Beau Thai applies for their liquor license at new Shaw Location

by Prince Of Petworth — July 15, 2014 at 12:20 pm 17 Comments

7th and P Street, NW

Back in April we learned Beau Thai would be moving from their NJ and R St, NW location to the corner of 7th and P St, NW in the new Jefferson MarketPlace building this Fall. They’ve now applied for a liquor license and word on the street is that something good will be coming to the NJ and R Street location – stay tuned.


  • sarah

    i’ve been ordering from beau thai since the day they opened, so i’m praying they don’t change the delivery zones and keep coming to north bloomingdale!! i’ll admit, i’m worried.

    • Anonymous

      Seems odd to move such a short distance.

    • Anonymous

      It seems so odd they are moving such a short distance!

      • Anonymous

        The space they are moving to is three times the size. I’m sad to see them move since I live a few doors down, but I spoke to the owner Aschara and she will be keeping the New Jersey Ave location for a noodle house!

  • Bloomingdale gent

    The quality has done way down hill over the last 18 months from when they opened, probably because the owner stopped coming in. We generally skip it in favor of Mr. P’s or Red Hen.

  • SmellSoGood

    I’m moving into Jefferson Marketplace and cannot wait to just lower a bucket from my window to have filled with Panang Curry!

  • Anonymous

    Dine-in food is great. Dine-in drinks are TERRIBLE! Weak and overpriced.
    Delivery is hit or miss. I guess it depends on the kitchen.

  • Anonymous

    yeah I don’t spend my money there anymore with them moving. Some say it is not that far away, I say it is far enough. I’ll spend my money on a place that plans to stick around the neighborhood and not up and run first chance they get. Aroi Thai all the way baby !

    Luckily now we can say there is room for another new restaurant in that spot that many neighborhood people will love to frequent! Looking forward to bigger and better things.

    • Lisa

      What a strange attitude. It’s like you’re just looking for a reason to not like them. I guess that’s the way it is when there are so many eating/drinking options that one has to choose the most absurd reason to stop or never start patronizing somewhere.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know anything about the Anon above so their complaint may be frivolous, but you should know that the community did quite a lot to help Beau Thai at their current location, so it’s completely understandable that some may be peeved now that they’re moving. (Though I’m glad that they will remain with a new concept.)

        • anon BT neighbor

          Anon @ 7:28…..
          A) I don’t understand how anyone could be “peeved” by this. BT took a big risk in opening up in what was then a kind of risky, lonely location for a restaurant. They dumped a bunch of money into the building for their buildout. They say they’ve outgrown the space. And it sounds like they’re opening something new at NJ & R after the move.
          B) Ultimately everything the community did for BT benefits the community even after BT is gone. Supporting their zoning case meant that the space could no longer be operated as a carryout, which was a grandfathered-in use. A restaurant is a MUCH better use for the hood than a carryout.
          – Neighbor of BT

  • bird

    the current BT will become a noodle shop of some kind — same owner as beau thai. The outdoor seating is too great to give up that spot.

    The new BT doesn’t look to have much outdoor seating charm potential.

    • Anonymous

      Great news about a noodle spot if this is true!

  • Reality

    I’m still against this move… I don’t like it! I definitely won’t be visiting it anymore, it’ll be too far for me now (walking from Eckington. There’s another Thai place that will be closer after this move)

    • Anonymous

      You should try Aroi Thai!

    • Logan Guy

      And I’ve never been to BT because it’s kinda far from me (and not an area that I frequent), but will go now because it’s much closer. Lose one customer, gain another!

  • Hi Folks!

    Responsive to a few of your comments….

    We have LOVED our time at New Jersey and R — it’s an awesome location, has great neighbors, and is in a building with lots of charm (and a great patio!). Unfortunately our kitchen there is teeny tiny, and, as the volume of orders has increased over time, it’s just too taxing for our back of house employees to work in such cramped quarters. Also, our bar there is quite small.

    The new location of Beau Thai Shaw at 7th and P will have a bigger and more efficient kitchen, walk in coolers/freezers, etc., so our dishes will come out quickly and from a happy line of cooks. The new Beau Thai will also have a big bar with the same offerings as our Mount Pleasant location (draught beer, a seasonal cocktail list (just $6 at the bar during happy hour!), an expansive wine list, a local beer focus, and so on and so forth. And we think you’re all going to love the design of the dining room and bar, which will be cozy and modern and fun and unique.

    The new Beau Thai Shaw WILL continue to deliver to all customers we currently serve, and will also expand our reach a little westward as well. We’ll also have a more efficient takeout counter setup, which we think will improve your experience grabbing food from us on the go.

    PoP contacted us a few days ago to comment on what’s in store for our existing location. We can’t give away any details, but we can disclose that after we move Beau Thai, it’s getting a makeover and a new concept is going in that we think folks will love.


    Beau Thai


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