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You, Sir, Are My Hero Vol. 4

Photo by PoPville flickr user District Shots

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“While on Third Street NW waiting to turn onto NY Ave by 395, I noticed something that is sadly typical. A driver lowered his window and proceeded to throw an empty water bottle onto the street. I proceeded to roll my eyes, mutter under-breathe curses towards said driver and wonder why nothing ever happens to people that litter, despite the ample signs warning of nominal fines.

As I crept up 3 feet and stopped for the 15 second light, something unusual happened. My hero of the day arrived on the scene. A man wearing a DCFD shirt got out of the drivers’ side of his car and proceeded towards the litterbug’s car. Without any words exchanged, Mr. DCFD shirt picked up the bottle and threw it back in the litterbug’s vehicle. He then strode back to his car and I flashed him the thumbs up sign of approval.

Though the litterbug unsurprisingly threw the bottle back out on the street, Mr. DCFD shirt stood up for those of us that wish we could take the action he took. And, that’s why this gentleman is my hero of the day.”

You can see previous nominees here. Should you spot a quiet act of heroism along these lines please do send an email with a brief description and the neighborhood where it was witnessed to [email protected] or tweet @PoPville.

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