Petworth Safeway Grand Opening is Tomorrow Morning! – includes a scratch bakery, sushi bar, a cheese monger, wine steward and Starbucks

by Prince Of Petworth June 26, 2014 at 10:20 am 83 Comments

3830 George Avenue, NW

If you will it, it is no dream. Thanks to all who’ve been sending emails.

From a press release:

“Safeway will proudly open its new Petworth Safeway (3830 Georgia Avenue, NW at the intersection of Georgia Ave. and Randolph St. NW) on Friday, June 27 with festivities that will include recognition of military veterans from the neighborhood. The new store, developed by Duball LLC, measures more than 62,000 square feet and serves as the anchor for a mixed-use project that includes the Swift Residences directly above the store, providing a friendlier and more accessible urban shopping setting. Safeway is pleased to promote healthy lifestyles in a sustainable space that is nearly three times the size of the previous store on the site, which stood for nearly 50 years.

The grand opening ceremony will begin at 9:30 a.m., featuring a tribute to local military veterans from the nearby Armed Forces Retirement Home and the unveiling of a display honoring Petworth veterans, including recently retired U.S. Coast Guard Vice Admiral Manson Brown, who was the Guard’s highest ranking African-American officer and grew up in the Ward 4 neighborhood. Mayor Vincent Gray and Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser are expected to participate. The new store will welcome customers beginning at 5 a.m., its regular opening time (5 a.m. until midnight daily).

Safeway is dedicated to offering high quality, variety, and healthy eating options and providing unrivaled service while honoring and recognizing the uniqueness of the Petworth community. Overall, the new store will offer twice as many items as the previous store, including more than 1,200 produce items, 150 cuts of fresh meat daily, 15 varieties of fresh baked bread, 35 types of fish, 350 beers and 500 wines. Many of these products are regionally sourced from Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania so customers can be assured they are getting the freshest foods while supporting local businesses and growers.

The store will offer new food features, such as a sushi chef, salad bar, cheese specialist, hot bar, prepared food section, soup selection, sandwich bar, and olive bar, all of which provide a variety of easy options for customers to pick up a great meal.

In an effort to serve local consumer needs, the store will feature an extensive ethnic food section with many Hispanic food offerings. Bolillo rolls will be baked fresh from scratch daily to make tasty tortas, and a variety of baked goods from Delicias Bakeries in Hyattsville will be available as well.

The Petworth Safeway will employ approximately 225 individuals, a large number of whom will be District residents, including roughly 40 from the Petworth neighborhood.

Not only does Safeway offer products that promote healthy lifestyles, but the design, construction and building operations are sustainable as well. The new store has been built to LEED standards with the intention of becoming the fifth LEED-certified Safeway in the area. In addition to Safeway’s dedication to recycling and composting waste, the building has external shading to reduce heat while using natural light and LED lighting throughout the store which runs on an energy management system.”

We’ve come a long way:


  • Anonymous

    I. am. SO. EXCITED!

  • Anonymous

    Social Safeway…. n da hood.

  • dcreal

    Man this brings back so many memories. I used to live right behind this safeway down on Kansas and Taylor in a true 2bedroom apartment for $925 before I bought and moved to Trinidad in 2005. Wonder if they are still apartments or if then converted them to condos- as the units were pretty large and well maintained.

    • Anonymous

      The spots you’re talking about haven’t really changed yet (with the exception of maybe one).

      • Yep. Only two buildings on this block have been converted to condos. The rest probably look about the same.

  • dat

    Finally! We’re looking forward to checking it out tomorrow morning. I’m thrilled to see that they will be open until midnight.

    Now here’s to hoping that management can keep this store from getting trashed!

  • MRD


  • Petworth dude

    I hope this doesn’t have issues with vermin and rat droppings like the Safeway near Walter Reed.

  • Anonymous

    This is the greatest day of the year for me. No exaggeration.

  • Anonymous

    Is there parking available in a garage?

    • tomfiatlux

      Yes. The parking garage is accessible from Randolph Street.

      • Anonymous


        • VarnumGuy

          There wasn’t a ton of parking when I went this morning around 10:30, about 5 spots were open, but it wasn’t a huge lot to begin with. But, hey, at least there is parking!

  • anon

    Sounds good, but I don’t trust grocery store bread. I recently bought a loaf of Giant’s overpriced in-store brand of sourdough bread. It was pretty good for sandwiches, but a week later it was still soft and nearly fresh. That usually means it has preservatives.

    • Anon


      • Anonymous

        +1. Cancel the grand opening because one reader doesn’t like bread with preservatives!

        • Znonymous

          Safeway deserves a second chance!

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Georgetown Safeway. Petworth isn’t fancy enough for a nut bar yet, hahahaha

  • This is what I am doing with my day off tomorrow!

  • brightwood

    As soon as we moved up to Brightwood they announced the final plans for this development. You’re welcome, people of Petworth.

    Now we’ll be making the reverse grocery commute from that of 3 years ago. Despite the extra drive time, I’m pretty excited to leave the Piney Branch Pestway in our memories.

