Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 8, 2013 at 10:00 am 150 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: RIP Margaret Thatcher

    • Rant: Rose tinted glasses.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t get it.

        • My observation is that Maggie is a lot more popular outside of the UK than among the people who actually had to live with her policies.

          • Idaho Ave

            Yes, Thatcher is a moder pioneer of class war against the poor. She is responsible for millions of deaths in the UK and around the world do to her policies of poverty for most, riches for my friends.


          • I would say this is a very fair statement.

          • TG

            Idaho Ave, what do you do for a living. I am just curious because your anti-establishment rants are always amusing to me (I don’t mean that in a condescending way).

          • Idaho Ave

            No worries, not taken in a condescending manner at all…. I am a big anti capitalist…unfortunately we are all stuck with this system until we can create a better one/alternative one (which I believe we are on the verge of seeing the beginnings of). I work in Sales/Marketing at rather large, well known construction company in the area. Its a pretty bizarre set up … dealing with profit over people all day long and then social justice, worker rights issues all night and weekend.

        • Anonymous

          I keep picturing Idaho Ave as Rik from The Young Ones.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Lady infection. Ugh

    • Anonymous

      Is that a band?

    • Wait a minute….lol

  • Rave: Great weekend weather.

    Rave: The date with Gorgeous Girl happened on Saturday. She brought her sister. Had a great time.

    • Anon

      Brought her sister? Is that really a date?

      • different anon

        You took the words right out of my mouth.

      • I believe they me online, right?
        If so, I understand the girl trying to be on the safe side and bring someone with her. While not ideal, if the two had never met in person before, it’s not a the worst idea to bring someone to be safe.

        Glad the date went well!

        • I’m pretty sure she brought her sister because she wanted another impression of me. Her sister was really into trying the ramen spot as well. The food was 100% excellent and the staff there was perfect to us. I had a few friends show up half way through our dinner that I went out and partied with that night. She wanted to join us for later that night, but her sister said she needed a D.D. for a party she was going to that night. I thought that was kind of funny, but figured they wanted to talk about me immediately after the dinner date. Her and her sister are pretty close…

          That being said it was pretty obvious to me that there was chemistry, she was a little nervous which was refreshing in a city of often “overconfident” women. We didn’t really get to talk much because her sister was asking me the most questions, but we discussed options for another solo meet-up.

          I couldn’t ask for more. Score one for being patient and letting the hand of fate take it’s course! ;)

          • jerseygirl

            glad you had a good time! hope the next date is solo and soon.

            which ramen restaurant?

          • Hey Jerseygirl,

            The place is Sakuramen in Adams Morgan. Highly recommended. The Shoki Bowl is amazing, as well as their Bulgogi Buns, probably the only reason why I’d brave the Adams Morgan parking mess!

          • jerseygirl

            thanks! i will have to check it out. AND:

            Rave: jack5’s RROR dating soap opera is the highlight of my day. I’m rooting for you!

            Rave: spring weather!

            Rant: my office is still so cold, i have to keep my space heater on.

        • Hah, There is a long back-story in prior RROR posts… We didn’t meet online, I used to frequent a restaurant she worked at in DC and she would always hang out near to me when I ate there, we talked while I ate… I figured she was too young for me, she is 24 and I’m 38… But once she stopped working at the restaurant I decided to use the email address she gave me as a business contact to ask her out. :)

      • Haha… You guys are tough!

        If things work out, It will really be funny to show these posts to her after a few months to remind her of the hard time she gave me in getting to know her, I don’t think she’s ready for this level of “realness” at the moment…

    • florista

      Jack5, I’m rooting for you. Seriously, I am. But the gorgeous girl who ‘might’ be at the meeting place and brings her sister-red alert! Sounds like a person who’s really needy/damaged (scared to agree to meet; so timid needed support person to come along). Is all your effort pursuing her-along with having to explain away her ‘quirks’ worth losing your identity? Because if successful, her sole lean-on person will end up being you. Big sacrifice, even for somebody ‘gorgeous.’ You sound like a person of more substance than that.

