• Oh man I love Catoctin. They’ve got a great new place opened in Purcelville. If you aren’t afraid of Virginia, you should take a day trip out there.

    • Anonymous

      That’s so funny. There are so many people who are actually terrified of crossing the river into Virginia. It’s always surprising how so many people here live such sheltered lives and think that DC is the be all and end all of entertainment and dining.

  • Hopefully this thing is bolted down somehow, otherwise it won’t last long.

  • Nice! Hope it doesn’t get stolen!

  • Rich

    If it’s anything like Virginia faux single malt scotch, it”s probably best used as paint remover.

    • dcdude

      Catoctin s solid in my book. Looking forward to touring their new facilities.

  • Identified

    I like catoctin and DGS… but I do not like signage taking up sidewalk space. Yes, this is a wider sidewalk than many, but it still bothers me.


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