• Up,Sure!

    “Bub, Pop, my fellow Americans, today, for your unprecedented public service of tenaciously crafting the most tasty sandwiches, in a city I have been lucky enough to call home for the past seven years, I confer upon you both the Medal of Freedom. Now slide me another order of that onion dip.” _POTUS

    • Up,Sure!

      Woops. Apologies. Did not see the previous articles about the active shooter. Sorry for the inappropriate guess as to what might be happening.

  • ChipLohmiller

    I usually work near 21st and M St. and our building is halfway locked down now – you can’t get there by car and the garage is blocked, but apparently pedestrians are able to get into the office building. I am luckily offsite today but even if I were supposed to be at the main office I wouldn’t risk it.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    My biggest concern is that every single police resource in the District of Columbia appears to be sitting around downtown within the blocked off area. Good luck if you need the police somewhere else. And yes, I know it’s likely a bit of an exaggeration on my part, but I’ve never seen anything like it.

    • wdc

      I made the same comment to my colleagues this morning. Looked like gridlock on the *closed* street in front of my building, but it was all cop cars.

  • Anon

    Count 31 police vehicles outside my window. Corner of 19&M – and I can’t see down M street in either direction, and can’t see more than 3/4 or so of a block in either direction down 19th street.

  • Count Pheasant

    MPD tweeted that the situation was resolved more than 5 hours ago so it’s got me increasingly anxious that this level of response continues. I am absolutely not a conspiracy theorist but it feels like there’s more to this than they’re telling us.

    • Anonymous

      No, MPD said the subject was barricaded/contained 5 hours ago. The tweeted about 4 or 5 minutes ago that they just now have the person in custody.

      • Count Pheasant

        Thanks. I was mistaking “subject contained” to mean “subject in custody.”


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