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“We have communicated with the management at the Dupont Circle Starbucks about helping us create a welcoming and safe environment for women, LGBTQ, and gender nonconforming people. We invite you to stand—or sit—with us in solidarity for safe spaces.”

by Prince Of Petworth February 5, 2016 at 10:13 am 71 Comments

1501 Connecticut Avenue, NW

From MPD:

“We have received your emails and heard your concerns about the meeting this Saturday evening in Dupont Circle with the writer Roosh V.

We understand your concerns about events of this nature in your community. We are aware of the upcoming event.

Events like these take place all the time in the District of Columbia and the MPD prepares for all of them.

These groups have the same First Amendment rights as any other citizen or organization in our country.

We understand that there may be counter protests to this event and we have prepared for that as well.

The MPD are there to ensure peaceful and lawful events. Any persons breaking the law will not be tolerated.

A lot of times controversial organizations plan public events just to provoke a response from the community.

Please let the MPD handle the situation and remember there are many ways to express yourself in a peaceful manner.

Let’s continue to work together, we are making great progress!!”

From Collective Action for Safe Spaces:

“We invite you to join local nonprofit Collective Action for Safe Spaces for Women Drinking Coffee: Sitting In For Safe Spaces on February 6 for women, LGBTQGNC folks, and allies to meet to talk about ways that we can make public spaces safe for everyone.

The sit-in was planned after we read this article about an event happening at the Dupont Starbucks and realized it had been too long since feminists had gathered at this location to enjoy delicious beverages like the white chocolate mocha. While the event cited in the article may have been canceled, our sit-in for safe spaces will prevail.

“We wanted to direct attention away from anything else happening in this space at this time and toward issues of women’s safety,” said CASS’s Interim Executive Director, Jessica Raven. “We have communicated with the management at the Dupont Circle Starbucks about helping us create a welcoming and safe environment for women, LGBTQ, and gender nonconforming people. We invite you to stand—or sit—with us in solidarity for safe spaces.”

So far, over 150 members of the DC community have RSVPed to meet for an informal conversation about issues like street harassment and safety in public spaces. The goal is to work together to share ideas for promoting a safer city for women, LGBTQ, and gender nonconforming individuals. (Plus, this Starbucks location has agreed to play a women’s empowerment playlist created by our supporters—as long as they can figure out how to access their Spotify account!)

When: Saturday, February 6 from 7:30-9:00pm
Where: Starbucks, 1501 Connecticut Ave NW
RSVP: Email [email protected]

  • The OP Anon

    I always forget that this loser is from the DC suburbs. He’s made a mint by peddling misogynistic claptrap to a bunch of maladjusted STEM dudes who think women can be programmed like an algorithm.

    • womp

      meh, I’m a female in STEM and have not experienced any men who fall into this group. and I’m definitely the type of person (e.g., opinionated, vocal, feminist, and unafraid to disagree with someone) a man of this nature would “inform” if they subscribed to this group’s ideology.

      • womp

        * any men that I’m aware of

      • Anonymouse

        Yeah, I don’t quite understand the attempt to malign STEM fields. Possibly the OP Anon is trying to make himself feel better about his own career choice, whatever that may be?

        • ET

          I wonder if they are using STEM as a replacement for “computer nerds” or at least those men that lurk on the Internet anonymously but want to come out of the closet (so to speak)

          • anon

            that’s not the definition of “computer nerd”
            signed, holder of CEH, FITSP:A, SEC+, B.S. in Math and Comp Sci, M.S. in Cybersecurity

          • Anon


    • Thomas

      Yeah I mean I doubt he’s made a “mint”. Or really anything at all. I read he lives in his moms basement?
      Regardless, ignoring these people is generally the best policy.

      • BW

        Agreed, this guy’s weird perversion is only becoming higher profile as a result of these protests. Or you could try a misguided attempt to create a “safespace,” which is in effect a way to stifle ideas you don’t agree with. Because that works…

        • Maladjusted Stem Guy

          Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re an idiot rather than opening it and confirming.

          • ItsPetworthIt


            BW, keep your rape-apologist BS to yourself. Likely, you identify too strongly with their messaging. There’s a difference between abuseive/hate speech and free-speech

        • skj84

          Actually..Safe Spaces provide an open forum for marginalized voices to express themselves without judgement. Hence the term “Safe” space.

    • textdoc

      I think saying that this guy’s followers are a bunch of maladjusted STEM dudes is an insult to maladjusted STEM dudes. (Though this guy’s followers are definitely maladjusted. Way, waaaay maladjusted.)

    • tacopuss

      This dude is too stupid to be a STEM professional, as are is sad troglodyte followers. Don’t lump us poor engineers with these turds.

      • Anon

        You are not poor engineers! ;-)

    • Philippe Lecheval

      What’s a Stem dude? I’m almost afraid to ask.

