Washington, DC

1120 19th Street, NW

Olivia’s opened up in July in the former G Street Food space just south of Dupont. Their website sounds awesome:

“Two dudes. Best friends. Sitting beachside 22 years ago with a dream of opening a diner together. Name of the restaurant was easy to pick since it’s the daughter and God-daughter of these two dudes. Olivia.

We have absolutely no idea what we are doing. But here we are. And we have found our love and passion…food and more food! Finding fresh and local produce & meat and turning into a culinary masterpiece is what we do. Creating home made dishes with simple ingredients. Nothing fancy, nothing foo-foo…just delicious food.


You can see their menus here.

Anyone check them out yet?

And the inside looks pretty sweet too:

olivia inside
via Olivia’s Facebook page


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