Washington, DC

304 Carroll Street, NW

Back in Dec. 2012 we learned La Mano Coffee Bar was coming to Takoma. A reader sends word that they’ve started an indiegogo fundraising campaign:

Having already raised the vast majority of capital needed to open, we are seeking $15,000 to help ensure a timely opening and smooth transition into full operational status. We want to make sure we are fully powered, well-staffed and ready for the enthusiastic crowds from day one. Your funds will help us open our doors by:

Covering costs to connect to the electrical service from the public domain outside our front door into our meter inside. We, the small business owners, are responsible for paying Pepco to “flip the switch”. The price to do that is set at their discretion and their time frame. We do not receive any reimbursements, credits, or breaks for paying for this neighborhood improvement, from either our landlord, the city, or Pepco itself. We owe them over $10,000 within 30 days or we will lose permit approval of our request and have to start over from the beginning of the permit process again.

Covering payroll for the hiring and training of our employees. We expect to create eight to ten new jobs in Ward 4 of Washington, D.C.

You can make a contribution and see the rewards here.


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