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  • KenyonDweller

    Love Mad Momos. The dumplings are delicious and the staff is super nice. We always have a great experience there.

    • madmomos

      Dear KenyonDweller, thank you for your continued support. Please introduce yourself to us the next time and we are always open to suggestions and feedback, Sincerely, mad momos

  • andy

    sit up on the second floor deck.

    get the fish momos. i’m a fan.

    beer list is interesting and good.

    my only worry is that sometimes the place seems a little too empty. I want it to succeed!!

    • madmomos

      Dear Andy, Thank you for your kind words. As you know we are located in an up and coming neighborhood. We knew from the beginning that it was going to be tough. However, we are long term residents of the neighborhood and this is where our heart is and this is where we wanted to be located. Hopefully with your continued patronage and word-of-mouth, we will continue to grow. Sincerely, mad momos

  • ledroittiger

    Heard from a Tibetan colleague that it wasn’t that good, but still want to check it out.

    • madmomos

      Dear ledroitiger, thank you for your remarks. mad momos strive to give everyone an enjoyable experience and hope to have an opportunity please your Tibetan friend again. Thank you for still wanting to check us out. We appreciate it, Sincerely, mad momos

  • JB

    I hate to bad mouth a newish place, but I went and it was pretty awful. The service was a complete disaster. They seemed completely confused and overwhelmed. We sat, and it took almost 15 min for someone to get to us. The service was like that the rest of the night. Our food took forever, and when it came out it was kind of cold. The momos were unremarkable. In their defense, the staff did seem really nice and they warned us that the kitchen was running really behind. It could’ve just been that they were new and working out the kinks.

    • madmomos

      Dear JB, Please accept our apologise and thank you for sharing your experience. We honestly try hard to please and we are improving from day to day. The mad momos family would like to say thank you.

  • CoHi Resident

    I’ve been to Mad Momos twice — First time, I decided to swing by, grab some carryout, and finally give it a try. The staff are extremely friendly and nice. I was recommended their Demazong along with two sides – coleslaw and sweet potato fries. For the cost ($15) I was pretty underwhelmed. The dumplings were mediocre, the coleslaw was not good, and the sweet potato fries could have been from a frozen bag at Giant. I don’t know if I’d eat there again.
    The second time I went, though, was for the Homo Momos night. I find the name comical and laugh at it (if you don’t, sorry you have no sense of humor). The drink specials were okay ($5 absolut mixed drinks), the atmosphere was nice – it’s great having a rooftop deck, and service was good. I’d go again for drinks, just not the food.

    • madmomos

      Dear CoHi Resident, Firstly thank you for enjoying homo momo night and thanks for having a sense of humor. Awesome! momos and sweet potato fries are quite difficult when it is a carry out order. A lot of times the food does not taste the same when it gets cold or has to be reheated. Please be reassured that the momos are made in-house with house ground meats. We look forward to seeing you again and hopefully we can serve you a sit down meal, Sincerely mad momos

  • nwesterdly

    As a home-owner neighboring Mad Momos, I really, really want them to do well. Just the type of creative, new business I’d like to see more of on this strip. Every time I’ve gone there, the staff have been super nice and engaging. I love the layout of the space, and how they have events supporting local artists. Not a fan of the huge TVs by the bar, as I’d like to think there are plenty of other venues in the area where sports can be watched. If it weren’t for the TVs, I’d make it/promote it as a regular neighborhood happy-hour place.

    Most of dishes and cocktails I’ve had there have been great – but a little wavering on consistency from the different times I’ve been there. I’ve never been there when its super busy – so can’t comment on how/if service falters.

    Keep up the good work, Mad Momos – just don’t drop the ball….

    • madmomos

      Dear nwesterdly, thank you for your support and words of encouragement. We agree with you that not every dining establishment needs to have TV’s all over the restaurant. We tried to limit our TV “decorations,” lol to only 2 TV’s and strategically located them in one place so that diners who want the convenience can enjoy the TV and vice verse.

  • mad nono’s

    This place looks great, the outdoor spaces are great and the interior is pretty cool and the HH is decent.

    I had a few of the apps and they were pretty bad, tasted like frozen food from giant dropped in the fryer.

