Washington, DC

Kangaroo Boxing Club adding a second floor on 3410 11th Street, NW

Recenly we’ve learned of Maple’s expansion into Columbia Heights Coffee on 11th Street and just down the block KBC expanding into a second floor. Ed. Note: A liquor license amendment also says KBC will add a Summer Garden (Roof Deck) with 25 seats. Anyway, it got me thinking about other bars that would expand or even up open a second location. I’ve always wished Solly’s would open a second spot closer to where I live. Do you think it’s possible for bars to expand and keep the vibe that got you liking them in the first place? Same thing with opening a second location – do you think it’s possible for a bar to replicate it’s success?

What bar and/or restaurant would you like to see expand or open a second location?


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