Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I thought I’d write you to express my disgust with a HIT AND RUN Driver, as well as the fact that NO PEOPLE came to the aid of my good friend and her 11 month old son who were hit this morning at the corner of 14th & L Sts NW at approx. 7:45am.

NOTE: Mom is an especially cautious jogger when her son is in tow. She pays careful attention to all cars, especially when she’s crossing the street.

Mom had the right of way and was crossing through the intersection of 14th and L Sts NW, headed East on L St., when suddenly she found herself on the ground, and the stroller with her son inside doing a somersault in the street. The front wheel was gone, and a 2nd tire also flew off. She’d been clipped by a car as it tried to turn south onto 14th St, not paying any attention to her. The car did NOT stop. Mom landed on the ground with a cut knee, and immediately jumped up to check on her son who was silent. She was terrified that he’d hit his head. Thankfully, the baby was just fine. His silence likely because he was stunned and thrown upside down.

But then, even more incomprehensible is that NO ONE came to her aid. No one helped pick her and her son off the middle of the street in a major intersection. And No one even called 911! The Mom was the one who called 911, terrified that something happened to her son.

At 7:53am, Mom called me saying that she’d been in an accident, and could I please come to the location ASAP. I arrived as quickly as possible, and she and her son were already sitting in the back of an ambulance getting checked out. When I saw the condition of the stroller, I was in shock. The U bar of the front wheel was bent. The wheel was obviously off, as was another rear wheel. But thankfully, Baby was totally fine. In fact, he was laughing when I arrived. His Mom was obviously in shock over the accident, as was I – the godmother, but ever so thankful that the strength of the BOB stroller saved the Baby’s life!

So I ask PoPville: Did anyone witness this accident today? Did anyone see a car clip a jogging stroller at 14th and L Sts around 7:45am??? Please help to restore our faith in humanity.”


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