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Park Tavern Finally Opens in Navy Yard

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2013 at 4:30 pm 17 Comments

202 M Street, SE

The eagerly anticipated Park Tavern has finally opened at 202 M Street, SE in Navy Yard. Thanks to all who sent emails. Park Tavern joins the recently opened Gordon Biersch brewery near the baseball stadium.

Anyone happen to stop by Park Tavern yesterday?

Ed. Note: This is one of Xavier Cervera’s restaurants that recently sold to a Boston equity firm. Capitol Hill Corner reported:

The equity group that bought out Cervera is reportedly headed by his brother and has other restaurant franchises. Xavier’s brother is currently in Washington and is actively managing the restaurant group. Part of the deal was Xavier’s continued involvement in the management as a consultant.


  • eak

    I got here too late for dinner, but we all had cocktails. We enjoyed them quiet a bit. I’d be more willing to sink the dough once they get their happy hour up and running.

    I’ve heard rave things about the burgers. The menu is pretty ambitious and you can see it here: http://www.jdland.com/dc/file-view.cfm?filename=other/parktavern-130408-menu.jpg

    I’m going to wait to order the fancier stuff until they get their opening kinks ironed out. Their first night opening was not during a ball game. Tonight should be mayhem.

  • manimal

    theres a bar in there? i love it!

  • em

    I biked by there yesterday around 7 pm – didn’t realize it was opening night! It looked good – a nice-sized crowd on the patio, lovely setting, etc. I didn’t stop in to partake, but the folks there looked happy.

  • EvilStevie

    Can we get more of the back story on Xavier and his brother’s equity firm? 8th Street could be in trouble if that relationship ever goes sour.

    • Anonymous

      I think 8th Street would survive. I’ve always thought of Xavier’s restaurants as filler; they absorb the spaces between other restaurants and retail on Barracks Row but don’t contribute to the character of the neighborhood.

      • +1

        • Anonymous

          I see this sentiment expressed a lot on blogs. And yet… his places are all thriving and his empire is growing, despite hipster eye-rolling over them because they aren’t Toki Underground. Funny that.

          I have a lot of issues with the level of service at the guys’ restaurants, which are typically very under staffed. But the food is decent (in some cases quite good) and consistent. The beer selection is solid. The decor is inviting and comfortable. Amazing how a formula like that could lead to profitability while the “character” spots like the old Hawk N’ Dove go belly up. Somebody must be going.

  • Anonymous

    the area should have an Old Navy.

    • Matt

      It does, it’s called the USS Barry… Heyohhhh (also John Kerry’s switfboat is there too)

      • Ronald

        slow claps for everyone

  • that was the 5th worst neighborhood in the nation, a few years ago

    • According to whom? Southern Living? Highlights? Because I’ll be damned if I let Goofus OR Gallant tell me where I can live.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t decide if I love or hate the design. Looks a little fancy for post-baseball when you’re in sweaty t-shirts and flip flops, but anything in that neighborhood is good news.

    • Anonymous

      You know, thousands of people live and work in the neighborhood even when there aren’t baseball games going on, right? Not everything has to be a sports bar just because there is a baseball stadium.

      • jes

        A hearty +1 from someone who lives there!

  • Anonymous

    Went for the soft open. The food was really good. Octopus was a surprising highlight. The prices were also more affordable than I would have guessed. Will be back often.


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