New Coffee Shop, La Mano Coffee Bar, Coming to Takoma

by Prince Of Petworth — December 12, 2012 at 4:30 pm 8 Comments

304 Carroll St, NW

More good news for Takoma. I’m told:

“It’s a small space (460sq ft) so, once construction gets started, it should go fairly quickly. We’re forecasting a Spring opening.”

The coffee bar will be called La Mano Coffee Bar:

La Mano Coffee Bar is dedicated to bringing artisanally produced coffee beverages, as well as a menu of sweet and savory baked goods and complimentary sides, all prepared in-house, to the Historic Takoma Neighborhood of Washington, D.C. and Maryland. Stay tuned for updates as we set to open our doors in Spring 2013.

  • sarcasm

    oh noes! spanish! how will they ever get customers?

    • Anonymous

      my first thought was, aren’t these guys in maryland?

      it’s funny, i forget that the district line is way east of the takoma metro station. well, at least a little bit east.

      • Anonymous

        Everybody forgets about “Takoma, DC” vs. “Takoma Park, MD” just like “Silver Springs, MD” like Stevie Nicks lived there or something. There’s even a big sign in Takoma, DC on the Gables building proclaiming it to be in Takoma Park now.

  • These guys do a pop-up shop in Trovh every Sunday–you can like them on facebook to get updates on their shop and their pop-ups before then. Totally psyched for this place to open!!

  • jiggy

    i don’t understand takoma. that place will not last. developer need to level that entire block next to the metro. good luck to the owners i will support it…

  • Anonymous


  • MK

    @jiggy, the entire block does not need to go, only the greedy jacka$$ landlord that wants $7,000 in rent every month. These little neighborhood businesses are not going to do that.

  • beabeth

    Great news! I’d like to see more development on the commercial block on 3rd, between Sherman and Rittenhouse.


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