• SM

    My car window was also smashed in sometime between Friday night and Sunday afternoon at Sherman and Columbia. There was nothing visible and nothing to steal in the car. This might be just vandalism.

    • ParkViewPrimo

      I also experienced the same thing Friday night/Saturday early am (around 2am). My car was parked under a spotlight near 13th St and Clifton. There was nothing visible in my car, nor was there anything to take. I do not believe this was a random act. My intuition is telling me that someone(s) may have been watching me driving in the area and plotted to break into my vehicle. I am fortunate that Safelite (and my parents!) in Alexandria was able to replace my window the next day. The cost was approximately $368.00. Any ideas/suggestions for how I could recover the amount spent? A police report was filed as well.

      • Insurance

        You can recover the amount by filing a claim with your auto insurance provider.

        • ParkViewPrimo

          Thank you!

          • anon

            Though it may be less than your deductible, and cause an increase in your insurance rates.

          • anon

            Yep, filing for a broken glass claim is not worth the insurance premium hit.

    • Egad

      This morning I saw that the doors on the front and side of the corner store at Sherman and Columbia were smashed in, as well. Might be the same vandals? Hopefully the store owner had his security cameras turned on.

    • I just bought a car about a month ago, and I feel like having my window smashed is an inevitability. I am vigilant about not leaving ANYTHING visible in my car, not even an empty water bottle, but from what I see on here (and hear from others), sometimes it’s just a random act of vandalism. Hopefully it happens later rather than sooner :(

      • phl2dc

        Sad burritos are the worst burritos. :(

  • DRC

    This is a serious problem in this area. My car had a window smashed out and an empty bookbag stolen a over 3 years ago, while parked right in front of my gf’s building under a street lamp near 14th/Kenyon. In the last year or so, I’d see more and more piles of glass on the sidewalk while walking my dog around the neighborhood. I find it really hard to believe that nobody ever sees these punks smashing out multiple windows on any given night. But the fact that the same behavior in the same neighborhood has continued unpunished for the entire 3 years that I lived in DC kinda speaks to the city’s outlook on petty crime. We only care when people get hurt and it gets attention on the news…

    • anon

      Because if there’s anything we need in this country, it’s more people in prison for non-violent crimes.

      • Breaking into cars is not the equivalent of smoking weed.

      • frustrated

        Good point anon! Let’s just make it legal to break windows willy nilly. The city will obviously be a better place. Thanks!

    • anon

      If it is any consolation, when I lived in NYC a few decades back, the smashed glass one saw on the street on the way to the subway in my already gentrified neighborhoods was a constant every single morning. Though these weren’t for vandalism alone – I left my small triangular back window replaced with cardboard for years in Manhattan and Brooklyn, so thieves who wanted to see if there was anything of value hidden away (or to sleep in my car during snowstorms in Manhattan) could get in easily without me having to replace a window, and they kindly used that (cardboard and duct tape easy to replace.) When I moved back to my old neighborhood in brownstone Brooklyn some years later, the broken glass was gone, so I knew it was now safe to replace my window with glass (it was – the only broken glass I saw from then on was caused by tree branches falling on cars in storms.) My point is, gentrification has its stages, and the broken glass one is one, but as a neighborhood gentrifies further over some years, it enters a richer phase, and the broken glass stops being a problem.

  • shadesofpale

    My husband and I were in NYC this weekend, a friend was giving us a ride back to the bus pick up. When we got into the back of our friends car my husband exclaimed you leave your backpack in your car in NYC?! Crazy how much safer I felt in all hours while in NYC and it’s a much bigger city. I know there is crime but it seems so different than DC.

  • CH Resident

    I often see groups of what I guess are teenagers walking around looking into cars with flashlights up to no good, even yesterday I saw two teens walking around with no shirt (weird) also doing the same thing. These things happen at 1am or later so by then the streets are empty. Two cop cars passed by but missed them. Not sure if what we need is more police walking around the neighborhood. Is there anything neighbors can do? I wouldn’t feel safe for my wife or myself walking through something like that. I really don’t like this.


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