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H Street Getting a Huge New Sports Bar – Sin Bin Sports Bar & Restaurant

by Prince Of Petworth November 24, 2013 at 11:11 pm 50 Comments

1336 H Street, NE

More big news for H Street – a liquor license application posted outside 1336 H Street, NE (across from Rock and Roll Hotel) says Sin Bin Sports Bar & Restaurant is coming:

“Restaurant serving an array of appetizers entrees, burgers and sandwiches with seats for 200 patrons. Total occupancy load of 400. Entertainment endorsement to include dancing and cover charge and summer garden with 50 seats.”

Updates as construction progresses.


  • monkeyrotica

    I smell voluntary agreement with the local ANC. Unless they guarantee they will have table service and play the hippety-hop music like the Snoopy Poop Dog and the Enema Man. Then it’s all good.

  • Anonymous

    Is that name some sort of sports reference that I don’t get? It’s probably one of the stupidest bar names I’ve heard so far…

    • jim_ed

      Yes. The ‘sin bin’ is a nickname for the penalty box in hockey.

      • Anonymous

        Ok, thanks for clarifying. I am not a sports person so I have no idea. To me it just sounds like a ridiculous name!

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, if it wasn’t a sports bar I thought it was a reference to these rowhouse bars being small and the activities going on inside less than holy.

  • Ward One Resident

    H Street is becoming quite the little Adams Morgan!

    • That MAn A

      hopefully not that bad/crazy (weekend time)

      but yes, this i kinda why i wanted to get away
      enjoyed the neighborhood more 2-3 years back

      it is good though i suppose
      i just see that area being too crazy in the future

      • SF

        This is a good reason to pay less and live on the periphery. All of the convenience and none of the hassle in Neighborhoods like Trinidad, Kingman Park, etc.

  • While not really at the top of my wish list for the block, there aren’t that many good to actually watch a game on the strip aside from Khan’s and Queen Vic, so I guess it could be a decent addition.

  • Anon

    Sin Bin refers to a penalty box. Being a sports enthusiast, I’m extremely excited about this addition to H st. It’ll be nice to have a spot where a large group can watch a game together.

  • Thunder

    H Street needs a good seafood, or Thai, or Dumpling, or 24 hour breakfast place. It does not need another sports joint.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, but what other sports bars are on H Street?

      • wylie coyote

        I have set foot in The Pug once in my whole life, but I heard second hand that games can be watched there.

        Little Miss Whiskeys plays Saints games, but that’s a pretty limited definition of sports.

        The Argonaut has multiple TVs that regularly play games as well.

        I’m sure a bar explicitly dedicated to sports with great sight lines to massive TVs should make a killing on H.

        My only question is, does this mean Smokey’s (the barbershop covered by wood in the photo) is going to close or is this place going to have a 400 person capacity with just the space next to Smokey’s?

        • You technically can watch a game at The Pug, but the bar itself is tiny, and only has 2 (I think) TVs.

    • Anonymous

      Or a place to get Ramen on a Sunday!

    • Anonymous

      why does h street need those places?

      • Nolo

        What are you getting at?

        • Anonymous

          i’m suggesting that h street (or any area) does not need one of every popular type of establishment like its some simcity game.

          it does not need to be like a food court in a shopping mall.

        • Anonymous

          I think he or she is just asking the question. This seems more like a laundry list of the person’s wants, not stuff H Street necessarily needs. But while we’re on the subject… how about a good vegetarian/vegan restaurant or gay/lesbian bar?

    • It’s not a strictly seafood restaurant (but really, those are hard to find anywhere), but the fish preparations at Boundary Road are quite good.

    • Anonymous

      H Street needs more retail than it does food, IMHO.

      • Agreed. It seems like all new openings lately (except for a Crossfit or something) have been bars or restaurants. I realize those are more profitable, but some diversity would be great.

        • Anonymous

          My buddy just opened his furniture showroom on H Street. He’s been getting a really good response from the local residents and business has been good. He’s quickly selling lots of items right off the showroom floors for people who need to furnish their newly bought houses quickly.

          • What’s the name?

          • Alan


            [email protected] is probably referring to 8th & H Furniture. It’s a pretty nice place and (true to the name) is at the corner of 8th & H, right next door to the Rite-Aid.

          • Anonymous

            Oh good. I was just driving past it last night and wondering if it was doing well. That location’s not the best right now but if he can hang in there a few years it will be a lot less sketchy.

          • Ah, that would explain it. Haven’t been into that little strip mall section since Chicken & Rice went downhill. I’ll swing by and check them out!

  • Anonymous

    Have they announced which sports teams they will be affiliated with (if any)? I would love another Pens bar.

    • Anonymous

      why not a dc bar?

      • Anonymous

        There are plenty of those…

    • Eric

      Pens? eww. Move back to Pensyltucky.

    • Samaritan

      An Auburn/Alabama/Florida/FSU bar would work well in this area…or possibly a Texas/TT/Texas A&M. H St also needs a Taco Mac, Raising Cane’s, and Whataburger.

  • Anon4

    With a name like this, it should be a Flyers bar.

    • Anonymous


    • ledroittiger


      • Flyers fan

        Well played! I agree , ha

        • Anon4 — Also a Flyers fan

          I posted the Flyers comment and reading the last reply made me wonder if there are other Flyers fans around who would want to get together to watch games. I get the hockey package and watch whenever I can, but it would be fun to have other fans to watch with. Wonder if there’s a way to coordinate….

          • kyle-w

            I think given Flyers fans (well earned) reputation, you would be hard pressed to find a bar welcoming a group of Flyers fans to watch games there :)

  • SF

    Not feeling the name personally but H Street does need a place like this. Queen Vic and The Argonaut are both good for catching a game but they aren’t set up primarily for viewing.

  • njb510

    It would be great if it actually turns out to be a hockey-focused bar with that name. Only other one I know of in the area is Bugsy’s in Alexandria.

    • Anonymous

      +1, this would be great. I always assumed that Redline over by the Verizon Center was a bit hockey-centric with the name, but I’ve never been in there.

      • Boozehound

        Redline’s name probably has as much to do with the fact that it is on the Red Line.

    • Anonymous

      That would be awesome. I’d definitely trek over to H Street from NW to watch a bunch of hockey games with other fans.

  • Linc Park SE

    Biergarten is a good place to catch games – football and soccer in particular

  • Anonymous

    This is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. We do need more retail but it will come in time as retailers try to get in front of the Whole Foods arrival.

  • Bobby dolif

    Sounds like a great idea for that area! Love the name.

  • gloverparkguy

    Looking forward to seeing a more sportscentric bar on H Street. Sin Bin sounds like we’ll have lots of good hockey opportunities. Cool idea.

  • The Real Jason

    Would it be too much to get a Rock and Roll/Punk/metal bar in this city now that Asylum is closed? And no.. Rock n Roll Hotel does not qualify.

  • Anonymous

    Hst is 10 minutes from being the next Adams Morgan.Which would be great then we could get 18th st back from all the Frat-boys and hooligan types…


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