Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken Soft Opens Downtown – Check Out the Opening Menu

by Prince Of Petworth April 8, 2013 at 10:30 am 15 Comments

1308 G Street, NW

Following on the heels of GBD which opened last week in Dupont, Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken opened at 1308 G Street, NW. From a press release:

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, a casual yet refined take on two comfort food classics – fried chicken and doughnuts – will open for business on April 8 at 1308 G Street, NW Washington, DC. After several months of catering and pop-up sales, pastry Chef Jason Gehring, formerly of Fiola, The Charleston and Cinghiale in Baltimore, and Poste Moderne Brasserie, has had the opportunity to test a variety of flavors and is excited to serve his evolving array of haute doughnuts, fried chicken, side dishes and one specialty sandwich. Astro will exclusively serve artisan drip coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company, as well as sparkling and flavored waters. Sourcing some of the finest ingredients available, including Benton’s Bacon, locally raised, free range chicken, Valrhona chocolate, King Arthur flour, and Plugrá butter to name a few, Chef Gehring will vary seasonal doughnut flavors based on fruit and produce availability from local farmers.

During the opening week of April 8 – 12, Astro will have limited hours, opening at 8:00 a.m. until all doughnuts and fried chicken are sold out. On opening day, the first 200 people in line will receive one free doughnut with any purchase, while the first 50 people in line for lunch will receive a complimentary side with any chicken purchase. All lunch sales, including chicken, sides and the chicken and doughnut sandwich will begin at 11:00 a.m. After the soft opening week, regular operating hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Below is the opening menu.

See the menu after the jump.


· Fried Chicken: 2 pieces for $5.25; 4 pieces for $10, 8 pieces for $18.50; 3 chicken tenders for $5.

o Traditional buttermilk – Chef Jason’s family recipe
o Korean style – double fried
§ Spicy Garlic – Korean chili paste and garlic glaze
§ Sriracha – Spicy Asian glaze

· Chicken BLT: $7

o Cheddar and chive doughnut with buttermilk fried chicken, Benton’s bacon, lettuce, tomato and Sriracha mayo.

· Doughnuts: Prices range from $2.25 to $2.85 per piece, and one-dozen orders will include the 12th doughnut on the house.

· Sides: $1.95 per 6 oz. container

o Potato salad
o Asian Slaw

Daily Selection (available every day)

· Vanilla Glazed – vanilla bean glaze ($2.25)
· Brooklyn Blackout – devil’s food cake, chocolate glaze, cookie crumbs ($2.50)
· Maple Bacon – maple glaze, Benton’s bacon ($2.50)
· Peanut Butter & Jelly – strawberry jelly, peanut butter glaze ($2.85)
· Crème Brulée – vanilla custard, bruléed vanilla glaze ($2.85)
· Twink-nut – golden vanilla cake, buttercream filling, vanilla glaze ($2.50)
· Seasonal: **In honor of the Cherry Blossom Festival, a specialty doughnut filled with black cherry compote and an Earl Grey tea glaze will be available every day through April 14 for $2.85.


· Lemon Blueberry – blueberry cake, lemon glaze, streusel ($2.50)
· Pistachio – pistachio glaze and crumble, chocolate drizzle ($2.25)
· Salted Caramel – caramel glaze, almonds, fleur de sel ($2.25)
· Applesauce – cinnamon dough, apple compote, caramel glaze ($2.85)
· Lemon Passion Fruit – lemon curd, passion fruit glaze ($2.85)


· Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – chocolate chip cake, peanut butter glaze, cookie crumbs ($2.50)
· Saigon Cinnamon – cinnamon dough, cinnamon glaze ($2.25)
· Espresso – espresso dough, espresso glaze ($2.25)
· White chocolate mocha – espresso dough, white ganache, espresso glaze ($2.85)
· Creamsicle – orange curd, blood orange glaze ($2.85)


