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Bullfrog Bagels is popping-up at CakeLove on U Street July 17-27 (stay tuned for permanent location info)

by Prince Of Petworth July 15, 2014 at 11:20 am 38 Comments


From an email:

Bullfrog Bagels unleashed a little bit of bagel hysteria when founder Jeremiah Cohen began selling his bagels for two weekends in June.

The bagel-maker returns, this time at CakeLove’s 1506 U St. NW location from July 17 through 27. Flavors include everything, onion, poppy seed, sesame, and plain—all for $1.50 each or $18 per baker’s dozen. Bullfrog also offers bialys plus three types of cream cheese, new smoked whitefish salad, Scottish-style smoked salmon, and pastrami-crusted smoked salmon.

All pre-orders must be placed on Bullfrog’s new online ordering system.

Stay tuned post pop-up for a permanent location in the fall with an expanded menu.

For now (the next two weeks) please pre-order your bagels or come on by to our friends at CakeLove at the U Street location and purchase them in person!

1506 U Street, NW

  • Queue debates over which neighborhood needs / wants them most…

    • Anonymous

      well I for one always selfishly vote for somewhere in upper NW.

  • buddabelly

    Every prayer has just been answered…bagels w/in walking distance :)

    • Anonymous

      Only a short 4.4 mile walk away for me!

  • Anonymous

    Why has it taken bagel makers so long to realize the insane demand for quality bagels in DC?! This is huge news, but the demand in this town could easily support multiple locations. I hope others follow suit. I, of course, would he partial to a bagel place in Columbia Heights or Petworth. Mmmmm….

    • Anonymous

      Shitty water in DC. Garbage in, garbage out.

      • What major city in the US has good water?

        • I don’t know if it counts as “major” but Memphis, TN has excellent water.

      • Kevin

        Wrong. It’s not that DC has “shitty water.” It’s just that NYC’s water has some unique characteristics (minerals, etc.) that many believe is needed to make great bagels.


        • Anonymous

          I’m sorry, but DC has garbage water. Take a cup of DC tap water and let it evaporate. You’ll have a white chalky residue coating the glass. I’ve never had that with water in NYC, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. The only place I saw that was when I lived in Beijing (and even there you have fresh bottled drinking &cooking water delivered to your apartment every week). The water here in DC is truly awful.

          • jim_ed

            Wow, that’s some hard hitting science you’re using there in your determination of DC’s water quality. That disgusting, garbage residue is called “minerals,” They’re naturally found in our water supply, like “calcium” and “magnesium.” You’re correct in that they make your water garbage, and basically the same as drinking the run off from a Manilla landfill. Also, it will make your bagels taste terrible and your children become gay and/or republican (the water knows which one your secretly fear).

        • Anonymous

          That’s such a huge myth. It’s not the water. Trust me, there are plenty of lousy bagels in New York, too.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet – just ordered some bagels for Saturday morning! Will surprise my girlfriend – she’s a HUGE bagel snob ;)

  • Accountering

    Just order 7 for the office for Friday morning. This will be a SOLID choice after Brew at the Zoo Thursday evening.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This is a perfect location for Upshur close to the Soldier’s Home because people will go out of their way for good bagels, the rent will be cheaper, and single family households will buy in bulk for the week.

    • Anonymous

      Or on Upshur closer to Crane & Turtle… Or the former temporary Safeway pharmacy near Yes! Organic Market.

  • sarah

    AWESOME. i’ve ordered from them twice and the bagels are stellar.

  • kim22

    I keep trying to place my order and it says ‘outside business hours’ when I go to check out…???

    • fuzzyP


    • U-Bahn

      Looks like they’ve fixed the bug.

  • Noah

    That bagel place in Union Market has equally good fresh bagels, and you don’t have to wait in line or pre-order them.

    • sarah

      i dunno, i think buffalo & bergen’s are fine when they are fresh out of the oven because how could they not be? The taste doesn’t hold up once frozen and thawed. they just like bread…kinda plasticky. such is the problem with most bagels in the area. i like bullfrog’s because they are so well seasoned, crisp, and perfectly sized. i think they are worth pre-ordering, but they’ll definitely be worth a stop once the shop opens.

  • Anonymous

    Break out the hula hoop it’s time for the tasty toroid dance!

  • Chris

    These better be some really good bagels. They don’t even cut you a break on pricing if you get a dozen. Back in CT at the best bagel spot you got a a Baker’s Dozen + 1 (14 total) for 11 bucks.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, yes, they do. 13 x 1.5 = 19.5, which is less than 18. It’s great that CT has cheaper bagels, but I’m pretty sure it would cost me more than $7 round trip to go there and back.

      • Jack

        Lots of places make it cheaper to buy a dozen than 12 single bagels. Even with the add from a baker’s dozen.

  • Anonymous

    Eastern market location please!!

  • Anyone know what the hours will be at the CakeLove popup? I don’t see it on the website or release but I’m probably overlooking it…

    • sarah

      it shows up when you go to order – i think it’s something along the lines of 8am-1pm on weds-fri, 11am-1pm sat and sunday. i thiiiink they aren’t operating mondays/tuesdays.

  • Webster

    Bullfrog should come out Rhode Island Ave! They can set up in the same strip as Zeke’s Coffee and my weekend mornings will never be the same again. I agree that people will go out of their way for good bagels and on that note, I hope they seek to serve as a cornerstone in a unique/up and coming neighborhood- DC has plenty of them!

  • Josh

    Intrigued by this line:

    “7. All orders will be picked up at 1506 U Street NW (presently the site of CakeLove.)”

    Wonder what “presently” is referring to?
    Maybe this will be the future home of Bullfrog??

    • Jess

      Well, the one in Silver Spring went belly up, so maybe U Street CakeLove will be no more, also.

    • CakeLove on U Street is NOT closing! We are excited to share our kitchen with Bullfrog Bagels through July 29 and can’t wait to enjoy their scrumptious bagels. CakeLove will have the full menu available and regular store hours throughout the popup and after. Grab your bagels and a cupcake or Cake in a Jar at this one-stop shop!

  • Low Headways

    omg omg omg just open in the former Pulp space already

  • Anonymous

    These will have to be pretty good for our family to switch from Baked by Yael. She offers them by special order from time to time and it’s to the point that we order four dozen each time and keep them in the freezer.

  • CakeLove on U Street is NOT closing! We are excited to share our kitchen with Bullfrog Bagels through July 29 and can’t wait to enjoy their scrumptious bagels. CakeLove will have the full menu available and regular store hours throughout the popup and after. Grab your bagels and a cupcake or Cake in a Jar at this one-stop shop!


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