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  • GBinCH

    I really like how this one has come together. I like the off-angled units at the top. No clue what they look like inside, but they’re cool from the outside.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    So exciting watching this stretch transform. Can’t wait to see the plans for Whitman-Walker next door. After these projects are done I guess the last major opportunity on 14th street will be Frontiers…

    • tom

      This building looks good. Another high quality addition to 14th (below U).

      Yeah, looks like we are just down to the car lots on 14th and S and then the one on Swan. Other than that everything else is a pretty complicated redevelopment project. Hard to believe we will be approaching build out. of 14th (between P and U).

      It will be interesting to see if development stays in central NW by shifting north of U and east to Shaw or does it head out of NW to NoMA, H Street, Navy Yard? Central NW has the location, but non-NW has the land.

      • Duponter

        Don’t forget the former Playbill space and Yum’s and the Ethiopian place. That corner will go eventually. I still miss Playbill, but I’m surprised developers haven’t managed to get that corner redeveloped yet.

        • ExWalbridgeGuy

          11th street remains very under-developed given its zoning. 14th is already built up from U Street to Belmont too, but seems like there’s some good opportunities between Belmont and Columbia Heights. The Sherwin-Williams Paints store with the huge parking lot and the BP at 14th and Euclid spring to mind. Some of the aging low-rise apartment buildings on that strip might be pretty ripe too for new buildings with higher density. You could probably redevelop that 1300 block of Columbia with like 2,000 housing units.

  • Honest Abe

    A definite improvement for 14th Street.
    I prefer the way the building looks in the rendering on their website. Perhaps they have not put the finish material/white cladding on the top floors and the bays on the lower portion?

  • Brett M

    This turned out better than the renderings suggested. Architects take note: think outside the BOX.


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