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Restaurant and Bars to Drink and Eat Today and Through the Weekend (Knock Wood)

by Prince Of Petworth January 22, 2016 at 10:30 am 38 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user James Leathers

Ed. Note: Li Ho Food is no longer open. RIP

The following restaurants/bars will be open/have specials during SnoWayOut (I’ll update the list as/if things change):

DC Reynolds (Georgia and Princeton Pl, NW): “#BOGO shall commence at Noon.”

KBC (11th and Park Rd, NW): “Get drunk, stay off the roads, teledrink instead of telework. We do have WiFi if people want to pretend to work. Open at noon”

Purple Patch ( 3155 Mt Pleasant St NW): “open today starting at 1 pm and will be having happy hour until 8 pm and will be open for brunch Saturday and Sunday.”

El Chucho (3313 11th St NW) at 11am
Bar Charley ( 1825 18th St NW) at 10am
Slash Run (201 Upshur St NW) at 11am
Quarry House (8402 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring) at noonish

“El Chucho, Bar Charley, Slash Run, and Quarry House will be open no matter what the weather, as long as we have power!”

Brookland Pint (716 Monroe ST, NE):

“Our snow day specials are as follows:

•10% off for every foot of recorded snow. This will apply to your entire bill.
•an additional $1 off “hot adult beverages” for every 6 inches of recorded snow.
•snowman building contest on our patio (Saturday). You may use whatever props you wish. We are a family restaurant so nothing obscene and no unattended alcohol as a prop. Kids division (under 12) is judged at 4PM, adults division will be judged at 5 PM. $150 gift card goes to each division winner!”

“Snow or no snow, BISTRO BOHEM IS OPEN! (600 Florida Ave NW)
And better yet, Happy Hour starts at 11am!

Bartender snowmageddon special: Spicy Gigner Cider”

On H Street, NE:

“The pug, argonaut, Queen Vic, little miss whiskies, and rock and roll hotel are all doing some variation of a dollar off per 6 inches up to 18 inches Friday night. Country Club gonna be doing Saturday specials. As well. (If it’s a glorified rain storm, the Pug doing a dollar off drafts all Saturday).”

The Ugly Mug (723 8th St SE) will be open regular hours over the weekend

Fri 11am – 3am
Sat 11am – 3am
Sun 11am – 2am

$4 Snow Storm Drink Specials All Weekend Long

Friday Night Stoli Specials / Pizza Roll Special
Saturday Night Jack Daniels Specials
Sunday Football Specials including $4 Miller Lite & Coors Light / $5 Blue Moon”

Toki Underground:
Closed All Weekend Starting Tonight (5pm), Open for Lunch

Open All Weekend at 9am
Maketto will be serving Toki Underground’s menu AND Maketto’s menu Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All day and all night.


Maketto’s coffee shop and retail store are both open (retail store is having a 50% off snow sale.)”

All Cafe Deluxe ( Cathedral Heights/Wisconsin Ave; Tysons Corner; Bethesda and M Street/West End) and Tortilla Coast Locations (Capitol Hill and Logan Circle) will be open. We will be featuring Happy Hour all day Friday while we’re open!”

Urbana Dining & Drinks
2121 P Street, NW

“Specials: $5 margherita pizzas, $7 Urbana boilermaker (shot of Fernet on tap and a Peroni), $7 moonshot (hot cocktail) starting at 3pm on Friday & Saturday.”

1310 New Hampshire Ave, NW

“Specials: $5 soup & grilled cheese, $5 hot cocktail of the day, Friday 4-7pm & Saturday 4-6pm”

Poste Moderne Brasserie
555 8th Street, NW


-Offering “Clicquot in the Snow!” ($15 Veuve Clicquot by the glass) whenever it’s snowing this weekend

-Offering Happy Hour all day Saturday and Sunday

-Offering $6 Frites, $10 Burgers, and Chef Kyoo’s Rustic Chicken Noodle Soup for $6 on Sunday from 2-5pm”

Jetties’ “$6 Snow Day Sammies”: UPDATE: All Jetties locations will CLOSE at 3:00pm on Friday, January 22. All locations will remain CLOSED on Saturday, January 23. Each location (EXCEPT Penn Quarter) will reopen on Sunday, January 24 at 11:00am.

