“I was surprised to learn today that Vision Zero means police cars parking on the sidewalk in the middle of Chinatown.”

by Prince Of Petworth December 17, 2015 at 1:02 pm 14 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

For those not familiar:

“This morning, Mayor Muriel Bowser was joined by Department of Transportation (DDOT) Director Leif Dormsjo, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and other city officials to release the “Vision Zero” Action Plan – the District’s s plan to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries to people walkers, bikers and drivers by 2024.

“Vision Zero is our strategic roadmap to eliminate fatalities and injuries on District streets by 2024,” said Mayor Bowser. “But this is just the first step. Now that we have a smart plan, we will make the necessary changes to our street network so that residents, workers and visitors can safely navigate our great city.”

The Vision Zero Action Plan is the result of an extensive planning process involving 30 government agencies, community groups and residents. The plan places a high priority on making safety improvements and refining how the city monitors and addresses hazardous street conditions. During the planning process, residents reported more than 4,500 hazardous locations. Those sites can now be mapped along with historical crash data to inform the District’s engineering, education, and enforcement efforts.

“Protecting vulnerable travelers through speed reduction is a strong theme through our Action Plan,” said DDOT Director Leif Dormsjo. “Through extensive public outreach and collaboration, we are taking our first step towards realizing a ‘Vision Zero’ where no lives are lost on our streets or at our intersections. Together, we will make the District a safer place to live and travel through.”

Widespread public feedback has confirmed some of the root causes of severe traffic crashes in the District. 45 percent of residents surveyed knew someone who had been killed or seriously injured in a crash. Across all eight wards, residents also advised that their primary concerns are speeding drivers, distracted drivers, and people ignoring traffic signals.

The Action Plan was released at 10th and Maryland Avenue NE, where earlier this year DDOT installed a new traffic signal and other safety features to help families cross the street to access School Within School, a DCPS public school.

From the beginning of this year through December 10th, 24 people have lost their lives in traffic crashes. The Action Plan outlines the strategies, timeframes, and agencies responsible for implementing programs to improve traffic safety regardless of where or how travelers move throughout the District. The plan serves as the playbook for the first years of the initiative and incorporates legislative and regulatory proposals already released by the Administration.”

  • Patrick Division

    Vision Zero; it’s Bowserific!! And the name is wholly indicative of her understanding of DC citizens’ needs.

  • SWDC

    aptly named….”zero vision”.

  • angela

    well, wasn’t someone just complaining that the police are no where in sight? well…………

  • Jobe

    Literally not surprised at all to learn this

  • Eckington-ist

    I walked by this exact car just prior to the lunch hour and it had battery cables connected to the Vision Zero. No sure, which was jumping which, but it was an interesting sight to be sure. There were also MD State Patrol vehicles present as well.

  • Anon

    The cops are genius – just block everyone.
    No cars, no pedestrians, no bikes = zero deaths.

  • elbeech

    I’m genuinely glad the Mayor is taking some action, but doesn’t the time frame imply that we ARE willing to tolerate pedestrian, cyclist, (and driver) deaths for the next 8 years??

    • Tim

      If you read the vision zero report (http://files.greatergreaterwashington.org/files/2015/vzplan.pdf#page=12) at the end it lists action items and their due dates. The latest I would find was October of 2017. I think the plan to get to zero deaths is what we are waiting 8 year for. But my natural pessimistic instincts say that the likelihood of getting to zero deaths in infinity years is never going to happen either.

  • Anonymouse

    Maybe Popville could reach out to MPD about this photo? To see a police car parked on a sidewalk is pretty rare; I’m as skeptical of MPD as the next informed citizen, but I would assume it’s there for a decent reason.

  • lolz

    maybe we can get DDOT to remove the police car from the sidewalk. lol


    • Sydney P

      Steps away, at 4th and G NW, the FoP has a tent up, breaching way out into the sidewalk. No permits, no apologies. Presumably it helps cops drink more, and walk even fewer steps from their illegally parked cars around the FBI Field Office and Judiciary Square.

  • DRC

    How exactly is that fancy, new police truck supposed to stop distracted drivers from running over cyclists and pedestrians?

  • Shaw

    We’ve had 24 traffic related deaths this year in DC. As a result, Council and the Mayor are releasing a comprehensive plan to deal with it – including 100 new traffic cameras and a $1000 fine for going above the speed limit in a school zone to be enforced 24/7. Meanwhile, we’ve had 155 homicides to date this year in DC, which represents a 60% increase over last year, as well as an increase in armed robberies. Where is the comprehensive plan to deal with this? Where are the insane fines, new cameras, and 24/7 enforcement areas to go after the District’s rising violent crime rate?

    • Edgewood



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