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The Dangers/Joy of Public Shaming with Grainy Video – Case of the “slovenly” “trespooper”

Alleged “trespooper” via the Hill East Listserv

It starts with a grainy still image of the video posted to the Hill East listserv:

“Do you recognize the man or dog in this photo? My wife and I have video of this man leaving his dog’s waste outside our home.

Before I’m scolded for overreacting, let me say that if this were an isolated incident, I wouldn’t have resorted to public shaming. Unfortunately, piles of pet waste are an all too common site on the curbs of A Street.

As a dog owner myself, who picks up our dog’s waste every single time (and throws it away in our own can), I find this irresponsible behavior especially infuriating. If the trespooper is on this listserv, I strongly urge you to stop leaving your dog waste outside our house. It’s as unsanitary as it is unsightly.”

Later that evening another resident writes:

“Speaking of public shaming, might I say that he is a slovenly individual.”

The next day:

“I do recognize him and my dog. He is “slovenly” dressed because it was Sunday morning and he was on his way to pick up breakfast. I will remember to make sure he has his top coat and tails on the next time he leaves the house.

The dog was NOT pooping (happy to take back if given actual proof.) Yes – she does LOOK like she is pooping, but she is actually peeing. We regularly clean up after her (and if we see other instances of people who haven’t cleaned up).”

But wait, later that day:

“Well. I must take something back. I do appreciate you sharing the video because I am able to give some peace of mind to my dapper man that that picture isn’t him.

So while I am sure you won’t believe us. But my pup is in the clear.

Now I hope everyone has a brilliant weekend and don’t forget to clean up after your pups!”

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