      • Derp derp

        Pretty sure it stands for science technology engineering math

        • Philippe Lecheval

          Thanks. Considering the context, I figured it stood for something much stranger.

    • Linc Park SE

      Im pretty sure this guy just got arrested – and he allegedly lives in his mother’s basement in Silver Spring.

    • west_egg
  • Maladjusted Stem Dude

    As a maladjusted STEM dude with a healthy respect for women, I resent that stereotype. Just because I’m bad at talking to women doesn’t mean I’d buy into that kind of misogynistic crap.

    • Maladjusted Stem Dude

      PS. thanks The OP Anon for the great suggestion on a username

      • linds

        hahahah, nice

    • womp


    • Mamasan

      Awesome! And being bad at talking to women isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We actually like shy, smart guys if you make an effort, I promise…

    • CoHi

      This Maladjusted But Respectful Feminist Lawyer might want to go on a date with Maladjusted Stem Dude.


      • Maladjusted Stem Guy

        Haha, thanks, but I’m a married Maladjusted Stem Guy (without the help of maladjusted pickup losers).

  • sproc

    I’m am fascinated by what might be on that Spotify playlist. Is it public? Can someone post a link?

    • You can make suggestions here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1555557391426782/. Starbucks couldn’t guarantee that they will be able to play it because their Spotify account is controlled elsewhere, but CASS will post a link to the playlist on our Facebook page when it’s done.

      Jessica Raven, CASS

  • wdc

    I’ve skimmed a few articles, and seen lots of mentions of all the people who hate him, tweets and quotes and whatnot, but nothing about any support that he’s received, in any of the articles. Apparently fewer than 50 people have shown up to previous meetings, and promptly scuttled away when they saw the protestors. So… does he really have supporters? I’m not going to his website to find out.

    • womp

      i, too, refuse to give his page a hit. also because i can’t imagine the malware i’d be exposed to just by hitting the homepage.
      i am dog sitting this weekend in the area, and I think I might to go by (but not be stupid) just for kicks.

      • textdoc

        I thought that guy had cancelled the supposed meetups, on the grounds of fears for his followers’ safety.

        • womp

          oh, that’s entirely possible. i haven’t made any real efforts to keep up with the drama. thanks for the tip…i’ll do a little digging before venturing over!

  • textdoc

    I had never heard of this guy until yesterday. It sounds as though he has very few supporters and has managed to generate a lot of hype; it looks like a giant PR stunt to me. Unfortunately the fact that so many people (media outlets, CASS, Starbucks, etc.) are taking him seriously just gives him an air of legitimacy he wouldn’t otherwise have.

    • jcm

      I had never heard of him either, but I do know there’s a huge community of anti-feminist “Men’s Rights” people on the internet, and they have a big overlap with the huge community of “pick up artist” men on the internet. Sometimes it seems like half the posts on reddit and comment sections are guys boohoohoo-ing about how hard it is to be a man. It’s kind of sad to see a bunch of grown men acting like babies.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. Roosh is in it for the publicity. But those self-pitying fools who believe this stuff won’t be out in public supporting him. They be at home, comfortably harassing and threatening those who disagree.

      • textdoc

        Is it really a huge community, though? Or just a very vocal one?
        Presumably men who don’t have a big issue with women aren’t spending tons of time online proclaiming “Women are great! Life is awesome!”

        • jcm

          I think it’s relatively large. Reddit Mens Rights and Red Pill both have about 150K subscribers. The book The Game was a NYT best seller and the #1 book on Amazon. Granted, the internet means that every niche available can have a thriving community, but I think there’s actually a fair number of these guys.

      • womp

        this week’s Mysteries of Laura storyline included a group like this!

    • Anonymous

      You’re probably right in the fact that the media has given him way too tall of a soapbox.
      That said, he has inspired a lot of like-minded individuals and online forums. ‘The Red Pill’ on Reddit being one of the most prominent that come to mind.
      What makes his mindset so insidious is that those who think like him won’t come out to support him in person. But they will gladly hide behind their LED monitors and continue to promote these ideas. His philosophy has taken on a life of it’s own.

    • I have personally been pleased to see so many people moved to join the movement against rape culture in the past few days. I’m excited for CASS’s completely unrelated coffee for safe spaces event that’s taking place at the same place at the same time.


  • I Dont Get It

    Is this guy a good friend with Pharma Bro a/k/a Pharma Douche?

  • d

    Let’s not forget the fact that this guy wrote a piece about how rape should be legal on private property. Now he’s claiming it was satire, but it’s been posted for over a year and he just added that little disclaimer a day or so ago.

    • Anon

      In order for it to be satire, doesn’t it have to make some type of social comment? What comment could have he been trying to make other than exactly what he wrote? He couldn’t be more insincere if he said “Dude, I wrote it on Opposite Day.”