· Pumpkin – pumpkin raisin cake, maple glaze, gingersnap crumbs ($2.50)
· Carrot Cake – carrot dough, cream cheese glaze, pecans ($2.25)
· Piña Colada – pineapple compote, coconut glaze ($2.85)
· Boston Cream – vanilla custard, chocolate glaze ($2.85)
· Triple Chocolate – chocolate dough, chocolate custard, chocolate glaze ($2.85)


· Banana Nut – banana cake, mascarpone glaze, pecans ($2.50)
· Gingerbread – gingerbread dough, gingerbread glaze ($2.25)
· Grapefruit – pink grapefruit glaze ($2.25)
· Black & White – chocolate dough, white ganache, vanilla glaze ($2.85)
· Gianduia – chocolate dough, chocolate custard, hazelnut glaze ($2.85)


· Chocolate Glazed – Valrhona chocolate glaze ($2.25)
· Pecan – butterscotch glaze, pecans ($2.25)
· Mocha – espresso dough, chocolate custard, espresso glaze ($2.85)
· Oatmeal raisin – oatmeal dough, buttercream filling, granola crumbs ($2.85)
· S’Mores – chocolate cake doughnut, dark chocolate glaze, graham cracker crumbs, meringue ($2.50)


o Panna Water: $1.75
o San Pellegrino Aranciata: $1.75.
o Coffee: Brooklyn Roasting Company: $2.15/12 oz.; $2.50/16 oz.

  • Anonymous

    O.o That’s a dangerous lineup…for my backside. Yum!

  • Anonymous

    Wish these people all the best.

    But, do these hours make no sense for this kind of place? Closes at 6:00pm and no weekend hours. Basically, this is an office lunch spot.

    This seems like the kind of place you stumble into after a long day at the office or when your kicking back on the weekends. Not the kind of place you want to pile on 1,000+ calories and then head back to the office.

    • Anonymous

      Right? I couldn’t imagine gorging myself on fried chicken, donuts and junk then heading back to the office for a three hour meeting. Gross.

  • Anonymous

    So almost $30 for a dozen donuts? If they don’t offer a serious quantity discount, they can keep their donuts!

  • AA

    So ANNOYED that none of these donut places have weekend hours for when you actually want a donut… in the AM! Seriously, at a minimum, couldn’t they consider being open on Sat or Sun just for brunch hours?

    Even GBD doesn’t open until 10 on Saturday. I know most people sleep in, but can’t a girl get a high end donut at say, 8 am? Really, it’s donut’s people!

    • Agreed. But then again these aren’t real donut shops; they’re high-end gimmicks.

      I have no idea how they expect to survive on this business model. Folks want donuts in the morning, starting at 630am. Duh.

      • Anonymous

        Agree, zero_sum. Don’t expect these places to stay in business long.

        I heard that the Sweet Lobby was going out of business, and my reaction was “with those hours? and all that fancy custom packaging? Surprised it didn’t happen sooner.”

      • Very true. Gimmickry is the lifeblood of so many new bars and restaurants in the city.

    • Margaret

      Doughnut Plant in NYC has figured out how to make money off of doughnuts: http://doughnutplant.com/ Not only are they amazing, but they consider themselves to be a doughnut shop. Only with fancy flavors.

  • Anonymous

    Chicken and donuts are SO the new froyo! Totally!!

    • Chicken-fried cupcake flavored donuts (with a fro-yo filling) are the new HOTNESS in 2013!

      • Anonymous


  • BW

    I was just there a couple of hours ago. These guys couldn’t even keep up with the demand, the line was down the street. More importantly though is their constant launch failures. They were supposed to be open in January, the store itself is just a bar, oven and two racks for chicken and doughnuts (what could have possibly taken that long to build). Even thought they only had a certain number of items they were pretty slow going.

    I suppose they’re just beginning and its a work in progress but it just seems they have underestimated many things. The product is good though. Tasty.

  • Anonymous

    Typical DC. Way overpriced and yet still crazy busy. I mean, a glazed donut for $2.25? Are they trying to troll me?

  • Those are horrible hours! Basically denies anyone who doesn’t work or live in the immediate area!


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