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  • Anonymous

    So it’s less than 5 years old but the brick is already leaching something or other? Weak.

    • Anonymous

      looks like it’s the concrete sills to me.

      not really that unusual.

      • Maybe not usual… but it’s still unsightly.

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t be too happy if I just plopped down a healthy sum on a new condo. Looks very cheap to me.

  • I biked by the old building–which looked like it used to be a Reggae Club–every day, and enjoyed the funk. Now I ride by the new one and get nothing but an occasional alarmed Yuppie stare.

    • It was a licensed ‘art gallery’ for a bit and would host BYOB live matinee music events. I saw some great punk shows there. Now it is just depressing.

  • This is not an improvement, to my mind.

  • The original structure and the new condo building are forgetable. So “meh” to both of them.

  • zero_sum

    Architecture on Prozac.


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