  • DCMau5

    what the f is STEM?

    • womp

      addressed above, but Science Technology Engineering Math

  • Frankly I just feel bad for the Starbucks manager and staff. They just want to sell coffee, not have to deal with “protesters” (on either side of the issue) that have nothing to do with their business.

    • eggs

      However they are gonna make BANK that night off the CASS meeting.

  • I am thoroughly confused by all of this.

  • west_egg

    FWIW I read yesterday that he canceled all of these “meetings” due to safety concerns.

  • Kingman Park

    Just ignore the man. Everyone is treating this dude like he has some sort of Trump-sized following. He’s a douchebag, we get it.

  • madmonk28

    I don’t understand what the Starbucks has to do with any of this. Why is anyone pulling them in to their protests?

    • jumpingjack

      The Roosh V meeting was planned for Starbucks. Which is why protestors plan to go there as well.

  • Caroline

    Roosh dated a relative of mine, back in 2006. He took her out on the most lavish dates– I remember meeting them after a brunch at Hotel Monaco that involved lots of caviar and vintage Veuve– but she never slept with him. He must have spent hundreds of dollars on her and never got more than a kiss! The dude has no game.

  • Anonymous

    I am confused. Is the Dupont Circle Starbucks, or any Starbucks for that matter, not a “welcoming and safe environment for women, LGBTQ, and gender nonconforming people.”
    What is one misogynist, who appears to be more of a media creation than anything else, provoking all of this uproar?

    • Jessica Raven

      The management at Starbucks actually responded enthusiastically about making sure this space was welcoming and safe for everyone, despite any attempts to promote misogyny in this space.


  • BW

    “Safe Spaces” is code for stifling dissent

    • Maladjusted Stem Guy

      I agree, if by “dissent”, you mean “oppressing others”.

      • Kingman Park

        by “agree” do you mean “disagree”? There you go stifling dissent again.

        • Maladjusted Stem Guy

          sorry, and by that I mean not sorry ;)
          damnit… did it again

    • eggs

      Nervous because you’re discovering that no one agrees with your MRA beliefs?

  • Andy

    I only sort of follow what this is about, but I get the impression that someone with unsavory views (misogynist?) wants to go to the Dupont Starbucks and meet unsavory friends. The people who want safe spaces want him to not be there and are trying to get SBUX and PoP readers and others to help keep unsavory people from gathering there. Is that about right?

    If so, I support those who don’t like Unsavory Misogynist Man and his Unsavory Friends in rhe marketplace of ideas. But I don’t like the idea of shutting unsavory people out of a particular place to meet. Doesn’t everybody get to drink overpriced coffee and say stupid things to their friends?

    • Maladjusted Stem Guy

      It’s just a counterprotest. No one’s rights are being infringed.

      • AK

        If these counter-protesters had their way and if you found them in a moment of weakness/honesty, they would 1000% advocate for the infringement of rights of ppl they happen to disagree with (e.g. an ungodly amount of college campuses and their “free speech zones” … when academia is supposed to be a “marketplace of free ideas”).

        • Makhnovisti

          It’s only a free-speech violation if it’s the government shutting it down (prior restraint), or if people are being arrested or otherwise punished after the fact. Fascists (right-wing groups like this misogynist) should be confronted, with physical force if necessary. And yes, I’ve done it.

  • Jessica Raven

    CASS believes that everyone should feel safe while enjoying overpriced drinks.


  • andy

    OK. Counterprotests are fine with me. People are entitled to their seats and mochas but public displays of stupidity deserve public displays of other views.

  • IdiotRooshDouche

    Roosh is loser. He used to come to DC blogger happy hours when he was “DC Bachelor” and he was a loser with women back then too. He claims he quit his job to be a blogger, but it was RIGHT AFTER someone outed him to his company’s HR dept and they saw his rapey writings. You know that trope about internet trolls living in their Mom’s basements? Well, it’s litereally true with Douche.

    Also, why does he claim to be a microbiologist? Having a BA in pyschology doesn’t make you a psycologist, why do you think a BA in Biology makes you a biologist?

  • AK

    Huh?? What? As an apolitical individual myself with friends of eeeevery type, I find events like these profoundly mind-boggling. Anybody with even one iota of objectivity in their body in this town will have to tell you that maybe outside of certain less developed parts of town, that smokers and Republicans are an exponentially more discriminated group. And this was all in response to a cancelled event from one of the most stigmatized and laughed-at groups in America???

  • lilkunta

    what is this protest a counter protest to?
    too many letters..i know LGBTQ but what is LGBTQGNC ?

  • louc

    If there’s a women’s boxing club in DC, they might have the most effective counter to the “masculine men” meetup. http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/02/pro-rape-meet-up-canceled-over-safety-concerns.html


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