Mark It – Metro faregates to accept SmarTrip only starting March 6 – Also escalator replacement coming to Georgia Ave-Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth March 1, 2016 at 11:58 am 17 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user m01229


“Starting Sunday, March 6, Metrorail faregates accept SmarTrip only and will no longer accept paper farecards, a key milestone on Metro’s yearlong phase-out of the outdated fare media. Customers with paper farecards may transfer the value to a SmarTrip card by using the brown vending machines at Metrorail stations or at any Metro sales office through June 30, 2016.”


“Georgia Ave-Petworth east side entrance (closest to northbound lanes of Georgia Ave NW)
Temporary closure begins Monday, March 21, 2016

Two escalators will be replaced at the station entrance located on the east side of Georgia Ave NW. The entrance will be temporarily closed for approximately 45 weeks to accommodate construction.
Customers may access the station via the west side entrance, located directly across Georgia Ave NW.
The current escalators were installed when the station opened in 1999.
Metro has already installed five new escalators at Georgia Ave-Petworth Station.”

  • timmyp

    Am I wrong or wasn’t this same one replaced in like 2012. I remember not being operational for a really long time when I moved here. @popville does that ring a bell?
    At any rate these damn escalators are broken almost every day. I hope whatever they put in is a better quality than what is there now.

    • pjl35

      It says that five have already been replaced, so these must be different ones?

      • There are only five escalators at that station.

    • I think it was just one escalator at a time in 2012 (or thereabouts). My understanding, which could be totally off, was that they rebuilt the current escalators then, but now are being totally replaced. Either way, it’s ridiculous.

    • west_egg

      They replaced the elevators between the platform and mezzanine around 2012 or so; and they’ve been working on the west entrance for years, one at a time. As someone who uses the west entrance I can say that after the initial break-in period, they do seem to be much more reliable. 45 weeks, though! Ouch.

  • Thomas

    Seems weird since they can’t keep the machines that sell smart trips from constantly breaking down and being out of order.

    • phl2dc

      I’ve noticed that.

  • pjl35

    Only in DC does it take longer to replace an escalator than it does to build a 14-story apartment building in my neighborhood….

  • What a joke – 45 weeks to replace the escalators? Unbelievable. Not that it makes a difference, but I’m calling Todd’s office and my local ANC to ask if there’s any way to speed that up. WMATA should be embarrassed.

    • Leeran

      It’s incredible. Waterfront’s three main escalators (one at a time). The work started in January and is projected to be done EARLY 2018.

      • Grant Circle

        The Pentagon was built in less time than that.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Now I have to cross Georgia Ave everyday to get to the metro. Psh.

  • Thought

    Can Metro PLEASE hire the nationalized company that runs the Shanghai Metro to take over? Shanghai Metro is opening 6 new lines this year alone. I bet they could replace our escalators in a week!

  • Eric

    I really don’t understand how WMATA is able to get away with a 45 week timeline. The Empire state building was built in 56 weeks!

    • textdoc

      And my bet is that they won’t complete it within 45 weeks — they’re always extending/postponing the completion dates on their various projects.

    • Anonymous

      Kick back contracts to political supporters. Unfortunately, WMATA is a political body. It needs to be independent be fully independent of corrupt District powerbrokers and downstate VA politicians who are intent on destroying it.

  • jzdc

    I was just about to come here to tell PoP that I noticed that the escalators on the west side were finally opened today. It was so weird to walking and not see a big blue wall of construction fencing and three WORKING escalators this morning!


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