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  • I have not been to the Columbia Heights Chick-Fil-A, but I can say the one in Crystal City has staff with iPads walk the line and take orders, so that when you get to the register you pay and your order is pretty much ready. I’m surprised more of the extremely popular fast casual joints don’t employ this method of crowd control.

    • domrep

      They have something like this at Columbia Heights but it’s hand written. I’m a little surprised there’s still a line out the door a week after opening. The one in Silver Spring is always busy but never to the point where you’re outside waiting in line.

      • jim_ed

        The one in Silver Spring is the exception rather than the rule then. The one in Rockville still has lines 20 deep at most points in the day, and the one in Fairfax has drive thru traffic that spills out into the road and impedes traffic.

        • SWChick

          +1 to the one in Rockville. I would walk a mile and a half from my office and still stand in line for 10 mins because “There was no chickfila in DC” lol Sidenote- The one in Silver Spring has THEE WORST customer service in all the land. Didn’t even think that was possible at Chick fila.

  • MK32

    Honestly, like most places in the city, I think it’s just a matter of what time you go. I grabbed a quick dinner there last week around 8pm and walked right in without waiting in line. And I walk by there frequently and don’t see a line during off-hours.

  • Colin

    Just me or has the opening of this place coincided with a notable drop in the lines at the Chipotle across the street?

    • domrep

      Not just you, I reckon the fast food places on this block will be affected.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      I think that putting E. coli on the menu has had an effect on business. Business is drastically down at the Chipotle near me.

  • MCR

    This may have to do with the fact that they gave out vouchers for a free meal at the Wizard’s game Tuesday night.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    Remember the people who predicted a Chick-fil-a wouldn’t do well in DC? LOLOLOL.

  • Emily

    I walk by here regularly in the morning. What’s a good breakfast?

  • petworther

    This makes no sense to me. Wether you want to enjoy a chicken sandwhich for lunch or you just support bigotry, I can think of less time consuming ways of doing both.


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