      • I gotta agree with florista on this. Bringing the sister sounds very disrespectful to you, esp. as it didn’t enable you to get to know her better since her sister did most of the talking. You deserve someone who wants to get to know you.

      • Thanks for the words of caution Florista,

        I had usually been a cynical DC personality. I had been avoiding getting into a serious relationship for a few years now because I trusted no one after being in a few bad relationships. For many years I just focused on my job, and worked to renovate my house over the past 4 years… I was working to get over a relationship that didn’t work. I always knew that the way to happiness was being able to trust people again, I had to find the right qualities in a woman that created a spark with me (which are very rare). This one did. The first day I met this girl about 2 years ago (where she was working) her personality struck me as the kind of personality I could get along with because she would always look at me after she said something funny to see if it made me laugh.

        I have dated girls who have brought their family members on the first date, it usually happens with people who are either close to their family or people who are a little cautious. But I actually take that as a positive thing, if things don’t work out, I’ll be fine as well, at this age, my only responsibility in life is to find lasting and real happiness. I’m just getting back into the dating game after years of being cynical and jaded, and I’ve got nothing to lose at this stage, I’m much wiser and much more smooth/experienced with dating than I used to be. ;)

        • L

          I agree Jack5. Sometimes you just gotta give people a chance. It may not work out, you may find out she’s a crazy person, or maybe she’s freaking awesome. If you think someone’s got potential, relax and give them a chance.

      • Anonymous

        +1 Too much hassle…

    • What in the fresh hell!??! Brought her sister? Are they literally attached at the hip or something? LMAO

      • anon

        LOL, PeachyKeen!

        I think Jack5 should ask *you* out. (Although I’m not sure he’s worthy of you.)

      • Haha, Ouch! :P

        • Dont listen to Anon jack5.
          Age aint nothing but a number. lol *waves shyly*
          But seriously why did she bring her sister?
          That reminds me of the time my friend asked me to go to Ikea with her only to find out she was meeting someone for a date. Imagine my chagrin when we get there and I find out it’s a first date for her and some dude in a smedium shirt…ugh
          I hate being a third wheel.

          • Anon

            I am not sure which is worse, that she brought you along on her date, or that the date was at ikea.

          • She comes from overseas, only been in the US for a couple of years. I think in her homeland it’s common to bring family members out for first dates.

            Her bringing her sister was kind of endearing to me in a way, reminded me of dating in high school… I’m really good at making the “3rd wheel” feel comfortable on a date though… I knew her sister had to like me for the meet-up to go well. Sheesh! It was just the 1st date folks, it wasn’t like we were going to have a “makeout fest” and then a hump back at my shack while her sister waited on the couch, that’s usually the 3rd date! :P

          • anon

            Jack5, didn’t you say in some previous post that you like to get both your car and your house cleaned up before a first date? Now why would you need to get your house cleaned up, hmm?


          • Bow chica wow wow lol

          • Anon it was just awful…then tried to buy me a horse meat hotdog…umm no thanks

          • anon

            You accompanied your friend on an IKEA trip that turned out to be a date with someone else, and all she got you was a hotdog?!?

            She at least could’ve sprung for the Swedish meatballs.

          • I actually did clean my house in advance because it helps with confidence in a subconscious way. If she decided she wanted to see where I lived, or chose to go out with us later, chances are that she would be judging the cleanliness of my car or house…

            I love the term “smedium” though, I need to integrate that into my vocabulary peachykeen.

          • I had the weirdest third wheel experience! I asked this girl for lunch (probably 2nd date) and this time she brought a girlfriend. It was obvious that she was looking for approval and I did my best, we all had fun, laughed a lot. What was not obvious at the time (naive Pablo as always) and I only realized later… is that her girlfriend was also interested in her! We went out a couple more times and then she disappeared. Oh well, she was really pretty.

