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Hogo Closing in August, Passenger a few months later?

by Prince Of Petworth June 19, 2014 at 4:25 pm 19 Comments

1017 7th Street, NW

The Washington Post reported:

“Hogo is closing in early August, according to Tom Brown, the owner of the tiki bar and pop-up restaurant near Mount Vernon Square. Construction also could force the closure of the neighboring Passenger and Columbia Room after New Year’s Eve, though no date has been set in stone.”

Ed. Note: There have long been rumors that when the Passenger closes in Mt. Vernon Square they could reopen in another neighborhood if they find the right space.

Were there any fans of Hogo?

  • A

    Oh man, Hogo was / is the best. It was like passengers’ uncrowded little cousin. Plus their cuban-inspired sandwich is amazing.

    D Brown should just buy blagden alley and turn it in to hipster epcot. I’d never need to leave Shaw again!

    • NHAve

      Yes! Hogo was awesome and never crazy crowded like Passenger. I know this has been in the works for a while now, but it’s still sad.

      I invite Hogo (and the Passenger too I guess) to check out Park View/Georgia Ave as a relocation option.

      • anonymusssssss

        I echo your invitation. They could even go as far as Upshur.

        • Anonymous

          Agree wholeheartedly. Any of these locations would be welcomed in Petworth near Chez Billy or on the Upshur Corridor.

  • Aimless

    I got the chance to eat at the Rose’s Luxury pop-up at Hogo, which was amazing, of course. I enjoyed their house cocktails during that visit, but haven’t been back.

  • Anonymous

    Does the construction include the Walker Thomas Furniture building? I’ve always wanted to come up with the funds (never gonna happen) and turn it into a restaurant and bar. The awesome sign might be my sole reason for buying the place, but I’d think if it was done right, it could be a decent business venture with the convention center, new Marriott, and revitalization of Shaw all in the area.

    • Anonymous

      That marquee is so rad. Would be great if someone kept it

      • C

        The marquee, at least, needs to be preserved, even if only because Walker-Thomas was involved in a landmark contracts case. /lawnerd

  • katemc

    Hogo is fabulous. Great drinks, great nibbles, GREAT music, never had trouble getting a table.

  • Mike

    I love Hogo! It’s been a fantastic chill spot for happy hour, and the remote controlled floating shark was the bomb! Please tell me it can re-open somewhere else. :(

    +1 … Rose’s Luxury: YES.

  • solange

    ugh, I’m so bummed! This was a great place for NYE…Passenger and Hogo connected in the back and there were tacos and dancing…it was magical! But every time I’ve been back the place has been kind of empty and the service was pretty terrible at both places. I’m not surprised but am still totally bummed. Maybe Passenger will still do something NYE this year? I hope.

    • From the linked article above:
      “We will have, at the very least, a New Year’s Eve party,” Brown said of the Passenger. “So there’s nothing imminent. But there are always a lot of things that could change between now and then.”

  • Hogo has always been one of my favorite spots in DC. Hell, I helped build the actual bar, I saw that much potential in it. I’m going to miss its departure, it’s unique drinks, and excellent playlist, but it was a great ride while it lasted. From the first Hawaiian menu, the Rose’s Luxury preview, and all the other iterations in between it’s been something that DC well deserved and likely under appreciated.

  • Dan

    Hogo is the best! I went there a few months back and had the first of several amazing experiences. When the awesome bartender overheard me tell my buddy that I had forgotten my bike lock, she insisted that I put my bike in the back. After that we befriended the other bartender as well, and by the end of the night they were giving us free shots. I don’t normally enjoy a bar as much as I enjoy myself when I go to hogo. Sad times.

  • Karin Rutledge

    Glad to see Rupperts Real Restaurant sign still up. That restaurant that closed long ago was great. My husband had a salad there many years ago and he still talks about it. Wish Rupperts would reopen.

  • need a name

    Add to the chorus of someone who loved Hogo and will miss it. It totally changed my opinion on rum. I thought it was actually a good (if dangerous given my enjoyment of the rum flight) date spot too.

  • Anonymous

    Another big fan of Hogo here. One of the bartenders even gave me a handful of neon long straws after I told him we had bought our own scorpion bowl but couldn’t find the right equipment to drink out of it!

  • BW

    Yes, good spot. Brightwood could use a brave soul, willing to take a gamble. Hope both those spots find good new homes.

  • Anon

    Great drinks and servers, relaxed atmosphere, solid tunes – one of my favorite bars in DC. Gonna miss this place.


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