• wdc

    Whereas none of the small streets in my neighborhood have been touched. The DC snow service map, or whatever it’s called, shows some smallish streets having been cleared repeatedly. Want to place bets on where the councilmembers and campaign donors live?

    • Uglybetty

      Live on 12th and S Street NW — not a single plow. Notified Bowser and Nadeau — said to be patient we are coming. Then I heard DWP chief say they are doing a new plowing strategy this time — perfecting areas of the city then moving on to others. Looked at Georgetwon on plow tracker and they have had so many plows it’s ridiculous. I’ll remember Brianne come election.

      • “Temperatures tend to be lower in upper Northwest, when compared to other parts of the city, which results in snow falling earlier there and reaching higher accumulations,” Olivia Walton Dedner, the communications director for the Office of the City Administrator, told DCist. “Light plow routes ring the District and are in Southeast and Northeast as well as upper Northwest.”
        Moreover, the map would only reflect the work of D.C. plows. “Due to the severity of this storm we have brought in hundreds of contractors from as far away as Indiana and Massachusetts who are not equipped with GPS that feed into our system,” she said.

  • Naima Tillings

    How does the plowing of alley’s work? I’m sure its last priority but is it expected that trucks will touch these this week?

    • Anon

      I don’t think they will plow alleys – they claim to not have the resources.

    • alleydweller

      plowing of alleys happens by shovel of the people who live there. in other words, DC doesn’t plow alleys.

      • Naima Tillings

        I just found this regarding DC’s policy on alleys and snow so you are right. Its from 2009 but I’m assuming the policy hasn’t change: http://dpw.dc.gov/release/district-snow-officials-remind-residents-alley-policy

        I’m still questioning the fact that the alley is city property so why wouldn’t they plow? Being “difficult and labor intensive” seems like a horrible excuse (though, not a surprising one).

        • The OP Anon

          The alleys are icy and narrow. Plows would not fit in many alleys, many plows would get stuck, and all they would do is just pile snow in front of parking pads into massive mountains. There’s literally no where for the snow to go in an alley. It needs to be dug out by hand and the snow piled into strategic locations. It’s a sensible policy.

          • Naima Tillings

            There were narrow trucks on my street yesterday that seemed much smaller than the garbage and recycling trucks that travel alleys on a regular basis. They were also literally picking up the snow on my street then traveling down the block to dump it. It took them about 10 minutes to do the whole street (I was impressed and actually recorded it on my phone). Why couldn’t this process also involve the alley?

            Just saying….Where there is will, there is a way…its not impossible. They just won’t is the excuse I’ve accepted. Fair.

          • anonymous

            Fun fact: the streets of DC are still not cleared. If you add alleys to the list of things to plow, it would almost double. That is why the city can’t plow them. Everyone needs to do their part.

          • Naima Tillings

            Got my alley plowed tonight (as did the two neighboring alleys behind me). Woo hoo! They actually didn’t show up until 9 pm tonight. Random. Guess there’s some faith to be had in all this mess….

          • Naima Tillings

            Also my Commissioner sent out the following in his nightly briefing (others may want to check with their own ANC):

            “The DC Snow Team has consistently told us that this cleaning process will continue throughout the week. They anticipate getting to alleys after they have cleared the residential and side streets, which may not be until later this week (in approx 2-3 days).”

        • textdoc

          I too think the city ought to plow alleys, but I’m resigned to the reality that they don’t.

          • JohnH

            The quality of alleys varies dramatically. Some are flat and fairly wide, some are very, very narrow. Some are in good shape, some are incredibly uneven. There’s also much more “debris” in alleys.
            You can screw up a plow pretty easily. Doubt they’d risk it. If you have a parking spot back there, I’d suggest parking on the street prior to a storm if you’re going to be in a hurry to get out.

        • anonymous

          Sidewalks are also city property, but the owner is required to shovel. The alley behind my house isnperfectly clear because I shoveled it…now if only my neighbors would do the same…

    • The OP Anon

      No plowing the alleys. PoP addressed this last year. Shovels, snowblowers, neighbors, and lots of booze get the job done. Enjoy today’s nice weather and get to work!

    • Anonamom

      Unless someone changes their mind this year, DC does not plow alleys. As I recall from last year, the biggest issue will be the trash and recycling pickup. We went a few weeks last year without until they finally told us to put the cans in the front (and you do have to wait for official word for this).
      To mitigate this, we have chosen to either park on the street or park elsewhere for the duration of the storm, recognizing that the alley and parking pad will basically be off limits for a while.

      • el

        you should still help dig out the portion of your alley in the back of your house, even if you aren’t actively using it. it would make it a lot easier if every house helped, but it always ends up being just a few people doing an entire alley :(

        • Anonamom

          I completely agree with you here. Unfortunately, in my case, I share an alley with elderly folks (who I would never expect to help with that kind of shoveling). I am mid-block, so even if I shovel my spot, there’s much more that can’t/won’t get done.

    • BlueStreak

      How could one get your alley cleared if you don’t have hours to shovel. Can I hire a plow company? I think it isn’t allowed in some places, but I am not sure here.

  • ugh

    Nah, no props to the plows from me.
    Is there a secondary black market for salt/beet juice /whatever ice melt dpw is supposed to use? Why did i see so many dpw plows plowing but with the salt thing in the back closed? If they salted as they plowed there wouldnt be so many iced over roads.

  • annoyed

    As long as he isn’t just dumping it on the sidewalk! We came out our front door to see our nicely shoveled sidewalk competely full again because a plow dumped the snow from the bus stop right onto the sidewalk. There is no way to actually access the bus stop.

    There was a perfectly good spot to dump it a mere 20 feet from the bus stop too.

    Thank goodness for neighbors with snow blowers or my husband would have been shoveling for hours.

  • rj

    It would be great if this plow could come a few blocks down to 9th Street NE which hasn’t been plowed at all.


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