          • Sorry to hear that Pablo,

            Yeah, I’ve noticed when they bring a friend rather than family they’re looking for a way out. Dating is totally unpredictable though, but I like to always think of dating as “waiting for planets to align”, it just happens without us specifically doing anything. A good date should be effortless once it is set up, it worked out for me this time and I’m pretty surprised that it did, who knows what the future holds for us all…

  • RANT: had to drive to the post office to pick up certified mail this morning, and it took 20 minutes to get my letter and then 30 minutes after that to get to work. and then, of course, I had to pay for parking rather than metro.

    LARGER RANT: the certified mail was a fine from DPW for trash in our driveway. The bottles, cans, etc are courtesy of folks who like to hang out in our alley, drink, and pee wherever — and they toss their litter in our driveway. we clean it out periodically, but mostly ignore it because it’s a recurring problem. so I think the only option is to “admit” because it’s not like we can produce proof that a bunch of drunk pricks are littering in our driveway. At least the fine is only $75, but UGH!

    Rave….productive weekend? nice weather? Caps win? I’m working on it….

    • Anonymous

      Not to sound scoldy, but if you had been reporting the loiterers/ litterers to the police and your councilmember on a regular basis, you WOULD have proof. And a complaint. And be $75 richer.

      Do your civic duty. Report the lawbreakers, even if they’re only “little” laws. It benefits us all in the long run.

      • Fair point, but we’re not out back much and rarely see it, other than the evidence after the fact of urine smell and tossed cans/bottles. Not sure we can report that.

      • Anonymous

        How do you report it? I am afraid we will have a similar problem this summer in our alley…

    • that stinks – we have people who do similar near us in an abandoned lot (except they also sleep off their stoopers there many times) and the police can’t do anything about it because it’s not our property – I’d imagine similar with an alley.
      I hope it gets better, but it might be worth contacting your ANC person

    • Anonymous

      I recommend reporting problems through the MPD district Yahoo listserv. MPD does a great job responding to quality of life complaints by sending patrols through areas where people report drinking/drugs in alleys or on the street. Failing that, contact your ANC rep.

      As pointed out above, it creates a record if you can’t clean it up.

      Good luck!

    • anon

      I’m afraid I can’t really be sympathetic about this.

      Yes, it sucks that drunk jerks are littering in your driveway… but that doesn’t make it any less your responsibility to keep your driveway clean.

      Your driveway being clean won’t stop them from throwing new litter… but the presence of existing litter only invites more litter.

    • Anonymous

      Can you leave a trashcan somewhere nearby? I keep my trash and recycling cans in the alley behind my house and the drunks are actually really good about putting their cans in the recycling.

      • Our trash gets picked up in front of our house, rather than the alley. So we could do that, but then we’d need to take the trash around the block to the front of our house for pickup.

        And we do have a gate (in response to below poster), but it’s between the driveway and the rest of our back yard. We had a new door with a deadbolt installed a year or two ago after our bikes got stolen from under our porch. We’d probably have to get some kind of large free-standing garage-door type thing to block access to the driveway & still be able to park our cars back there.

        Thanks all, though, for suggesting contacting our ANC rep. MPD patrolls the alley with some regularity, so I’m not sure if they’ll come more frequently (or if that would even help). We’ll get in touch with our ANC rep and go from there.

        • Anonymous

          Mine gets picked up in the front of the house too, but it’s really not a big deal moving it over from the alley. I wouldn’t want to see those cans in my front yard every day anyway!

    • Manimal

      That does suck. Can you get a solid gate?

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Cherry Blossom 10 miler. What a beautiful morning. Thanks to all the volunteers, both at the Expo and at the race, for their good cheer and encouragement!

  • Anonymous

    Revel: Hoorah for Spring! FINALLY!!!!!

    • anon

      +1. And it’s about time!!

  • Rave: So happy at how gorgeous Le Diplomat’s renovation has turned out. What a beautiful addition to 14th Street. And perfect weather for going.

