Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user m01229

From DDOT:

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) seeks the public’s input on moveDC, DDOT’s initiative to develop a coordinated, multimodal long range transportation plan for the District. DDOT is using a fun and interactive online tool to collect perspectives on future District-wide transportation strategies. Everyone who drives, walks, bikes, rides a bus, or takes a train in DC has a stake in how the transportation plan unfolds, and all are encouraged to lend their voices to this online conversation. The survey launches today and will run throughout October 2013. The survey link is available online at: http://movedc.metroquest.com/.

The tool, MetroQuest, will allow people to express their interests in transportation and then review the ways in which different approaches to developing the city’s transportation system match those interests. The three distinct approaches to the future transportation system—Stay the Course, Get to the Center, and Connect the Neighborhoods—offer different features and outcomes. Participants of the survey will be able to rate each of these approaches based on how each aligns with their interests, and by seeing how prioritizing an approach affects specific outcomes in the District. Building on this rating, participants will get a chance to allocate money to various parts of the approaches to express their thoughts about priority and importance.

moveDC’s MetroQuest will allow people who participate in the survey to better understand tradeoffs in the context of a citywide transportation plan. The results from the survey will be used, in combination with other public input, to develop a balanced citywide transportation plan addressing many different needs.

In addition to the MetroQuest survey, moveDC has held two rounds of public workshops and administered district-wide survey research. These outreach events have engaged the public to discuss transportation and how it can help build a more prosperous, sustainable, competitive and vital city. A final round of public workshops will occur later in October, where people will have the opportunity re-engage the planning process and share input on the plan’s recommendations. Check www.wemoveDC.org for details.”


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