Props to the Cops – Arrests in “five suspects attacked several citizens in the 1900 block of Calvert Street, NW”

by Prince Of Petworth April 27, 2013 at 10:15 am 16 Comments

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From MPD:

On April 27, 2013, at approximately 2:17 A.M., five suspects attacked several citizens in the 1900 block of Calvert Street, NW. The suspects assaulted the citizens by punching them. During the attack, one of the citizens was robbed of his cellphone and wrist watch.

Several minutes later, the same five suspects attempted to rob a second victim about a block away. The suspects demanded the victim’s watch. When the victim did not immediately comply, the suspects began punching him. The suspects were unable to obtain the victim’s watch, and fled the scene.

A short time later, members of the Metropolitan Police Department stopped three of the suspects. Two of the suspects had fled in an unknown direction and remain at large. After a preliminary investigation was completed, the suspects were arrested and charged with Robbery and Assault with Intent to Rob. The victim’s wrist watch was recovered during the on-scene investigation.

Anyone with additional information regarding these crimes is asked to call the Metropolitan Police Department on (202) 727-9099.

  • This town needs more vigilante-iism.

  • wobble

    Probably juveniles – out on the streets laughing with eachother before the poliece had finished writing up their report. There are young gangs of thugs that come over to Adams-Morgan after nidnite to hassle, beat, and rob the drunks coming out of the bars.

    The more I read about these crimes is that a relatively small number of individuals are commiting the — just doing it a lot. The police know who they are, but have a hard time getting convicitons out of biased DC juries. Each one of the perps is a one-man (one-child) crime wave.

    We will just have to put up with these events until juries of their “peers” start handing out convictions.

    • Anonymous

      Actually I saw a Washington Post article that put these thugs in their 20s.

  • Police also caught one of the perps of a series of daytime robberies that took place around Bloomingdale this past week. The perp came up from behind and grabbed the victim around the neck in a chokehold and then robbed the person.

    The guy arrested is 16.

    I believe there was a second perp, but haven’t heard about a second arrest.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, these same guys beat up a friend of mine that same night. I’ve encouraged him to call the number…as I don’t think he’s been counted among the victims. Wonder if these are connected to the group shanangigans in Bloomingdale/Ledroit of late. One guy over there got his head put through a car window in a similar incident.

    • Anonymous

      what? where did you hear that?

      • Anonymous

        it was on the community newsletter – an email from andy solzberg the police lieutenant responsible for bloomingdale

    • Anonymous

      wow – ridiculous. can’t the city come up with some enticing “after school programs” for these kids? a boxing club or something?

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah, using public money to teach these kids how to throw punches properly sounds like an excellent idea. Let’s also build a shooting range so they can improve their marksmanship.

        • anon

          ^ missed the point

          • Anonymous

            Snap. What was the point then?

          • Anonymous

            These kids clearly have lots of pent-up aggression that needs a safer outlet than beating on random citizens. A boxing club would be one possible way of getting out such aggression in a controlled environment. Please feel free to think of others.

          • Anonymous

            OK, I didn’t miss the point at all, I just don’t agree that that is a good solution. Teaching violence as a solution to violence makes no sense to me, sorry. As far as I can tell, boxing clubs and such are just as likely to feed one’s aggressive tendencies as to calm them. I don’t want to pay for them to be better at it.

          • Boxing clubs don’t pay as well as strong-arm robbery either. There is a financial element to robbing someone, it isn’t simply pent up aggression. Thugs are thugs and as liberal as I am, it’s very naive to always fall back on the misunderstood, neglected youth argument. There are bad people in this world and giving them hugs isn’t going to change that.

  • Anonymous

    We used to see cars park illegally behind our condo late at night on Adams Morgan and groups of young men (Maryland tags) getting liquored up before heading over to wreak havoc on 18th Street. What made them different for any other bunch of numbnuts was when they came back to the car they would blast their music, break beer bottles and occasionally shoot into the air before heading out again.

    • Anonymous

      My apartment faces one of these alleys. This kind of thing goes down all the time late on Saturdays. You are absolutely right bout the the Maryland tags thing. These idiots come in from wack parts of the suburbs and then just dick around in the street until all hours of the night. Its only a late Friday and Saturday night thing. It doesn’t even really make sense to me. Adams Morgan doesn’t even have a single bar I can think of that would attract wanna be gang bangers anymore. No “lounges” or nightclubs per say anymore mostly just shitty top 40 frat party,over priced craft beer, and dive bars. Only thing that comes to mind is all the drunk college girls wandering around. Seems like 18th and columbia is the street hollering destination from all parts crap maryland.


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