    The staff seemed friendly but hugely inexperienced, bartender looked like it was his first time behind any bar ever, looked like a rabbit in the head lights with a total of 4 people at the bar. I asked if any of their beers i hadnt heard of were wheat beers, after some umming and ahhing he just sat the bottles in front of me to read. when my friend got a beer the bartender forgot to open the bottle, after 5 minutes trying to politely get his attention (still only 4 customers) we opened it ourselves.

    2nd visit on a weekday evening we asked to sit outside, there was already a 2 top on the front lower deck and a 2 top on the front upper deck and nobody inside. they tried to seat us on the empty back deck???? When its dead maybe you should put patrons in the same area to create an ambiance?

    I live 3 blocks from here and really want this place to succeed, but they desperately need to hire an experienced manager or at least some experienced bartenders.

    • madmomos

      Dear mad nono’s, Thank you for your support over several visits. We constantly strive to improve the menu and your suggestions for the appetizers are well taken. Please accept our apologies on the inexperience of our bartender. We will certainly try to improve their product knowledge.

      We also agree that on slow days we should try to fit everyone in one area to create an ambience. A lot of times, we tell our guests, welcome to our home and if it is not very busy you are welcome to enjoy any area that is open. Sincerely, mad momos family

  • tmg24

    I really want to love Mad Momos but the service at the bar in particular is just terrible. I’ve gone several times each time hoping the service might improve but only to be disappointed yet again. The food is average. The happy hour specials were better when they first opened. The owners are friendly and welcoming but they need to work on hiring a bartender that is attentive, engaging and works! I went with a couple of friends for happy hour and the bartender never said hello, ignored us for about 15 minutes and when we decided to go elsewhere finally asked us if we wanted a drink and menus. All of this occurred while we were the only 3 people at the bar. I have not been back since then. The space is beautiful and it has great potential but if the service isn’t up to par I’ll take my business elsewhere.

    • madmomos

      Dear tmg24, Thank you and the majority of commentators on PoP who acknowledged the friendly mad momos family. We take your concerns regarding the bartender seriously and we strive to improve. Please feel free to be a mystery shopper and give us feedback in person so that we can regain your business, Sincerely mad momos

  • Dno

    Add me to the list of people who really wanted to like this place, but found the food no better than heated up Trader Joe’s. The deck and interior space are cool though.

    • madmomos

      Dear Dno, Thank you for enjoying the space. We constantly are working on improving the food and hope we can impress you, Sincerely mad momos

  • mpt

    Agree with what others said about the mediocre food and service. And the fact that the banner hanging from the second level balcony says “Thusday” instead of “Thursday” annoys me every time I pass the place!

    • victoria

      I like Thusday – it’s like getting over the whole middle of the week – Tuesday through Thursday – in one day.

      • madmomos

        Dear Victoria, Thank for the laugh, Sincerely, mad momos

    • madmomos

      Dear mpt, Thank you for noticing. That is our mistake for not proof reading the complimentary banner, Sincerely mad momos

  • Anonymous

    The food is just okay, but $2 tall boys during happy hour makes it a good option for hanging out on the roof deck.

    • madmomos

      Dear Anonymous, Thank you, Sincerely, mad momos

  • Alan

    I like it. Honestly the momos did not blow me out of the water, but the place is fantastic and a definite asset to the community.

    • madmomos

      Dear Alan, Thank you for your support. We love our neighborhood and wish the best for everyone who lives here. We took a blighted property with shady activities and transformed it with love and hard work. We have faith and hope that we will be able to continue offering a place for folks to hang out and have a good time. Hope is important and the fact that we are excited to be at work everyday is a good thing. Sincerely, mad momos

  • nwesterdly

    It would be interesting to see if a rep from Mad Momos were to chime in on the discussion…. I’d like this type of candid feedback (good and bad) if I were a local business owner.

    • madmomos

      Dear nwesterdly, we were ignoring, lol, just kidding…Truth be told, we did not know this review was out there. As you can see we want to chime in on the discussion. Good or bad we thank you. We can appreciate the value of all the comments, Sincerely, mad momos

  • lrds

    I always feel like there’s a strange disconnect between the sense of community they portray on their facebook page (tons of photos of patrons) and the actual vibe when I go inside. Echoing earlier comments, if the owners/managers paid as much attention to setting the right level of service and community inside the restaurant vs. with their iPhone, I think it’d be a fantastic spot.

