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  • anonymous

    It seems like it’s associated with Yum’s. The crews and management go in and out of Yum’s as they’re doing construction.

  • Jerry Grundle

    Chinese sushi? Will they have a decent General Tso’s Roll?

  • Mug of Glop

    I was almost curious how a Chinese sushi bar and wine bar would have been realized.

  • oh2dc

    Must be nice to have the luxury of having such a hot piece of real estate go unused for so long.

  • Chadwick

    I still don’t understand what happened to Playbill. When they closed, they said they lost their lease due to redevelopment. I thought the whole building would be torn down and redeveloped. Playbill was one of the last laidback places in Logan Circle. It is missed dearly.

  • This is going to be terrible. Sorry, Dan.

  • Hill Denizen

    This sounds slightly better.

  • U Street Resident

    Are we just inferring “sushi” from “seafood” on the poster? If so, I don’t think such an inference is necessarily warranted. Cantonese cuisine has lots of (non-raw) seafood. Sorry for those craving General Tso’s rolls . . .

    (I also think the lack of sushi sends a better signal about the potential quality of the restaurant, so hoping it does NOT have sushi!)

    • Truxton Thomas

      No. The previous sign (ie, the temporary sign under the current temporary sign and over the older Playbill sign) advertised a Chinese Wine and Sushi Bar.

      • U Street Resident

        Ah, I see. Well, hoping they changed course, then . . .

    • Noah

      I’m with you, removing the sushi part is a good thing. Sushi isn’t Chinese and portends some kind of pan-Asian awfulness. I’ll hold out some hope.

      Also, the hell is a General Tso roll? A quick Googling got me nowhere.

      • oh2dc

        I think “General Tso roll” was a joke (a decent one, I think) in reference to the odd mashup that was formerly supposed to come to the space (“Chinese sushi bar”).

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    Does anyone know why the owner isn’t developing this parcel?? Just seems strange to collect relatively modest rents from two-three restaurants when you could put about $50 million of condos/housing on this prime location.

    • Anonymous

      99% sure the owner is just waiting for more money. This sounds like a half-hearted attempt to just avoid a vacant property tax designation. When you have no note to pay the bank, you can afford to sit around with under-used property and waiting for values to continue to rise.


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