    Rant: Got sick at work on Friday, a lovely woman helped me and figured I was pregnant. I then tried to explain to a colleague on the same hallway (the same lady who wished me a Happy Hanukkah on Good Friday because I don’t celebrate Easter) who was watching me get sick in a hallway trash can why I would appreciate her not saying anything. She then blurts out in front of her whole office, “don’t tell anyone what? that you’re pregnant?” And now EVERY time I walk by her door, she comes out to talk to me about it. I understand, she’s soooo excited for me and that’s sweet, but she doesn’t get it. I had planned on not telling my office until waaaaay later, but I might have to sooner than I wanted to avoid her doing the honors for me.

    Rave: a boss who has asked if she could talk to this woman to try to get her to stop. And on Friday, she got me ginger ale and saltines. I’m fortunate to have a great boss who is supportive but cautiously so (not overly excited). Once this is over, I need to get her a good thank you gift because many bosses wouldn’t be this great including my previous one.

    • Anon

      Do you think you are overthinking a bit? Can you just tell the woman that helped you to keep it hush, as you weren’t planning on breaking the news just yet?

      • i’ve said this to her 5 times now as directly as possible – on my way in, she stopped me in the hallway and I re-told her how it’s still early and I’d appreciate it if we could keep this between just us for a bit longer. She kept on going. I truly don’t think she understands the concept of what I’m asking her to do regardless of the topic.

        • In the most respectful way possible, I think this may be an example of a time when women think they are being very clear, but perhaps not enough so.

          It sounds like this women is a bit off, and is having a hard time containing herself/her excitement/whatever. What I would do (as a man) is next time I see her in private, to say that you are sorry she saw what she saw, but that you are not going to tell the rest of the office for a few more months. Tell her you expect her to respect her privacy, and that she cannot speak about the matter any further to anyone. Be VERY VERY clear.

          • Again, meant in the nicest way possible, and certainly believe that you should be able to tell your co-workers about your upcoming baby on your terms. Best of luck!

          • Oh, I understand – this morning I told her (paraphrase) “I appreciate your excitement, but it is still very early in my pregnancy and I would appreciate it you would keep what you saw and heard between you and me so that I can decide when to let my coworkers know if god willing the pregnancy continues to go well” Nope, over her head.

            The woman who actually helped me while I was puking TOTALLY understood. I don’t know who she was, she was walking by and stopped to help me. I just think the woman in my hallway is a functional idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Spring! Spent all weekend outdoors and it was lovely

    Rant: Ladies of Popville, where do you buy cute, comfy flats? I bought a nice pair from J Crew (the perfect shade of light brown, sigh) a few weeks ago, finally wore them over the weekend and they destroyed my feet :-( Seriously the most uncomfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. Such a waste a money. Looking for more comfortable and cheaper alternative. Perhaps I should try this Comfort One store I hear so much about…

    • Caroline

      I’d like some recommendations. The sidewalks really eat up my heels, but I’ve never found a pair of flats that were as comfortable.

    • Madewell has some very cute flats and a friend swears by them.

      I was in there and thought they were cute and seemed…well made.

    • The comfiest flats I own are Steve Madden flats I bought at DSW 3 years ago. The soles haven’t even worn down yet, even though I wear them all summer.

    • Anonymous

      I have a pair of Ecco flats that are reasonably comfy, and some people mentioned Rockport flats last week.

      But this was one of my questions today. Outside of ballet flats, what are cute spring/fall shoes that you can wear to walk in all day? I’ve got boots for winter and sandals for summer covered, but am at a loss in the transition.

      • Anonymous

        Yes! This is my dilemma. I know… first world problems, but damn I hate wasting money on uncomfortable, unwearable shoes.

    • My favorite flats are Marc Joseph and Elaine Turner – both not cheap, but also not cheaply made. I love my Marc Joseph loafers. Definitely recommend checking them out online.

    • Cute comfy flats: So far my biggest luck has been with Naturalizer and Rockport. I wear wides so that narrows my field. I’ve had two pairs of Naturalizers last me almost a year and a half of frequent wearing and I just purchased a pair of Rockport, pointy-toed flats from Zappos that are great and stylish.

