Washington, DC

1537 7th Street, NW

The owners of Ivy and Coney share the good news and plans for their $85,000 Great Streets Initiative Grant:

“I just wanted to tell you the good news we got today regarding Ivy and Coney, the next great, fabulous opulent, little dive bar in DC. We’ve just been funded to build a huge roof deck at the bar which we hope to have open a few short months after the interior opens! This will mean a 50 to 60 person deck with a fully retractable glass roof, and more importantly, a greatly expanded food options (with a menu that is undecided thus far).

In other news, at KBC (3410 11th Street, NW) we’ve been getting some concerned phone calls regarding our expansion and whether we are open. While the plans are still very much in the works to add a second floor, WE ARE ABSOLUTELY OPEN. We will have to shut down for improvements at some point, but we will give our customers plenty of advance notice when we settle on a date.”


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