Surfside Taco Stand Open: UPDATE: Surfside Taco Stand in Dupont is open all day Friday, January 22. The location will CLOSE at 4:00am on Saturday morning, January 23, and will remain CLOSED on Saturday, January 23. Surfside Taco Stand will reopen at 11:00am on Sunday, January 24. ”

Due South “Six Dollar Snow Daze”: Due South, is offering food and drink deals, priced at $6 each all day. $6 specials include:
● Hot Texas-Style Beef Chili
● Spiked Apple Cider
● Hot Toddy
● Snow White Russian
● Dark ‘N Stormy
In addition to the $6 Snow Daze Specials, Due South will offer beer bucket specials during the NFL playoff games on Sunday, January 24.
Due South is located at 301 Water Street Southeast, in the Lumber Yards building adjacent to Yards Park.”

#Snowmageddon2016 at The Black Squirrel

When it snows, we’re open. The hearty folks at The Black Squirrel have not missed a snow day since opening in 2007, and this year is no exception. Here are The Black Squirrel #Snowmageddon2016 hours and food and drink specials:

Friday, Jan, 22nd: Open at 12 noon., Close at 3 a.m.
Saturday, Jan. 23rd: Open at 11 a.m., Close at 3 a.m.
Sunday, Jan. 24th: Open at 11 a.m., Close at 2 a.m., Live Music in the Tap Room starting at 7 p.m.
Monday, Jan. 25th: Open at 11 a.m. if OPM closes the federal government

#Snowmageddon2016 Specials:

Grilled Cheese, Soup, and Salad: Your choice of tomato, chili, or potato soup.
Ginger Hot Toddys
Spiked Hot Cocoa

Both main floor and the Tap Room will be open for extended day-time hours on Friday and Saturday.

The Black Squirrel
2427 18th Street NW”

  • loganhc

    Do all these places just have employees within walking distance? With all public transportation shut down and driving likely treacherous I hope they are considering their employees’ safety…

    • c_petworth


    • The OP Anon

      I’m thinking they do. I hope bar/restaurant owners would poll their employees and see who is able to get to work safely. Obvious public transportation and cars won’t be running starting tonight. A lot of service staff I know live in Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Heights, and Petworth. That’s easily walkable to many of these places if they’re youthful and mobile.

    • skj84

      I would assume so. I worked in a hotel restaurant during 2010 Snowmageddon and 2014. I ended up staying in the hotel for almost a week in 2010. I had coworkers who lived closer who would walk to work. And the case of our bad ass sous chef, snowboard.

    • Two things to consider: Most of the places listed don’t require a huge amount of staff to operate. A bartender and maybe some cooks in the back if they even serve food. And secondly these folks don’t get paid leave, telework, etc, they have to show up to get money, and for them a Saturday would be a normal work day, not a day off like it would for non-service industry folks. I suppose if they couldn’t get in to work their employers should obviously give them a pass, but many of them need every paycheck they can get, especially if they can capitalize on other businesses being closed.

    • Ward One Resident

      Many of the places I know are making arrangements (Air BnB, friends) for their staff that don’t live within reasonable walking distance.

    • Anon Spock

      The places I’ve worked didn’t consult anyone. You’re expected to be there on threat of firing if not. Management usually lives close, so they don’t have that issue.

      • skj84

        Or way out in Virginia and expect someone to lead in thier place. Not that I have any experiance with that..

  • abartenderswife

    Many of the bars and restaurants along 14th St and U St are planning on being open. The few places that I’ve heard about have not consulted with their employees to see who is able to get to work safely. My husband is expecting to be stuck at work for the weekend and is taking a sleeping bag in with him when he goes to work today. I personally think that it is ridiculous that these establishments are putting the value of $$ above the safety of their employees. Not to mention that it is just encouraging people to be out and about in what is predicted to be “the storm of the generation”.

    • skj84

      That really sucks. I’m sorry your husband has to come out in the weather. I would hope managment would be more empathetic about people being able to get in and out. It’s one thing for a bar to be staffed with volunteers, it’s another to just expect people to find a way in. The bottom line is not worth staff’s safety.

    • The OP Anon

      That really, really sucks.
      I plan on spending a lot of time at The Black Squirrel today and tomorrow :)

  • Pandamonium

    I work at an establishment that is committed to being open during the snow storm because they think the city is overreacting. I’m not taking a sleeping bag with me because when I get off my shift tonight I plan to go home and sleep in my bed. If I can’t get into work safely tomorrow, I’ll take the $100 hit in lost wages and call off.

    If you are an employee at one of DC’s fine water holes: if you do not feel you can safely get to work, don’t put yourself or others at risk.

    If you are the manager or the owner of one of these fine DC watering holes: consider the risk you are putting your employees, vendors, AND customers in by staying open.

    • petworther

      I like that some places stay open, but I really hope that it’s because they have local employees who can walk to work. I plan on stopping by an open bar sometime this weekend, if there were anywhere I knew were forcing employees to abandon their families or travel in dangerous conditions I would definitely not go.