    • maria

      I swear by JCrew loafers and ballet flats, but also had some luck getting flats with a 1/2″ heel at DSW. For me for shoes to be comfortable i need two things – a super flexible sole, and some heel – even a built in platform that JCrew does in their leather flats.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, those were the flats I bought from J Crew that ended up being uncomfortable! The ones with the built in platform. I tried them on in the store and they seemed great. But when I wore them outside walking around they started cutting into the back of heel (to the point that I started bleeding) and caused blisters on the top of my toes. I guess I should have bought a larger size, but they felt fine (almost too big) in the store. Ugh, evil shoes.

        • Anonymous

          That usually happens to me with new shoes, but if I wear them for short time periods to toughen up the spots where they rub, they end up being fine. SO you might want to give them another go when your wounds heal!

          • maria

            yeah, all my new shoes need breaking in. Or two layers of bandaids in rubbing spots just in case.

          • Anon

            Ditto. Vaseline helps a lot though (although it’s a little icky), but rubbing on your heels or the places that chafe and hurt, at least until they are broken in helps some.

        • Anonymous

          Try Body Glide on the chafing spots (and the heel rubbing areas). It’s better than vaseline because it’s not goopy and really gets you through the difficult first few wears. Using this is one of the best fashion tips I’ve ever received.

    • Anonymous

      I like Rieker or Taos. They are the most comfortable shoes and so worth the price.

    • After being hobbled for a month (so far) with planter faschiitis I can’t urge good shoes strongly enough! Although in my case, a lifetime of ugly orthopedic type shoes with orthodics doesn’t seem to have prevented it!

    • I have major bone issues, and have found Tom’s to be the best for walking. I get a new pair each seasons, as they wear out quickly. My new spring ones (crocheted design) are supposed to come tomorrow, yay!

    • aohk


      A few months ago I got fed up with all of my flats being horribly uncomfortable and falling apart within a few months of wearing them (I wear flats almost every day, and walk at least 1.5 miles per day getting to and from the metro and work). So after doing a bunch of research I decided to try the Tieks flats– they are very well padded on the balls of my feet and heels, where I need it most, so are INCREDIBLY comfortable. I’ve worn them several times a week for months, in my daily walking to-and-from work/metro/out to bars/shopping, as well as on trips to San Diego and New Orleans where I would spend entire days walking around. They look just as good as when I got them (no scuffs even, which is a miracle because I’m always tripping). HIGHLY recommend.

      • Anonymous

        Those look really cute, thanks!

        • Anonymous

          I guess they’re cute, but they look more like commuting shoes than something that’s work (or otherwise) appropriate.

    • Blithe

      Ecco, Naot, Clark’s, and Arche are favs. I have a wonderful pair of flats by Merrell — but I can get by with pretty casual flats. Try Zappos – the selection is enormous and I’ve found the comments and ratings to be extremely helpful.

    • Anonymous

      Born, a Swedish brand, are excellent and seem to only get better with age.

    • Anonymous

      I find that every Spring Nine West comes out with one or two pairs of well-made, soft, leather flats. The trick is being able to find them among the sea of hooker-heels!

      A couple of seasons ago I fell in love with these:

      They were sooooooooooo comfy. They do wear out quickly but like someone else mentioned, I walk about 1-2 miles a day in them so that’s to be expected I guess. Just go into the store and look for the flats that feel the softest. Also, if they pinch somewhere nine west with stretch them out for you. Good luck!!

    • anon

      They are pretty pricey and considered obnoxious by some, but my Tory Burch reva ballerina flats are THE most comfortable flats I’ve ever owned. Well worth the hefty price tag.

      • neither pair of my Tory Burch shoes have held up at all – they both fell apart. I was super pissed.

