• Expectations for this place are very low, considering his lackluster product at his other Mt. Vernon Triangle establishments (Alba Osteria and L’Hommage). Must have gotten great rents at these storefronts since his restaurants are usually empty every time I walk by.

    • TX2DC

      I’ve had brunch at Alba Osteria a few times – it was decent. Besides, these places are better than an empty storefronts, no?

      • Anon

        I’d guess that’s the sole reason why this guy is asked to open new restaurants in the general vicinity. I doubt too many small-time restaurateurs want to pay for that much physical space, and this guy seems to have very deep pockets.

  • Kate

    Is legit Turkish food good?

    I ask because I was in Istanbul last summer, and everything was flavorless and drenched in olive oil. The best meal I had was from a menu copied from the Topkapi Palace 18th century menu (oh my god, ground lamb and rice cooked in a melon).

    • ft

      You must’ve had real bad luck and/or guidance while in Istanbul, since most of my non-Turkish friends love food in Istanbul. Turkish is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world — it has influences from Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Balkan cuisines. If you like Greek or Persian food, there are many Turkish food items you will definitely like. Try Zaytinya in Chinatown, Ezme in Dupont, or Yayla Bistro in Arlington.


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