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  • Anonymous

    It…could use some work. Very threadbare. Also, there are no prices on anything! That alone prevented me from buying anything.

    • Maybe it was all free on the first day? :)

  • I haven’t had an opportunity to go in yet, but I wonder how a small organic market like this will do once Whole Foods is ready to go mere blocks away. I guess there’s still time, but between that and the new Giant down the road, I think it’ll be difficult for it to survive. Capitol Hill might have been a better location for this.

    • There is a Yes! Organic Market already right at the front of Barracks Row. At least here they’ll have 2 years to potentially build a customer base before Whole Foods arrives. And I’m guessing they already had a lease here before Whole Foods made their official announcement.

    • Anonymous

      if things don’t change fast, they’ll be long gone by the time Whole Foods arrives

      • That Man A

        dag really? like that?

        it sucke because NYC has so many of these that seem to thrive
        my cousin has one on his block in bushwick and i love it every time i am up there. its pretty much the only place i eat while im there just because its so good and easy (they make sandwiches, saldas, have soups, etc.)

  • samanooo

    I live a couple of blocks away and am very excited!!! It is nice to have an organic option so close and I hope to see it do really well!

  • Johanna

    My roommate and I checked out this market last night, as it’s only a few blocks from our house. They aren’t doing their grand opening until the 21st. It sounds like this week was just their soft opening. For now, their days and hours are M-F (8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) and S-Sun (9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.).

    They might be missing price tags, a variety of produce, and a large crowd of customers, but I loved my visit! They have so many fun vegan products that I can only find at Yes! and Whole Foods. Their employees were also incredibly friendly and helpful. Between this market and the 13th St. NE farmers’ market, my summer shopping is set.

    I hope they stay in business!

    • I’ve never found anything good at the 13th St / H St market. The selection of vendors is just so sparse…

  • AG

    Is there any reason to visit this place versus the Yes! on Barracks Row? That one’s slightly more convenient for me, but I’m not too far for this one.

  • catydids

    Stopped in tonight, a week after it opened, and there are still no prices on anything. I went in just for fun and did buy a box of Blue Almond crackers, but I will probably only shop here in a pinch.


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