Cat just adopted from Humane Society is missing from Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth April 13, 2016 at 2:56 pm 6 Comments


A reader asks:

“Please keep your eyes peeled for a kitty who went missing in the Adams Morgan neighborhood just South of Columbia Road and Ontario Road last night. My friends adopted him just a couple of weeks ago from the Humane Society. He tore a hole in a window screen and escaped from their apartment at 2800 Ontario Road. He was last seen around midnight a half block away on The Ontario apartment grounds. His name is Leonard and he’s very friendly.

If you see him, please call my friends (202-615-4411) or me (202-986-5397) ASAP.”

  • Hemingway was right

    “The cat is the best anarchist” – Hemingway

    I hope you find Leonard! I’m in the hood, a fellow cat owner, I’ll keep a lookout.

  • Pixie

    Poor Leonard! I hope he’s found soon.

  • thedcyears

    Contact the Humane Society to let them know it’s a Missing Animal. There is a volunteer list which can help look for missing animals/distribute flyers. A loaned humane cat trap is also available (they work), the kitty will get hungry and seek it’s way to food. Dusk/sundown is the best time to look for him. Also his usual feeding time. I hope he is found!

  • textdoc

    What a regal-looking cat! I hope he’ll be found soon.

  • Gambit

    That big boy is a Maine Coon.

  • Awakenings

    Leonard must have gotten into the L-Dopa. Come back soon!


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