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  • Anonymous

    Oh man I loved Kids Closet! It was my go to spot for presents for my nieces and nephews. I’ll really miss that store and the people who worked there who always helped out a clueless auntie like myself pick out baby stuff.

  • 17thSter

    Another Auntie here. I’d better see if I can get some stuff before all is gone!

  • Jimbo

    I wil miss kids closet too – the store was small but had a good selection perfect for gifts. It was my go to spot downtown where there are not many good places for child gifts. The location didn’t serve them well and they would have done much better on the other side of the circle. The location was a hassle to drive to, had little foot traffic, and didn’t really demand attention at a glance

  • Gee

    Kids Closet is great……I, too am an auntie who shopped there regularly and never failed to find presents

  • Anonymous

    Kid’s Closet used to have some HOTTTT ladies working there. I bet the dads stopped shopping there after the ladies quit. must have killed their business.

  • MBM

    This is my favorite store for kids gifts and am very sad to see it go! It was the only place in the city with a nice mix of new and traditional finds for young kids. And so convenient to pop into as a quick break from work. Not sure where I’ll go now…


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