Scuttlebutt: New Beer Garden from NRG coming to Dupont?

by Prince Of Petworth June 10, 2016 at 12:55 pm 7 Comments


A source deep in the industry shares some potentially exciting news about the Neighborhood Restaurant Group. They hear they are planning on a new beer garden for Dupont. I will give the scuttlebutt a 67% accuracy rating. And if it does happen I’m guessing it’ll be for the GBD space that closed back in March. Fingers crossed – updates when/if more is known.

Think Dupont could support a new beer garden as well as Sauf Haus a few blocks away?

Update – I’m told it’s definitely not at GBD. Hopefully rumors will be confirmed/denied on other Dupont locations next week – stay tuned and feel free to add your guesses of where it could possibly be?

  • Sauf Haus has been pretty well packed any time I’ve gone, so I think there are plenty of bodies to support another one. Don’t forget St. Arnold’s is right by there too, although it’s less beer garden and more beer basement. Big Hunt is also right by for those wanting beer+patio (or whatever qualifies as “garden” in this city). I’m not sure what NRG has done to replace all the culinary talent that’s departed recently, but one thing’s for sure is that their beer game is always on point (and was with GBD too), so this would make sense from many angles.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      True, it’s always been about the beer. Food has never been their forte. All of their restaurants seem to start out strong, only to quickly go downhill.

      • I’ve had delicious food at Iron Gate.

        • Philippe Lecheval

          I didn’t even realize it was under the same ownership. GBD was excellent the first time I had it, but it was just kind of average after that. Same with Birch and Barley. First meal there was great, but everything after that was disappointing. And Bluejacket always seemed like they were trying too hard but not really getting the execution down. You could probably say the same thing about some of their beers, but at least they’re doing interesting, different things, instead of brewing nothing but over-hopped, boring IPAs.

          • You could always tell (at all 3 of those places) if Chef Bailey was on site that day. The food would go from rock solid to just good. In the case of GBD I had known the management there for so long they always insured I got a great meal, but I had so many friends provide conflicting reports that it made me regret heaping praise upon it.

        • Yeah Iron Gate is outstanding. Their brunch is crazy underrated too.

    • goaldigger

      Looks like the head brewer at Blue Jacket is now gone too- http://www.brewbound.com/jobs/22392-Head-Brewer-Bluejacket


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