      • Pandamonium

        I forgot to mention, I live 4 miles away and am expected to show up tomorrow…I suspect most (not all but most) of the employees can’t afford to live in condos and apartments that dot the 14th Street/U Street corridors and hence have a 2-5 mile commute as well…

        • petworther

          4 miles is borderline. Frankly 2 miles seems like a completely reasonable about to walk.
          It would be awesome if we could get a list of places that don’t require staff to come so we know where we can drink ethically during the storm.

          • DM

            That’s 2 miles *in a blizzard.*

      • Dan

        Except for the “abandon their families” part, sure.

        I “abandon my family” for about 10 hours 5 days a week. I “rediscover my family” around 6pm each day.

      • FormerWaiter

        Yeah, but if you bail on those bars, then the staff would still be stuck there AND not be getting any tips. There’s a good time for some public shaming of owners. This weekend, show some love on the bartenders, even (or especially) the ones who don’t want to be there. The “abandoned” families will be even happier when their loved one hikes back home with a wad of your cash.

  • PoPOverWork

    Any word on Lous, Acre, or the Raven? I haven’t been to Purple Patch, but it looks like that might be my destination this weekend!

    • Lou’s City Bar will be open for the weekend! Once the snow begins we’ll have $7 Hot Toddies & Irish Coffees plus $4 beers (Sam Adams, Flying Dog, Heavy Seas and more) all weekend while the snow falls. And of course we’ll have the NFC and AFC Championship games (and all other sports) on TV. Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter for weather opening and closing updates.
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/louscitybar
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/louscitybar

    • Acre 121 is on schedule to open at 5pm today. Brave the storm and warm up with hot drink specials all weekend long! We’ll have $5 Hot Toddies and $7 House-made Spiked Cider from open Friday till close Sunday. Join us for Weekend Brunch Saturday and Sunday starting at 10:30am including $18 Bottomless Mimosas. And Save The Date for Sunday’s Snowtastrophe Snowball Showdown at Malcolm X / Meridian Hill Park with pre- and post-game here and Happy Hour ALL day! http://www.acre121.com/events/6869-2/

      Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter for opening/closing updates due to weather.

  • Joe

    Wonder how much Poste’s boilermakers are…

    • anon7

      haha! Right. I’m sure they’ll be on special.

  • ted

    I definitely plan to embiggen some waiters’ tip jars this weekend.

  • Jamie from Crisp Kitchen + Bar here. Our plan is to be open at 5pm today for our $5 Happy Hour and normal dinner service…HOWEVER…all our staff know we will base our hours on the safety of them and our customers. If we can be open we will be open – possibly even extended hours over the weekend. If it’s dangerous we will close early.

  • M

    I have a part time bartending gig in Arlington and live in DC. The owner booked 2 hotels rooms for staff (1 for males, 1 for females) across the street. I have mixed feelings about the gesture but I doubt I’ll be leaving DC to make my Saturday and Sunday morning shifts. My safety and the safety of others is more important than a little extra cash.

  • AntiAlias

    If you’re in Foggy Bottom, there’s Tonic on 21st and G. I was just talking to one of the bartenders and they’ll be open all weekend.

  • BOGO

    If you are in Park View…

    Bravo Bar (2917 Georgia Ave NW) will be open at 5pm – Happy Hour and BOGO start right away. Just talked to the owner Mike and they will be ready to go.

  • Dan

    Slash run front door open but inner door locked. 2:43PM. I’m standing outside.

    • Dan

      Hitching Post FTW

  • CHGal

    Wonderland is open, and is rockin’!

  • Martiniyogini

    Ted’s Bulletin on 8th St is open all weekend. They said the one on 14th St is also open and they are paying for hotel rooms for employees.

  • dennynova

    Nellie’s Sports Bar with Beat the clock specials.

  • CP

    Pub and the People (North Cap and R St NW) will be open today and this weekend too- kitchen is up and running; there is wifi and the drinks are plentiful.

  • KHDC

    Solly’s front bar and kitchen are open tonight and all weekend.

  • JimDC

    Crazy that this list doesn’t mention Stoney’s in Logan Circle – that place is renowned for being open in all Snowpocalypses. They have a sign on their front door declaring they will be open all weekend. See you there.

  • Captain Cookie in Foggy Bottom is open today, but only our employees who live on campus, ie a block away, will be working. I agree on not making people commute in to work if they’re at risk.

  • Shaw Local

    Ran into one of the owners of Chaplin’s on 9th and P shoveling the sidewalk earlier today. They are open with 50% off drink specials. He’s been going around in an SUV picking up his employees to make sure they are safe and even put some of them up in a hotel last night.


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