    • k8buggz

      For me, unfortunately, it takes a while of breaking in before I know for sure if a pair is comfy or not. Vaseline or bodyglide helps ease the breaking in process, and I also buy back of heel cushions, too, which help (although sometimes they don’t stick). I have two pairs of Skechers I love (bought a long time ago, but didn’t really wear until last summer), and am trying to break in some leather hush puppies with a small heel. They are really stiff (twss) and I’ve been wearing them with socks and still getting blisters, so I’m not sure they are going to work.

      But my main issue is that my flats reek something nasty. The skechers in particular. I guess it’s because of not wearing socks to absorb sweat. I’ve tried to wash them, and I’ve also tried to use baby powder, but that turns into a mess. A friend recommended baking soda, so I’m going to try that, as well. They aren’t worn out at all, so I’d like to keep wearing them, but man do they stink!

      • Anon

        Might sound strange but try using a deodorant on your feet, and also try those little really low cut socks you can wear with flats.

    • Anonymous

      Wow thanks for all the recommendations ladies!! Looking forward to browsing Zappos during my lunch hour :-)

    • KristenDub

      The Michael Kors Fulton flats have been my go to for a couple years now. They are kind of loafer-like. The rubber sole makes them super comfortable and they are easy to break in. Come in many colors.

    • Anonymous

      What about non-flats? Do any stylish or cute shoes you can wear with socks exist?

      • maria

        no. or at least, not during warm months.

  • Rave: Great Weather!!

    Rant: Someone hit my parked motorcycle last night in Cleveland Park. He was cool and stuck around and we exchanged info, but it means I won’t have my bike for 2+ weeks during the BEST riding weather as it will be in the shop. Special note to all popville readers, please check all around your vehicles before “assuming” there is nothing behind you. :)

    • Anon

      Amazed someone actually stuck around for that.

      • I was surprised myself, but I was eating dinner and it just happened. Waiter came and grabbed me and told me he saw it happen

  • Anonymous

    Rant: What is it with people in this town and while standing or walking on the street, they walk two inches from you or cut in front of you while walking and not saying excuse me or even acknowledging the fact that a person is standing there? This happens more often than I care to think about. Are individuals that self-absorbed and/or discourteous?

    Rave: This beautiful weather!

    • Anonymous

      Are you meandering down the middle of a narrow sidewalk? Are you having a leisurely chat with a friend at a distance of i’m-not-gay? Because if so, I might be getting close to you, or cutting you off, or whatever. I have places to be, and I conduct my socializing at bars and my idyllic springtime moseys in RCP.

      • Anonymous

        Nope. Often this happens when I am standing at the bus stop. Individuals will walk about two inches in front of me when there is plenty of sidewalk behind the bus stop. When I am walking, and I have a normal to fast gait, someone, particularly this chick last week, crossed right in front of me and not fast enough and I almost took out her right shoe. I do all the right things such as not meander, walk on the right side of the sidewalk and there are just these clueless self-absorbed folks that have no regard for anyone else. Oh, and those plastered to their cell phones.

    • Or “Phone Zombies” as I call them, people so stuck into their phone screens that they walk right into me, they’re just asking to be hit by a car… It’s really beginning to get bad around this area, especially at the mall. People don’t pay attention any more to others around them.

    • S

      Hmm, I cut around people a lot without saying excuse me unless I happen to brush against them. I figure I would seem rude like I was yelling “excuuuse me” or something. I guess that’s something I should think about.

      If this is happening to you a lot though, you might try being a little more conscious of how you walk.. perhaps you’re meandering or walking in the middle of the sidewalk.

      • Anonymous

        Nope. Not a meanderer and I walk with the traffic, on the right side of the sidewalk with a normal to quick gait.

  • Caroline

    Rave: I was in Florida last week and brought the beautiful weather back with me (you’re welcome).

    Rant: I like Bikram yoga but hate how it takes two days to get re-hydrated after doing it.

  • Anonymous

    Double Rant:
    1. Slightly upset over the comments on the article about the stabbing at Chipotle. Too many people saying “well that’s just Columbia Heights, can’t wait to hear about all the action this summer!” Makes me sad.

