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  • Anonymous

    Some of these store fronts could use a little tender love and care. Don’t these businesses know that they are eligible for DC Great Street grants? It’s free money people! Up to $50,000 for extior renovations.

  • Otis Gal

    Breaks my heart to complain but their service has really deteriorated and their portions keep decreasing.

    • Anony

      Completely agree re service. Went last week for dinner and had to get up twice, once to ask someone to bring us more water and second to ask for silverware/napkins. Then service got even worse after that, the waitress have me the stink eye and seemed REALLY annoyed that I got up. A completely different person brought us the check after we asked twice. Sucks bc it’s my hubby’s fav place for enchiladas but man, get it together!

  • andy

    Service has always been a little uneven. We have a favorite waitress and definitely things are best if she is working. I could not care. A place like Habanero would have to do something pretty crazy to lose my family’s business.

    Also I’m very excited about what we have within easy reach and will soon – Italian on the way, Mezcalero, Airedale, Red Derby, the rest of the block, Slim’s, Lyman’s, Twisted Horn, Alfie’s, Billy, etc. Pupusas all over the place. Nice quiet Ethiopian. Highlands is crowded for brunch! Sorry about domku, of course. Still sad about Moroni. (End Stream of consciousness rant/rave)

    Anybody tried that Pizza D’Oro place?

    • lizcolleena

      I got delivery from Pizza D’Oro… not bad. Nothing to write home about, but better than most of the other delivery options in north CH area. Pete’s is better, but is also at least double the price.


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