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“City Market at O had Two Stove fires in 2 months”

by Prince Of Petworth December 23, 2015 at 1:10 pm 35 Comments

Andrew tweets us the photo above Dec. 20th “Fire at City Market at O”

A reader reports:

“-The fire department has come twice to put out a fire on the 2nd floor and the 7th floor of building 800 P Street NW.

-Both fires were started because something caught on fire on the stove because the tenants were not aware the stove had turned on

-The stoves are electric and have no safety lock. You can see pictures of the stoves on the City Market at O gallery page on the website. And you can see the layout of the apartments on the website too. The kitchen is in the hallway making it even easier to walk by and bump the knobs when walking by because the halls are so narrow.

-Management has been informed by residents that they have had things catch on fire on the stove because they are not aware that it has turned on and that something needs to be done to make them safer but to date they have not done anything to remedy this problem. They received this noticed after the first time the fire department came in November and did nothing and now the fire department came this Sunday and they still have not said anything to the residents or done anything.

-The sprinklers this Sunday and at least a foot of water filled several of the apartments on the 7th floor of 800 P Street NW causing water damage.”


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