    2. Locals complaining about people coming for the cherry blossoms. Was at the tidal basin yesterday and it was obviously busy. Part of my walk was behind a group of young people complaining “how is this even worth coming to DC for?”

    • Anonymous

      I can understand that comment– it’s not like you can’t see cherry blossoms elsewhere, and I don’t think the related festivities are worth dealing with the crowds and expensive hotel prices. Makes me appreciate being a local even more. :)

      • Manimal

        when you’re down there and everything is in full bloom it’s a pretty glorious sight and feeling that you just can’t get anywhere else.

    • anon

      I love the cherry blossoms… but the hordes of tourists can be frustrating for residents to deal with.

      • Be thankful for all the millions brought in by the cherry blossoms. Any city in the US would love to have this problem!

        • anon

          I would be more thankful if I thought the D.C. government did a better job in stewarding the $$ that comes in from tourists (and from D.C. taxpayers).

    • Marcus Aurelius

      It’s all about timing. I have been down and around the tidal basin when the blossoms are in full bloom and it’s gorgeous. But I was down there yesterday running the 10 miler and the state of the blossoms was underwhelming. They have not hit their peak yet.

  • Rave: Hill billy fixed (for now)!

    Rave: Kitty cat no longer sick!! No more cat snot!!!

  • MtP Gal

    Rant: My little baby girl keeps falling farther and farther behind on the growth charts. Now she hasn’t gained any weight at all in 3 weeks and I’m trying not to freak out. Headed to the doc this afternoon and hoping all is well.

    • Anonymous

      Hope all is well.

    • TG

      Try not to freak out. Kids develop dfferently. If she is an infant I don’t think these are predictors for her size and weight when she is physically mature. As long as she is getting enough nourishment don’t sweat it.

    • Meg

      My son has always been a small fry. I don’t think he was ever bigger than 25% on the growth chart for weight. But he ate like champ, was happy and satisfied. Most importantly, my doctor was old school and said that as long as he was hitting milestones and sleeping well, there was nothing to worry about. Childhood obesity is more of a problem than kids that are too small. But I get it – I fretted over his weight daily when he was younger.

    • MtP Gal

      Thank you all so much for the support. I’m always impressed by how kind folks like you in Popville can be, and today I really needed it.

  • Not TG

    A co-worker my have discovered my PoPville alias. I would hate to have to change it. Must go to plan B, figuring out how to get her fired.

    • maria

      Hahahahahaha, I like your Plan B.

    • Or you could put out a hit on your coworker, probably easier than getting her fired.

      • Reallly somebody different than TG

        I have already taken the liberty of inviting her to lunch at Chipoltle in Columbia Heights.

        • Anon

          Hee, that was awesome.

    • Anonymous

      How did she find out? I worry about that too, thought I think my coworkers are well outside the PoPville demographic.

      • So Not TG

        I think she found out because I provided a personal detail in a comment that I had also recounted to her in person. Probably further outing myself as we speak. No big deal but I prefer being anonymous if for no other reason than revealing how much time I spend perusing this site.

    • Ha…I would go to the WuTang Name generator and find a new alias lol

    • happened to me, too. totally sucks!

  • anonima

    i actually live in fear of this (more friends figuring me out than coworkers, but you know), so I have 2 i switch between.

  • L

    Rave: Thanks to all on PoP for their advice, etc. on the housing search on Friday (I posted saying our landlord wants to sell our awesome condo). Had a meeting with a mortgage broker over the weekend and can actually afford and get approved for more than I was expecting. Went to a bunch of open houses and there seems to be hope. We shall see.

    • Anonymous

      Be careful, though – being approved and wanting to spend that much are two different things.

      • anon

        +1. Lenders typically approve people for amounts that are really high in comparison to what people would actually feel comfortable spending each month.

      • Anonymous

        Also, you need to be prepared to either come up with a 20% downpayment, or deal with FHA hurdles and pay PMI on top of the mortgage.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, and closing costs, which are insane in DC!

