I first discovered these delights in India, and then to rediscover them in America, I am hooked!

  • anon

    Some eat theirs with jelly or syrup, I prefer syrup

  • AnonV2

    Top o’ the Muffin to you!

    • meh


  • tom

    You sure you don’t want to come up with a premium line and call them A-Holes? Just saying.

  • bll

    god this is schweddy balls come to life. molly Shannon and ana gasteyer where are you when I need you!?

  • Anon

    Well, don’t mind if I do!

  • saf

    They have been at the Petworth market this year. I find the signage stunningly tacky.

    • My house on Taylor

      Agreed. Can anyone think of the children?!

      • Love able

        Get over yourself, this is funny and your children probably don’t even understand it, or think it’s hilarious. This company has a sense of humor and sells amazing bagel holes.

        • Kate

          Pretty sure it was a joke.

        • Katchee

          You don’t think your children see and hear more on violence and sex? Its very simple, “Little Anne Marie…would you like a delicious bagel hole”. Little Ann Marie replies “Yes mommy that sounds great”.

          • textdoc

            Yeah, but maybe Ann Marie reads the signage and says, “Mommy, what’s an A-hole?”
            It’s crass/tacky.
            (I say this as someone without kids who thinks that “But won’t someone think of the children?”-type concerns are generally overblown.)

  • steveg

    Those b-holes are awesome. And that girl in the picture is really cute too.


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