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  • vannessie

    Yesterday late afternoon the McDonald’s at Van Ness and Wisconsin had cleared out its parking lot and driveway but not the sidewalk running along Wisconsin Ave., which was really treacherous. More reason to hate them.

  • The OP Anon

    There were a few large, expensive, corporate-owned residential rental buildings in Adams Morgan that were not yet cleared by yesterday evening. That one next to the entrance of the Harris Teeter is just pathetic and so icy.
    Most well run buildings have done a great job – example: The Dorchester House at 16th/Kalorama. Their sidewalks and driveways are immaculate, very impressive considering the massive size of the property.

  • It doesn’t look like either business to the left or right is shoveled either, although it’s hard to tell based on the convenient cropping. This is more likely a building owner issue, not Apple as a tenant.

    • jcm

      Apple owns their building, so it’s their problem for sure.

      • Didn’t know that, well definitely poo on them then. Although that doesn’t change that the other stores appear to have no shoveled either.

        • jcm

          Yes, looks like that is Madewell to the north and Nine West to the south, and it doesn’t seem like they own their buildings.

          • ChillyDC

            OP: We walked all around Georgetown yesterday, on M Street and Wisconsin, as well as along residential streets. Things were remarkably well shoveled — much better than in prior years — probably because of the dozens of crews with shovels who were ringing doorbells. There were very few businesses that didn’t manage to clear their premises. This was one of the only stretches that required people to walk in the roadway. I was just surprised to see it; you’d think that Apple has plenty of money to hire someone to clear the walk. (Yes, Madewell and Nine West, too.)

  • stcohi

    I’d like to take the unpopular position of defending some of these buildings: Speaking from experience, some buildings’ contractors simply don’t come out on time, and when they do, may end up doing a haphazard job. Our building’s contractor did our walkway, but didn’t do the sidewalk. Why? Maybe miscommunication, maybe they were rushing, or maybe they just didn’t want to. Granted, responsibility is on the owner, but sometimes it’s just an unfortunate oversight.

    But I agree, McDonald’s sucks.

    • neighbor

      This happens every year, it’s not unexpected. Get someone who does the job right. It’s the same buildings that screw everyone every year.

    • spookiness

      Yes its landlords and building management. Where I am there are vacant spaces that have been cleared and are ship shape, but open businesses are not.

    • Anon

      I work in building management and our contractors didn’t show up… but we had two alternatives lined up. Our sidewalks were paved even when the main road (DC) wasn’t. If you’re a business these are things you know you’ll run into and you prepare for

  • neighbor

    Some current ones who are all perennial offenders:
    Pizza Hut at 9th and Upshur (open with parking shoveled but not walks).
    Wendy’s on GA Ave.
    Ministorage at Kansas and Upshur.
    Shell at GA and Upshur (open with parking shoveled but not walks).
    Church at Taylor and 9th.
    Church at Monroe and New Hampshire.
    Most of the business on the West side of GA North of Upshur.

    • slushy

      BP gas station at 14th and Euclid…

  • gilla

    Sure these businesses are bad, but the thing that irritates me the most is the sidewalks in front of public parks because of the sheer amount of sidewalk space around these parks. For example, that Park/traffic medium area at 16th and Columbia right by Mt. Pleasant. Is that the city’s job or the feds?

    • Eric

      Props to the city, or whoever cleared the sidewalks around the park at 8th and Taylor. They cleared all the sidewalks very well by mid-day Sunday.

    • Cassie

      I think it’s Park Service and they’re incapable of managing urban parks.

  • textdoc

    The ACE check-cashing place near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro was shoveling when I was out there this afternoon, but they’ve done a pretty pathetic job of it so far — they’ve cleared a path maybe 12 inches wide on the Georgia Avenue side, similar on the Rock Creek Church Road side, and are just now clearing a path to the street. Hmmph!

    • jcm

      I walked up Georgia to Yoga Heights today, and it’s really hit or miss. Credit where it’s due, though, Zuckerman was clearing the sidewalk in front of the vacant Murry’s store. I complain about them often enough that I feel I ought to point out when they do something good.
      I’m sorry to report that my block of Columbia has quite a few houses who haven’t shoveled. It really makes me angry to see how many able-bodied people just don’t bother. I saw one of my neighbors slip and fall on his own treacherous front steps, and even that wasn’t enough to inspire him to pick up a shovel and put in 30 minutes of work.

  • jumpingjack

    In Takoma DC/MD on Sunday there was excellent and timely sidewalk shoveling by (1) most of the small businesses that were closed due to snow, (2) small office buildings with no Sunday activities, Takoma Central/Busboys, (3) and a church with a lot of sidewalk that wasn’t holding services yesterday (and still did some of the best shoveling I’ve ever seen).
    No shoveling by: (1) CVS (open), (2) 7-11 (open), (3) Bank of America (ATMs in use); (4) Post Office.

  • I nominate industrial bank on Georgia in pet worth. They went ahead and hired a private company to plow, who proceeded to plow the banks parking lot clear and moved all of the snow into a huge wall of compacted snow into the alley and public street, completely blocking those who park in via the alley and making it almost impossible to shovel through. The best part is that also completely blocked anyone from being able to enter the bank parking lot without coming in the exit. Way to go!

  • DM

    I’d nominate two places: the Dance Institute of Washington on 14th Street, for being a terrible neighbor and shoveling a path directly from their front door to the intersection, but leaving all of the sidewalks around their building untouched. And The Shay, which left the whole Florida Avenue side in front of their vacant storefronts a sludgy mess as of yesterday evening.


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