H Street Organic Market Going Out of Business – Last Day Likely Monday or Tuesday

by Prince Of Petworth August 2, 2015 at 10:22 pm 15 Comments

806 H Street, NE

H Street Organic Market only opened up in the former Z Mart space after many months of anticipation back in June of last year. In February a car crashed through their front window. And now they’ll be closing early this week. Thanks to all who emailed. Updates when we learn who takes over the space.


  • brookland_rez

    Sad but I’m not surprised. I went in when they first opened and half the produce was moldy. Here’s looking forward to the Whole Foods opening!

    • +1 no surprise. They also never had prices for anything on the shelves.

  • Jamin Jimmy

    Wasn’t a fan of this place. The inventory wasn’t what I expected from an organic market. You could probably get most of what they sold down the street at the Giant.

  • ere

    Have to say, I predicted this on day one… :(

  • Anonymous

    Good. I went in twice, and regretted it both times. As Jamin Jimmy said, the stock was mostly the same as the Giant, but twice the price. It also didn’t have the friendly vibe that most of the Yes! markets have. On top of that, it really irked me that they didn’t see the need to replace the window after that car hit it. Have some respect for your role as a business in a transitioning neighborhood. We don’t need any more boarded up storefronts.

    • dh

      i imagine they did not have the money to fix it. oh well. we’ll have whole foods soon enough.

      • Anonymous

        They would have the money if they operated in a way that made people want to shop there. That’s the funny thing about overcharging people… it doesn’t usually give you more money in the long run.

  • Neighbor

    It seems I am the 7th person to come here to point out the obvious.

  • Bob

    8th and H NE is a horrible corner too. Always seems to be people loitering and causing trouble.

  • quincy

    I have become a huge fan of Mom’s — the Ivy City store is incredible – it may be limited stock, but very high quality and prices. I think Mom’s would do great in many DC neighborhoods as a Whole Foods alternative.

    • brookland_rez

      Mom’s is easily the best grocery store in NE. The produce is a little limited but they have most of what you need.

  • Psychic

    Rite Aid will be moving into this space. You don’t realize how big the sqft is, as there is a downstairs too.

    • Sa

      Gosh, I really hope that Rite Aid IS NOT moving in there. A Walgreens would be good but RiteAid is really just so awful… Surely it would only bring more concentrated loitering etc to the 8th and H corner. RiteAid at H St Connection has been nothing but a scary little place. None of my neighbors would ever go there. I will continue going to the CVS at 6th and H…

      • Neighbor

        I am your neighbor and I often go there. The entrance sometimes smells like urine, but there is absolutely nothing scary about the store, as you suggest. Surprisingly enough, the loiterers who often hang around the “scary little place,” even open the door for me!

  • ringtail

    I went in just once, right after it opened. Same comments as others have made – no prices posted, not much of a selection. I think the arrival of While Foods would have killed it eventually. I wonder if this store was self or family financed. Hard to believe a bank would have given them a loan with Whole Foods on the way.

    Re the sadly accurate comment re the derelict corner of H and 8th – maybe the demolition and construction to come will force the loiterers to move. I can dream … Even if not, I doubt that the new owners of the retail and commercial complex to be built will put up with the bad crowd that corner attracts. Bad for business.

    Anyone know what happened to the owner of the furniture store on 8th and H who bailed on his lease partly because of the loiterers? I was one of the people who though that his venture was ill-advised in that location. He was looking for people to back him up about conditions. He was right about the conditions but he should have seen them before committing to that space.


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