Looking Glass Lounge Temporarily Closes to Repair Damage after a Small Kitchen Fire

by Prince Of Petworth February 1, 2016 at 11:10 am 13 Comments

via Looking Glass Lounge’s Facebook page

Thanks to a reader for sending from Looking Glass Lounge (3634 Georgia Ave, NW) after they posted to their Facebook page on Saturday. We briefly spoke about the fire @PoPville when it first happened last Thursday. Updates when they reopen.

Ed. Note: Props to DCFD and thank God this wasn’t worse. This coulda been devastating on many levels.

  • Chris

    Oh no! I hope they return soon. Looking Glass is a neighborhood gem.

  • arf

    aren’t you supposed to write or say “slanging” drinks these days?

    • textdoc

      Slanging dranks, you mean?

      • arf


  • jdre

    Call me crazy, but if I owned a restaurant and the kitchen staff started a fire big enough to need to close to repair it — I wouldn’t go putting it all over a sign. Granted, their note doesn’t actually mention that it was a kitchen fire… but I’d just go with less information being the best PR in this case.

    • Jorge

      Their candor is a bit endearing.

    • madmonk28

      If they didn’t disclose the fire, people might engage in wild speculation as to why it was closed. It’s better to be honest.

      • jdre

        Fair enough. It’s a nit-picky thing anyway. I’d have gone with “kitchen remodel” or “kitchen upgrades” or something, but nbd. I was just thinking it doesn’t exactly scream “our kitchen is clean, and we have smoothe, safe, organized operations.” I guess everyone knows there was a fire, anyway.

        • CHGal

          A lot of times the real damage is done by the fire department (not to knock them, it’s what they have to do.) So it’s not really that “the kitchen staff started a fire big enough to need to close to repair it.”

          • jdre

            “A kitchen fire big enough that the fire department needed to be brought in”, then. It still doesn’t suggest an organized, smoothe running kitchen.

      • textdoc

        Agreed with madmonk28. Why lie and risk getting caught out? This news doesn’t make me less likely to go to Looking Glass. (I don’t go there often, but this news doesn’t make me say, “Well, I’m DEFINITELY not going there now.”)

    • Zach

      I was there. It was a small grease fire at the frier that was extinguished within a minute by the kitchen sprinkler system. I was the closest patron in the restaurant to the fire and I didn’t even get out my chair.

      Maybe the damage was from the sprinkler foam or somewhere I couldn’t see but frankly I’m surprised they’ve been closed this long.

      • Haha I was actually walking by when the fire fighters showed up and started running the hose inside. Zach’s comment makes it all make sense, but at the time, I was really confused that no one was leaving the building.


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