Washington, DC

607 New York Ave, NW

Victoria writes:

“As summer torpor settles in are you picturing yourself lounging on a patio in Italy overlooking the ocean, sipping Prosecco and nibbling a delicious pannini while enjoying live music and fascinating conversation with artistic strangers who would not be out of place in a good Felinni movie?

Well, cancel the ocean and you’ve got all the rest at the Baldacchino Tent Bar. This temporary cafe/bar (now through July 27) is part of the Fringe Festival, going on now through July 27 at 607 New York Ave. (3 blocks from Mt. Vernon Square Metro.) Even if you’re not aware of, or befuddled by, the Fringe Festival, you can still enjoy some really delicious food and great selection of beers (plus full bar and named cocktails) with live music at an outdoor patio (with tented escape zones for thunderstorms, plus quick seat-wiping volunteers for apres-storm) for the next two weeks.

Seriously, it is a fun place just to go hang out with friends – perfect for a first date – and a great way to introduce yourself to Fringe Festival. But even if you aren’t “fringing” it is also just plain good food at plain good prices in a really cool setting. The performers in the festival all hang out here, and meeting people is super easy/weird/fun.

But the food? Unexpectedly good! Like most people in the arts, theatrical director Matty Griffiths has also worked extensively in catering and puts out an amazing menu for the festival.

A beef brisket sandwich ($8.00) is gorgeously tender, and smoked pork BBQ sliders on brioche rolls zing with cabbage & apple cider vinegar slaw. The Veggie Wrap ($5.75) has a delicious Feta cheese/peanut dressing and loads of stuff that is good for you but you don’t even have to notice because the feta/peanut dressing is SO damn good! There are chicken & veggie soft tacos for $6.75. and cheese paninis at $4.75 – ready to augment with Granny Smith apples or bacon for an extra buck.

There are 6 fancy beers with fancy names on tap for $4.50- 6.75, plus tallboy Stellas for $5.50. Prosecco on tap is $6.00 (plus you can see the empty bladders turned into cool light fixtures.) and rail drinks are $5.50. There are Happy Hour specials every day.

Really – this is why you live in a city! Go!”


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