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Metro: We Feel Your Pain, “SmarTrip credit to all riders using Smartrip on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines today”

by Prince Of Petworth August 7, 2015 at 3:37 pm 10 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Beau Finley

Wow, can’t say I remember this happening! From WMATA:

“Metro Interim General Manager/CEO Jack Requa today announced the issuance of a SmarTrip credit to all riders using Smartrip cards who traveled on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines today.

Each rider who used a SmarTrip card to enter and exit the system and traveled on the Blue, Orange or Silver lines between the hours of 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. today will automatically receive a credit on their card for the fare they were charged at the gates. Qualifying riders will receive the credit on their SmarTrip card early next week when they tap their card at a Metro faregate or fare machine.

The credits will be processed automatically to SmarTrip cards, no action is required by customers to receive the credit.

“We absolutely understand the frustration among our Blue, Orange and Silver line customers,” said Metro Interim General Manager/CEO Jack Requa, who regularly commutes on the Orange line. “Given the significant service disruptions that inconvenienced riders over multiple commutes this week, we are taking this step to thank everyone for bearing with us. I also offer a sincere apology to everyone who was inconvenienced.”

The Blue, Orange and Silver lines were disrupted yesterday due to a derailment of a non-passenger train outside Smithsonian Station. During the morning, buses replaced trains between McPherson Square and Federal Center SW stations. That was followed by single tracking through the afternoon and evening that resulted in lengthy delays for many riders.

This morning, Orange and Silver line service was disrupted due to a loss of third-rail power on the inbound track outside East Falls Church Station. The passengers aboard a Silver Line train in the area without power had to be assisted by emergency responders to East Falls Church Station. Rail service was suspended for approximately 30 minutes and then followed by single tracking until just before noon.

Paper farecards, used by less than 10 percent of all riders, do not qualify for the travel credit.”

  • CPT_Doom

    Wait, so the derailment was yesterday and today was a power outage and only people who traveled today get the credit? That doesn’t seem right (glad I walk to work).

    • Caroline

      Yeah, I was wiped out yesterday’s metro commutes and decided to drive today.
      (envious that you can walk to work!)

      • Caroline

        …and if they’re really being fair, Red Line riders should get a discount every day since they usually have to deal with some kind of problem. We blue/orange/silver line riders have it good, relatively speaking.

    • CVR

      I was coming here to say just this. A bunch of my coworkers drove in today or took the bus because of the debacle, yet they were stuff in that mess yesterday. Now they don’t get a credit? How is that fair. I bet ridership was down today and they lose less money with this tactic but can still pat themselves on the back about how much they care…

      • CVR

        *they were stuck in that mess

      • Jed

        And fewer people work on Fridays anyway, especially in the summer… I guess this tactic is to reward the poor souls who have no commuting options besides Metrorail.

  • FoggyBoy

    Can I get a credit for each day that one of the two escalators at the Foggy Bottom station has been dismantled? They seem to go back and forth between the two, dismantling and reconstructing them over and over and over and over and over…

  • melanie

    I stopped using metro about 4 years ago, and metro validates my decision almost on a daily basis. What a useless system its become.

  • jdegg

    No complaints about WMATA giving me back money today.

  • El

    Started taking the bus for the first time yesterday and never looking back!


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