  • tomfiatlux

    Now that the Safeway construction is nearly done, does anyone know when Donatelli is going to begin construction on their lot across the street on Georgia? Maybe they’ll wait until after the election since Muriel Bowser let them have the land for $1.

    • Anonymous

      The first thing Donnatelli needs to concentrate on is filling up Park Place. For shame in them and Muriel Bowser for letting it sit vacant and turning away businesses after they got a sweet heart deal from tax payers. The media needs to pick up on this.

  • Anonymous

    Safeway: Please provide lots of security staff for this store so that we have a safe way to buy groceries. Just saying.

    • Anonymous

      “Safe way to buy groceries?” I think any security staff would likely be focused on preventing theft from the store. I’m not sure if you ever shopped at the old safeway, but I never had any issues with safety there. Are you concerned about getting mugged in a parking garage or something?

    • Anonymous

      If it’s anything like the Safeway in SW, it will be swarming with both MPD officers and security guards 24/7.

      • domrep

        ?? I’m in that Safeway 3-4 teams a week and I have never see this swarm of MPD officers and security guards that you’re talking about.

  • Anonymous

    This is going to be amazing. So excited about this! Petworth is hot right now and I hope this only leads to further development. With all of the daily customers and foot traffic from Safeway and the Metro across the street, any retail business is going to crush it. Let’s hope we can get Park Place filled now!

    • Anonymous

      I’m hoping that the hundreds of new residents coming to the Swfit will be the tipping point for the retail in Park Place. If not, then the jig really is up with regards to their bogus attempt to fill it.

      • Anonymous

        Blame Muriel Bowser. Donnatelli has her in his back pocket. She hasn’t done squat.

  • yigalelohev

    Yay – finally! I’m so excited!

  • Anonymous

    So long Yes Organic!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, what is going to happen to Yes? It’s like a mini, more expensive version of Whole Foods, but it sounds like this Safeway is going to have a lot of organic, wine upscale items etc which is awesome. Yes Organic may need to specialize in something. Maybe focus more on lunch or dinner options? The area doesn’t have too many (actually) good asian options. Maybe add a fresh ice cream shoppe like everyone has been begging for?

      • dat

        I agree that Yes should specialize in something — sell us great, fresh bread or bring us more fresh herbs or bring in a butcher and sell us some quality meat!

        • J.Con.

          I was just shopping at Yes earlier today wondering if it’s the last time I shop there. (Apples were $3.99/lb.)

        • SeventhStreet

          I totally agree that Yes needs a real butcher. They should get rid of their sushi bar and offer more. I’m still not going to want to eat Safeway factory farm meat, even if they sell if from a shiny new store.

          • Anonymous


          • Zaptastic

            If you think the meat is bad at the Yes! you should try the TPSS four miles north of it.

            I drive down to the Petworth Yes! because I can just pull up to it and park, unlike a Wholefoods where the parking is a chore plus the meat isn’t 100% frozen like the TPSS.

      • Anonymous

        I’m really curious to see how new arrivals cope with the ahem…boisterous register crew :) I love the old Safeway employees, hoping to see them all back there (they said they’d be back after temporary relocations).

      • Dave S

        YES! Market already specializes is obnoxiousness and high prices; not sure they can delve any further into that particular barrel.

    • TropicBird

      Will probably still go to Yes! for all those times you want beer (daily?) or a few snacks without waiting in a long grocery store line. Or T’s (Town and Country convenience store on Upshur) which has 12 packs of Stella for less $. Yes! has Great Lakes, Fat Tire and Spaten which are hard to find in the local quickie marts.

      • Anonymous

        Safeway said they would have 300 beers along with a large selection of local brews. If it’s as good as their Georgetown location, Yes! Won’t have an advantage.

    • saf

      I doubt it. There are plenty of us who will continue to shop there.

  • The Real Jason

    Wow, they got it up fast. It seems like only yesterday day I was perusing the smelly aisles of that old dilapidated Safeway. I’d be clicking my heal had I not fallen in love with the Wal-Mart further up Georgia already.

    • Anonymous

      Not so fast for those of us who live on the surrounding blocks.

    • TropicBird

      +1. Only problem is with Yes! I know I don’t need to keep every receipt, because it’s just groceries, whereas with the Wal-Mart I never know what the hell I will walk out of there with (lugs one pound of strawberries and three new camp chairs to car…)

    • saf

      No, it has been forever, and the construction continues, as the rest of the building is not done.

      I hate them.

  • power of flight

    5AM!? Forgetting to buy coffee the day before has been cured!

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to shopping at this store for the next year until its inevitable decline a la every other new grocery store in DC.

  • We moved to Petworth in 2003, when this was a hazy, distant dream that seemed forever deferred. Now here it is, just tremendous! I will continue to support Yes as much as possible, but this should lower my grocery costs somewhat :), and make it possible to do an actual full shopping excursion close to home.

  • vv

    So excited to finally not have to schlep down the over-peopled/under-stocked Columbia Heights Giant. I hope Safeway made plans for the lines I’m they will open up with from the start.