      • L

        I know that. I’m an extremely practical person and have saved a bit for a downpayment. I had the guy run a gazillion scenarios to see what my monthly costs would be in each case. I was surprised at how low some of the monthly costs were. Still looking a bit high to buy current place but there seems to be places a bit cheaper that would still work size and location wise.

      • L

        I also have bought a condo before in another, much cheaper state, many years ago so I’m familiar with the process, downfalls, etc. However, when you hear the exhorbitant pricetag on DC places, the initial reaction is, “There’s no way in hell I can afford that. I’m not a millionaire.” But when you take into account how expensive it is to rent in DC, and then do all of the calculations, I was amazed that I could probably find something to buy for cheaper than (or comparable to) I could find a new place to rent. Much cheaper than renting if you count tax refunds, but I err on the side of caution and would rather compare monthly costs.

        • Anonymous

          The fees associated with closing in DC are a lot higher than what most people pay in other states, so be prepared. Ours were higher than what my parents paid for their entire house in NJ. And that’s not counting the downpayment, escrow, origination fees, etc.

          • L

            Thanks. The mortgage guy included the DC fees/closing costs in all of the calculations. He said they were high, but having little to compare them to, what do I know. The place I bought before was so cheap that an apple to apple comparison was not expected.

  • Rant: Everyone at work planning on sneaking out early to see the cherry blossoms.

    Rave: Now I can sneak out to get a haircut!

    • Anonymous

      Aww man, I thought I’d avoid some of the crowds by going this afternoon, but it sounds like everyone else has the same idea.

  • Anonymous

    When is it time to call the exterminator on a mouse problem? I saw a mouse in January and set some traps. Caught five mice, and then the problem seemed to have stopped (but I kept the traps set). About a month ago they came back and I’ve been catching one every 2-3 days. They have not gotten into any food so I have no idea what they’re subsiding on. I sealed a possible entry point but I think there must already be quite a few in the house.

    • Anonymous

      Confused my verbs… I meant “subsisting” not “subsiding”. :)

  • Don’t wanna get my hopes up

    Question for you weather nerds: I just googled “weather 20003” and it’s showing Friday as having a high of 93! That can’t possibly be right, can it? I thought that’s when the cold front is moving in.

  • Rave: Spent all weekend outside and it was glorious!

    Rant: Saw the movie Admission last night – it strays SO FAR from the book, which really irritates me.

    Rave: Lunch outside with friends/former coworkers and it was AWESOME!

    Rant: I was just cordially invited to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day. Someone please shoot me.

    • Anonymous

      how did you watch a movie outside?

  • clearbluewater33

    RAVE: Boy I’ve been talking to for ages is 75% he will be able to get leave approved to come and visit me in 2 weeks!
    RAVE2: He’s amazing, we’re perfectly suited, have a million things in common, he’s supportive and great and just all kinds of warm and fuzzies.
    RANT: This can only end in disaster. There are two outcomes (we hit it off fall in love etc etc or we don’t hit it off romantically but still remain friends) both of which end him in him leaving the country for 3 years in July/Aug to go to places I cannot accompany him even if we got married.

    • Anonymous

      Is he bringing his brother?

  • Does anyone know what they’re filming in Union Station this afternoon? I didn’t recognize the actors.

  • spring fever

    a question for y’all if you don’t mind
    where’s a decent outdoor happy hour very convenient to the redline?

  • RANT: Our daughter’s stroller was taken from in front of our house on Holmead Place on Sunday, April 7, between 1 and 2:30 PM. It is a Maclaren umbrella stroller (limited edition navy blue with a plaid tartan seat). We are offering a reward, and are hoping this was an accident. I really don’t want to think that neighbors would steal a stroller…

    I’ve posted a picture of the stroller and more info on the Forum.

    • Anon

      You have too much faith in humanity! Neighbors (or non neighbors- could have just been people walking by) will steal anything.


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