More Scuttlebutt for 14th and U – Yoga Clothing and More Chicken Of Course!!

by Prince Of Petworth April 7, 2016 at 1:00 pm 39 Comments

Photo of 14th Street by PoPville flickr user Clif Burns

On Monday we learned that a Starbucks was very likely coming to 14th and U St, NW (I’m now 99.9% sure this is accurate.) And now I’ve got even more scuttlebutt for some retail spaces around 14th and U Street, NW. I’m told that it is very likely a Lululemon yoga clothing and accessories store is coming as well as a Nando’s Peri Peri chicken spot. Thumbs up or down for these likely new additions?

  • oh thank God I don’t have to walk, what, 8 blocks, for $100 yoga pants. Whew.

    • stacksp

      God bless the man that came up with yoga pants and all those that made it trendy to wear casually.

      • Anonymous


    • anon

      It’s only 5 blocks!! There’s a Lulu at 14th and P. What a waste of real estate.

  • Anon

    This is awesome news! Anything to raise the Yoga Pant Quotient!
    Speaking of which, why aren’t yoga shorts more popular during the warm summer months? That should totally be a thing!

    • anon

      Somebody please tell me this is sarcasm.

      • Anon

        Do you even yoga?

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Because so many people are really self-conscious about their legs. Or lazy about shaving them.

  • I Dont Get It

    Four thumbs up for Nando’s!

  • DC anon

    Because the Starbuck’s at 13th and U St is too far to walk, or the one at 16th and U St.

  • french streeter

    I don’t get why we need another starbucks unless they’re planning to close the one at 13th and U.

    Very pleased to hear about the Nandos. Lululemon — Yawn.

    • eel

      or the one at 16th and U….

  • Glen

    Strange that there would be another Lululemon with the 14th and P one so close, unless they think that being closer to a Soulcycle would help their sales.

  • nandos

    I want Nandos to go into the vacant space above the petworth metro

    • abdc


    • Pixie

      Yes please!

    • Anonymous

      I want ANYTHING to go in ANY OF the vacant spots above the Petworth Metro. Empty for literally 7 years.

    • yes, yes, yes!

    • Mr. Grinch

      You’ll get NOTHING! And you’ll like it.

    • LittleBluePenguin


    • Anonymous


  • SoCoHts

    Boo to Lululemon. Yay to Nando’s!

    Related: I wonder how long until I’m priced out of even being within a 15 minute walk of the 14th & U St area?

  • J Street

    No apple store?

    • Anon

      Snapple Store!

      • J Street


  • say what

    wish it was Athleta, like their stuff so much better than lululemon,

    • Pixie

      Agreed. Plus Athleta as more variety, more sales, and a better return policy.

      • ESA

        Or a Title Nine Sports!!!!

  • CloseToHome

    A) How is Lululemon still a thing? They are literally the butt of all jokes regarding expensive yoga pants – no pun intended (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTSZC4StRMM)
    B) Can you figure out if thix Sbux means they’ll be closing down the one at 13&U? Bc otherwise..WHAT?
    C) Pro-Nandos. Never going to complain about another affordable, good, quick meal option.

    • Northzax

      Don’t worry. By all accounts this is the new starbucks elite, designed as a More traditional social coffee house, plus beer/wine and things like live music/readings etc.

  • PG


  • anonymouse_dianne

    Thumbs up for Nando Peri Peri. Hopes for over the Petworth Metro for real? Main reason I gave up and moved to 14 & V. Why close the Starbux right by the Metro at 13 and U – it is always busy.

  • Florista

    Lululemon is becoming the Comfort One of a few years back. Haven’t purchased any of their wares since their executive’s comment implying ‘maybe your butt’s too big to wear our pants.’

  • soken

    Even though there’s already a Lululemon half a mile away I’m ok with more men wearing their fitted sweat pants. You can’t have enough of VPL

  • Anonymous

    I’m making a revision to yesterday’s prognostication:
    3 years until 14th is the new Chinatown.

    • jaybird

      Nah. I don’t see it.

  • fka Shawess

    I wonder if the Lululemon would replace the one on P instead of duplicate it. The space on P is pretty small compared to some of their other stores and I could see them making the new location a sort of DC flagship store with their whole product line.

  • ustreetmayor

    Great news about Nandos!!!

  • Barista

    So about the Starbucks, it will actually be a Starbucks reserve which are those fancy looking Starbucks that have ‘for here’ mugs. Other than the fact that the store will look beautiful on the inside, it will serve the same drinks. Honestly it’s pointless wish they would have added something else.


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