    • madmomos

      Dear lrds, Thank you for your keen observations. We are located in an up and coming neighborhood and the foot traffic is not great. Many days, for instance Tuesday and Wednesdays business is slow. On many other days, weather dependent business can be slow again. The photos you see on Facebook is when we have events and such. We have never tried to portray a sense that it is full every day. Forgive us, if you were misled. We offer a service/added value of having memories captured on film during an event. So you are correct in thinking that the crowd is not always bustling inside. Would we like that? Yes we would. Maybe you can help us by booking your next event or spreading the word. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Sincerely, mad momos

  • Anonymous

    I give them 10 more months..Service is horrific food is iffy prices are too high and now they are changing concepts in mid stream? TV’s and tallboys? Fear is the mind killer and desperation is the restaurant killer. “Title is judging mad momos”..You have been judged!

  • Anonymous

    I, too, wished for the best, but have been disappointed. The momos are awful, the fries are soggy, and the prices are too high. Yes, the place is nice but the food and service dissapoint. Went in with a friend had 4 beers and small plate of Momos only, $68 plus tip!!! C’mon, would you rather me come in ONCE and drop $80 bucks on have me come in perpetuity at $30 or $40 a pop? When Meridian first opened they comped and continue do to so to neighboors.

    • madmomos

      Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your constructive comments. We have always checked the local prices for DC and our immediate neighborhood and we are less expensive than most of the establishments. The discount for neighbors is an interesting thought. Thanks for sharing, Sincerely, mad momos

  • TedT

    Is that area safe? I heard five guys jumped a guy nearby at 13th and Shepherd St. I have been severely disappointed in the amount of assaults in that area recently. Have yet to see or know what the cops are doing.

  • CHSC

    Love they do Homo Momos. Good to have something like that in this part of the city. Hope it really catches on.

    • madmomos

      Dear CHSC, Thank you, Sincely, mad momos

  • 16th St Heights

    Just tried this place on Sunday afternoon. They were out of momos sadly, but sat out in the fabuolous beer garden upstairs and had great fish tacos with an awesome lime cream sauce. I’d heard about the slow service, but our service was great. Will definitely go back.

    • madmomos

      Dear 16th St Heights, Thank you and we look forward to serving you, Sincerely, mad momos

  • S

    I went with 3 friends on Saturday evening. The food was good, the drinks were well made, and our waitress was very nice and attentive. I am really surprised by the negative reactions. Maybe I just got them on a good day?

    • madmomos

      Dear S, Thank you for visiting with us. There are many negative comments and positive ones. Negative comments are welcomed because they make us think and improve. We know that we have not pleased everyone, we know that we have dropped the ball sometimes. However, for every disappointed guest we have had many more who have left happy and thanked us for a good time. We know that many of the happy guests have not taken the time to comment but they have become regulars and we thank them. We wish every day is a good day, Sincerely, mad momos

  • Jake

    These guys do a great job. I love Mad Momos. They are excellent with service, and the food is great. I definitely want them to succeed. Keep up the good work guys!

    • madmomos

      Dear Jake, Thank you for the encouragement. We have more new events coming up and if you have been with us from the begining you will know that we have not changed our concept. From day 1 we have had PBR and TV’s and are excited about our seasonal drinks and food menu. Please come visit and enjoy, Sincerly, mad momos family.

  • Ann

    I’ve eaten here twice and had great experiences both times. We were welcomed at the door right away and both waiters were very attentive (one weekday, one weekend). I liked the Momo’s, and particularly the dipping sauces. We’ve recommended it to several friends who’ve also reported great feedback. It’s never crowded, so while I’d hate to have it overrun and lose its casual feel, I hope to see it thrive!

  • Hottietottie

    Suprised to see all these bad reviews about Momos. I regular mad Momos bar for happy hour on thirsty Thursdays and have never had a bad experience. Cheap drinks, off beat humor, and great ambience. The staff is always very engaging, attentive, and genuinely energetic (I’ve never seen staff that happy and laughing so loud)


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