• occupant

    holy crap!

    • Chris


  • mwmp

    hey- everyone’s gotta go!

  • sproc

    Not surprising (OK, maybe just a little). I poked around the Chinatown location last Sunday. It took a bit to realize, but I’m all but certain the liquidation company is seeding the store with all sorts of flea market grade merchandise (super cheap sweatshirts, etc) as other stock runs out. It was nice that it didn’t have that picked over and empty look, but it pretty much meant that a rack with one XXXL Patagonia jacket was sharing space with stuff that was no better than what you can get at Walmart (at similar prices).

    • EXemployee

      Worked there and you are dead on

    • Truxton Thomas

      Interesting. For a minute I thought they were selling the TP from the employee bathrooms.

      • ex Employee

        Lol they were. Its not like they imported that to sell it. Thats the overstock that was outback


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