  • Anonymous

    I want to give kudos for the nice patio and streetscape that Safeway created. The new trees, bushes and other shrubs look really nice. I hope the store manager keep this as well as the inside of the store maintained and clean. One misstep and it’ll be all over the media considering Safeway’s reputation and recent incidents at Piney Branch.

    • Anonymous

      …and no one will care, because are you really going to stop going there?

      • Anonymous

        No, but it’s a warning to Safeway. There is a sparkling clean Walmart less than 3 min away. A Harris Teeter within 10 min. Hell, I’ve been doing it for two years! Just saying, they need to ensure this is better managed than most locations.

        • Anonymous

          the walmart grocery selection sucks. Almost no organic options. Its hardly a comparison. Not that I think safeway is all that. But this will be nice to have back in the community.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think the Walmart is a realistic alternative for most people who would otherwise use the Petworth Safeway. And it’s not 3 minutes away from the Petworth Safeway, even in a car.

    • saf

      No it won’t. They treated us (and other urban neighborhoods) like shit for years, and nobody gave a damn. Why do you think that will change? It won’t. Neither of those facts will change. And people will still shop there. Sheep.

      • Anonymous

        I get the vitriol based on your previous Safeway hating. But can’t you enjoy the fact that you’re going to have a top notch grocery store within a block of your house?

        • saf

          Nope. They will not get a dime of my money. They suck, they have abused this neighborhood for far too long, and they will be just as bad now, simply in a shiny (for a while) new building.
          Once they are sold, we’ll see how the new owners so. Until then, they are still Safeway.
          Also, the construction process has been really horrible, and continues to be so.

  • Not a huge fan of Safeway, but a full-service grocery store within walking distance is awesome! No more schlepping groceries from the Harris-Teeter in NoMa.

  • Anonymous

    I was driving past about 20 minutes ago (I’m working from home today) and they were putting up the sign on the corner. The “AY” portion was up; the “SAFE” portion was on the ground, waiting. (I’m assuming the “W” was around somewhere.)

    • David

      Funny! I like your style and post the best.

  • Anonymous

    Will probably still go to Yes! for quite a few things, unless Safeway starts carrying Brown cow whole milk yogurt, and gives killer deals on a few of the fake meat staples my house runs on.

  • zandunga

    I guess its time to invest in a grocery cart.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be glad to have another option for coffee in the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    This is good news for this neighborhood, but if I were the “sushi chef” or the “wine steward” I wouldn’t be looking to these positions as a long-term proposition. They seem to launch with these upscale features and within six months they’re gone…adios, nut bar.

    • Anonymous

      I hope not. With homes selling for $800,000 on a weekly basis and young professionals/families pouring in, I feel like these options are the main reasons I’ll be going to the new Safeway. Without these upscale choices, I’ll still go to Whole Foods.

      • goodbye Whole Foods

        Ugh– I go to Whole Foods in spite of the snazzy prepared food. I look forward to the blessed END of fighting my way down to Logan Circle, fighting for a parking spot, fighting through the aisles crowded with yuppies, and fighting my way through traffic back to Petworth. I will luxuriate in the 1/4-mile walk to a fully-stocked, reasonably-priced grocery store. Welcome, Safeway!

  • Jeff Brideau

    Excited but feeling a bit nostalgic for the old airplane hanger… Let’s hope the Wendy’s is next on the chopping block

    • Anonymous

      Rumor has it that Wendys has a VERY long term lease. Anyone know?

      • Anonymous

        That Wendy’s is one of the most unclean, dated ones I’ve visited. Plus someone got mugged there INSIDE the building a couple months ago!!! If you have complaints, email their corporate office. They need to hear from residents. I hope they just tear it down tho!

        • Anonymous

          Oh, I’d forgotten about the mugging! Suspiciously right in the security camera blind spot!

      • saf

        They have a 99 year lease. Jair Lynch tried to buy them out and they laughed at him.
        Now, they have been there since some time prior to 1990 (when we moved here), so at this point they are down under 75 years.

  • Quincy

    I can’t believe in 75 posts that no one has raised the most vital question: what will be this Safeway’s nickname? Taking nominations from the floor. I propose “Sexy Safeway”.

  • Anonymous

    I gotta say, I visited the Safeway on opening day and I left REALLY impressed. It has an upscale feel, but also all of the staples. I really appreciate all of the gluten free options, the local beer selection, the bakery/deli as well as the organic selections. Good job Safeway! I could definitely be on board with Sexy Safeway.

    • Stefan

      Sexy Safeway is taken. The one at New York and 5th was called that by Fenty and it has generally stuck. Given that the residences are called the “Swift”, I think they’re looking for this to be called the “Swift Safeway”. It will give the deli workers something to aspire to….

      • Anonymous

        I’ve never heard Sexy Safeway before, but what about Swanky Safeway, Sassy Safeway or Super Safeway?

        • Formerly Broken jaw

          yep sexy Safeway is already taken.

          • Anonymous

            Gently dubbed the one at city visit “sexy” . Swanky is still available.

  • Anonymous

    Is it true the hours are going to switch to 24/7 when the condos open? I’d def not support that. Seems like it would attract trouble and loitering.


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